Stormy Daniels says she was scared for her life after hush money deal with Trump went public

Stormy Daniels says she was scared for her life after hush money deal with Trump went public - Crime and Courts - News

Stormy Daniels’ Fear for Her Life After the Hush Money Deal with Donald Trump: An Inside Look

Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress, expressed her deep-rooted fear for her life after her clandestine $130,000 hush money deal with Donald Trump was exposed to the public in 2018 while he was serving as the President of the United States.

Daniels disclosed that she had agreed to the payment just before the 2016 presidential election to conceal her one-night stand with Trump in 2006. The primary reason behind her decision was to protect her husband and daughter, as well as to establish a paper trail linking her to Trump. This would enable authorities to trace the payment if any untoward incident were to occur.

A recently released documentary on Peacock titled “Stormy” provides an intimate look into Daniels’ life following the public revelation of the hush money transaction. The documentary delves into the tumultuous events that unfolded, ultimately resulting in Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, being sentenced to federal prison for violating campaign finance laws. Although Trump has pleaded not guilty and denied the affair, the documentary sheds light on the intricacies of Daniels’ situation.

Trump’s legal team has petitioned the court to dismiss or delay the trial due to the imminent release and potential prejudicial impact of Daniels’ statements in the documentary. They argue that some parts of her narrative, specifically those concerning threats of violence, could adversely influence the jury.

The attorneys blame the prosecutors for failing to notify them about the documentary’s release. They contend that Daniels’ assertions, such as her claims of fear and threatening statements, are highly prejudicial and not directly linked to Trump. For instance, in the documentary trailer, a random person is heard saying, “you just signed your death warrant.”

Trump’s legal team has also requested that Daniels be barred from testifying in the trial. However, Judge Juan Merchan has granted a postponement of the trial until at least April 15 due to the late production of documents from prosecutors in the Cohen case, unrelated to Daniels. The judge has yet to rule on the Daniels-related matters.