Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey Sandals: A Comparative Analysis

Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey Sandals are two popular sandal options known for their unique designs, comfort, and durability. Both sandals have gained a massive following due to their ability to cater to the needs of different consumers. In this comparative analysis, we’ll delve deeper into the features, benefits, and differences between Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals and Funkymonkey Sandals.

Design and Aesthetics:

Birkenstock Arizona EVA: Known for their classic and timeless design, these sandals have been a staple in the Birkenstock line since the 1970s. The Arizona EVA features a contoured cork footbed with suede straps, making them not only comfortable but also visually appealing. These sandals come in various colors to cater to different preferences and styles.

Design and Aesthetics:

Funkymonkey Sandals: Funkymonkey sandals offer a more vibrant and playful design compared to the Birkenstock Arizona EVThese sandals are known for their colorful, quirky, and trendy designs with unique patterns, animal prints, and various textures. Their adjustable Velcro straps make them easy to put on and take off.


Birkenstock Arizona EVA: These sandals offer exceptional comfort due to their contoured cork footbed that molds to the shape of your feet. The EVA sole provides added cushioning, making them ideal for long walks and daily wear. Their adjustable buckle straps ensure a perfect fit.


Funkymonkey Sandals: Although these sandals may not have the same level of contoured support as Birkenstock Arizona EVA, they still provide ample comfort. The soft EVA sole and adjustable Velcro straps allow for a customizable fit that hugs your feet snugly.


Birkenstock Arizona EVA: These sandals are known for their durability, making them a worthy investment. The cork footbed and sturdy buckle straps can withstand the test of time, ensuring that they last for several seasons.


Funkymonkey Sandals: These sandals are also quite durable due to their high-quality EVA sole and adjustable Velcro straps. However, the unique designs may not be as long-lasting as the more minimalist Birkenstock Arizona EVA.


Birkenstock Arizona EVA: These sandals typically come with a higher price tag due to their high-quality materials and classic design. However, their durability justifies the investment.


Funkymonkey Sandals: These sandals are generally more affordable compared to Birkenstock Arizona EVTheir vibrant designs and trendy styles attract a wider audience, making them a budget-friendly option for those looking for comfortable and stylish sandals.


In conclusion, both Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey Sandals have their unique selling points. The Birkenstock Arizona EVA offers timeless design, exceptional comfort, durability, and a higher price tag, while Funkymonkey Sandals provide a playful design, ample comfort, affordability, and trendy styles. Ultimately, the choice between these two sandals depends on your personal preferences, style, and budget.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

A Comparison of Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey Sandals


The sandal market has seen a significant surge in popularity, particularly with the rise of lightweight and comfortable options made from EVA foam. This synthetic material offers several advantages over traditional leather sandals, including being waterproof, easy to clean, and shock-absorbing. Two popular brands within this market are Birkenstock and Funkymonkey.


is a well-established German brand known for its cork footbeds and orthopedic design, while


, a newer player in the market, focuses on fun and colorful designs for consumers who seek more fashion-forward options.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA:

Birkenstock’s Arizona EVA sandals are a modern adaptation of their classic Arizona style, using EVA foam for the footbed and straps. This design retains Birkenstock’s signature contoured footbed, which cradles the shape of your feet while providing excellent arch support and promoting natural gait. The Arizona EVA sandals are available in various colors and patterns to cater to different preferences.

Funkymonkey Sandals:

Funkymonkey sandals, on the other hand, offer a vibrant and playful alternative. Their designs range from solid colors to bold prints, making them a standout choice for those who want their footwear to make a statement. Funkymonkey sandals are also made from EVA foam, providing the same benefits as Birkenstock’s Arizona EVA sandals in terms of comfort and durability.


This comparison aims to help consumers make informed decisions when choosing between Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey sandals. Both brands offer excellent comfort, but they cater to different preferences in terms of style, brand reputation, and price point. By considering factors such as personal taste, budget, and specific needs (like arch support or color preference), consumers can make the best decision for their situation.

Design and Appearance

Description of Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals

The Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals are a timeless and iconic footwear choice, known for their unique design that combines functionality, comfort, and style. These sandals feature an EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) footbed that is lightweight, flexible, and offers excellent cushioning. The upper part of the sandal consists of cork straps that are adjustable, allowing for a customizable fit. The classic design comes in various colors such as black, brown, and natural, ensuring there’s an option to suit every style preference.

Description of Funkymonkey Sandals

On the other hand, Funkymonkey sandals are a more playful and vibrant alternative to traditional Birkenstocks. These sandals showcase unique designs that make a statement, with bright colors and patterns adorning both the footbed and straps. The standout feature of Funkymonkey sandals is the EVA foam used for both the footbed and straps, providing a comfortable, lightweight, and durable design.

Comparison of the two in terms of aesthetics

Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals and Funkymonkey sandals share some similarities, such as the use of EVA material for cushioning and flexibility. However, their main differences lie in their design aesthetics:

Aesthetic Similarities

Comfort: Both sandals offer exceptional comfort with their EVA footbeds.

Adjustability: Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals provide customizable fits through adjustable cork straps, whereas Funkymonkey sandals offer adjustability with their buckle and loop system.

Aesthetic Differences

Design: Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals have a classic and understated design, while Funkymonkey sandals boast bold and eye-catching designs.

Material: Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals use cork straps, and Funkymonkey sandals use EVA foam for both the footbed and straps.

Color Options: Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals come in neutral colors, whereas Funkymonkey sandals offer a wider range of bright and vibrant color options.

By understanding these differences, consumers can make an informed decision based on their personal style preferences and desired aesthetic for their sandals.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

I Comfort and Fit

Analysis of Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals’ Comfort:

Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals are renowned for their orthopedic design and exceptional comfort. Footbed contouring is one of the key features that make these sandals so popular. The unique cork footbed molds to the shape of your feet over time, providing customized support and promoting natural alignment. Additionally, the Arizona EVA sandals boast a sturdy yet flexible EVA sole that ensures both arch support and excellent shock absorption. The downside is that these sandals require a break-in period, as some people may find the initial fit uncomfortable. This period usually lasts around a week, during which the footbed conforms to your feet and the straps soften.

Analysis of Funkymonkey Sandals’ Comfort:

Funkymonkey sandals are known for their innovative design and versatile comfort features. Cushioning is a standout characteristic, with these sandals offering generous padding in various areas to create a soft and cozy feel. The adjustability of Funkymonkey sandals is another advantage, as they come with multiple adjustable straps allowing you to customize the fit according to your preference. This sandal style also prides itself on being easy to wear, as they can be slipped on and off effortlessly, making them a great choice for those who value convenience.

Comparison of the Two in Terms of Comfort and Fit:

When comparing Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals and Funkymonkey sandals, there are several similarities and differences to consider when it comes to comfort and fit. Both styles prioritize providing a comfortable wearing experience, but they cater to different needs. Birkenstock sandals focus on orthopedic support and customized fitting through their footbed contouring and arch support features, whereas Funkymonkey sandals excel in cushioning, adjustability, and ease of wear. Consumers should evaluate their preferences regarding these features when deciding which style best suits their needs and comfort requirements. Ultimately, the choice between Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals and Funkymonkey sandals boils down to personal preference and individual comfort priorities.
Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals


Durability is an essential factor when it comes to choosing the right sandals for your summer adventures. In this analysis, we will discuss the durability of two popular sandal brands: Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey.

Analysis of Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals’ Durability

Materials: The Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals are made of Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a synthetic material known for its durability and lightweight properties. The footbed is cork-lined, allowing it to mold to the shape of your feet over time. The straps are made of synthetic materials that do not fade or stretch easily.

Care Instructions: To maintain the durability of Birkenstock Arizona EVA sandals, clean them regularly with a soft brush or cloth and mild soap. Dry them away from direct sunlight to prevent the cork footbed from drying out too quickly.

Common Wear Issues: The EVA sole may crack or wear down over time, especially if exposed to harsh conditions. However, Birkenstock offers replacement soles that can be purchased at a reasonable cost.

Analysis of Funkymonkey Sandals’ Durability

Materials: Funkymonkey sandals are typically made of rubber or PVC materials, which offer excellent durability and resistance to water. Some models may include additional features like neoprene straps for added comfort.

Care Instructions: To care for Funkymonkey sandals, rinse them with fresh water after use and let them dry naturally. Avoid exposing them to harsh sunlight or chemicals as they can cause damage.

Common Wear Issues: The straps on Funkymonkey sandals may wear out or fade over time, especially if they are exposed to excessive sunlight. Some users have reported issues with the buckles coming loose or breaking.

Comparison of the Two in Terms of Durability: Identifying Similarities and Differences

Similarities: Both Birkenstock Arizona EVA and Funkymonkey sandals offer excellent durability. They can withstand various weather conditions and provide long-lasting comfort for users.

Differences: Birkenstock sandals are known for their cork footbeds and high-quality straps, which require more care compared to Funkymonkey’s rubber or PVC materials. Birkenstock sandals may have replaceable soles, making them a more cost-effective option in the long run. On the other hand, Funkymonkey sandals offer water resistance and flexibility, which makes them an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time near water.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

Price Comparison and Value Analysis: Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals vs. Funkymonkey

When it comes to choosing between two popular sandal brands, Birkenstock and Funkymonkey, understanding the price points, what’s included in each price, and the value for money they offer is essential. Let’s take a closer look at the Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals and Funkymonkey sandals.

Price Points:

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals: These sandals typically retail for around $40 – $60, depending on the color and size. The price can vary slightly based on the specific model or material used (leather vs. EVA).

Factors Included in Birkenstock’s Price:

  • Materials: The Birkenstocks are known for their high-quality cork footbed and latex covers that mold to the shape of your feet, making them very comfortable.
  • Design: They feature a contoured sole design that supports the natural shape of your feet and distributes weight evenly.
  • Brand Reputation: Birkenstock has a long-standing reputation for producing high-quality, durable footwear that lasts for years.

Price Points: Funkymonkey Sandals

Funkymonkey Sandals: These sandals usually cost between $20 – $35, making them a more budget-friendly option.

Factors Included in Funkymonkey’s Price:

  • Materials: Funkymonkey sandals are typically made of synthetic materials, like rubber or polyester.
  • Design: While they may not offer the same foot contouring as Birkenstocks, they still have comfortable straps and a variety of designs to choose from.
  • Brand Reputation: Funkymonkey is a newer brand and may not have the same level of recognition as Birkenstock.

Value for Money:

Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals: With their high-quality materials, innovative design that supports foot health, and long-term durability, Birkenstock sandals offer excellent value for money. While they may have a higher upfront cost, they are expected to last much longer than Funkymonkey sandals.

Funkymonkey Sandals: These sandals offer a more affordable price point, making them an excellent option for those on a budget. However, their lower price is reflected in the materials used and potential lack of long-term durability.


Both Birkenstock Arizona EVA Sandals and Funkymonkey offer unique features, prices, and values. Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference, budget, and how long you plan to use the sandals.

Birkenstock Arizona EVA vs. Funkymonkey sandals

VI. Brand Reputation and Customer Satisfaction:

Overview of Birkenstock’s reputation:

Founded in Germany in 1774, Birkenstock has a rich history as a shoe manufacturer known for its unique footbed design. This cork-covered, contoured footbed, which conforms to the shape of the foot, has earned a devoted following among customers seeking comfort and durability. Birkenstock’s brand identity is built on these core values, along with its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly materials.

Overview of Funkymonkey’s reputation:

In contrast, Funkymonkey, a more recent entrant to the market, has gained popularity through its unique and colorful designs. The brand offers a wide range of sandals, sneakers, and other footwear styles that cater to customers looking for fashionable and affordable options. Funkymonkey’s growing reputation is due in large part to its ability to appeal to a younger demographic and its commitment to offering trendy designs that stand out from the competition.

Comparison of the two brands in terms of customer satisfaction:

According to various customer ratings, reviews, and testimonials, both Birkenstock and Funkymonkey have strong customer satisfaction records. However, there are some notable differences between the two brands in this regard.


Birkenstock’s loyal customer base is a testament to the brand’s enduring reputation for comfort and durability. Many customers praise the footbeds, which they say provide excellent arch support and relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other foot conditions. However, some customers note that Birkenstock shoes can be expensive and may take time to break in fully.


Funkymonkey customers, on the other hand, frequently comment on the affordability and style of the shoes. Many praise the unique designs, which often incorporate bright colors and bold patterns. However, there are some reports of issues with quality and durability. Despite these concerns, Funkymonkey’s customer satisfaction ratings remain high due to its ability to offer trendy footwear at an affordable price point.

V Conclusion

In our comprehensive comparison of various footbed sandals, we’ve explored five essential categories: footbed design, comfort, durability, price, and brand reputation. Let’s take a moment to recap the main findings from each.

Footbed Design:

We’ve seen a diverse range of footbed designs, from contoured and orthotic options to those with adjustable straps. Some models offer excellent arch support, while others focus on relieving pressure points. The best footbed design ultimately depends on your unique foot shape and personal preferences.


Comfort was a top priority, and many sandals excelled in this area. Breathable materials, cushioning, and adjustability were key factors that contributed to the overall comfort experience. However, some consumers reported issues with break-in periods or specific pressure points.


Durability is crucial for footbed sandals, as they are intended for long-term use. Models with high-quality materials and construction generally outperformed their less robust counterparts. However, proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure longevity.


Price varies significantly between footbed sandals, with some high-end options costing hundreds of dollars. Budget-friendly alternatives are available but may sacrifice certain features or materials. Consider your budget and the importance of specific features when making a decision.

Brand Reputation:

Brand reputation plays a role in consumer trust and confidence. Well-established brands often have a larger customer base and extensive product offerings, while newer brands may offer unique designs or competitive pricing. It’s important to research the background and reviews of various footbed sandal brands before making a purchase.

Personalized Recommendations:

Based on the comparison, we encourage readers to make informed decisions based on their unique preferences and needs. For those seeking maximum support, consider models with contoured footbeds or adjustable straps. If comfort is a priority, look for sandals with breathable materials and ample cushioning. For those on a budget, consider brands that offer quality footbed designs at affordable prices.

Share Your Experiences:

We invite readers to share their own experiences and opinions in the comment section below. What has your experience been with footbed sandals? Which models have stood out to you, and why? Your input can help inform other consumers in their search for the perfect footbed sandal.