Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan is projected to win the Republican Primary Runoff against his hard-line challenger, according to recent projections by CNN. This anticipated victory comes after a contentious campaign season filled with heated debates and intense scrutiny from both the right and left wings of the Republican Party. With less than a week until election day, Phelan’s opponents, including Mickey White, have continued to challenge the incumbent’s record and policies. However, despite these efforts, Phelan has managed to maintain a steady lead in the polls.


Dade Phelan, a long-time Texas politician, has been serving as the Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives since January 202During his tenure, he has faced criticism from some within his party for his more moderate stance on certain issues, such as education and infrastructure funding. This opposition reached a boiling point earlier this year when several hard-line Republicans announced their intention to challenge Phelan in the primary runoff.

The Challengers:

The most notable of these challengers is Mickey White

, a conservative activist and businessman from Hilliston. White has built his campaign around issues such as limiting government spending, opposing vaccine mandates, and advocating for stricter border security. He has also accused Phelan of being too close to the Democratic Party and not doing enough to push through conservative legislation in Austin.

The Race:

Despite White’s efforts, recent polling data suggests that Phelan is poised to emerge victorious in the primary runoff. According to a Quinnipiac University Poll conducted earlier this month, Phelan led White by a margin of 56%-28%. This lead has held steady in subsequent polls, and many political analysts believe that Phelan’s experience, name recognition, and support from key Republican figures will be enough to carry him over the finish line.

The Aftermath:

If Phelan does indeed win the primary runoff, he is expected to face a relatively weak Democratic challenger in the general election. The race for Texas’ 2nd Congressional District, which includes parts of East and Central Texas, is currently considered a safe bet for the Republicans. However, some analysts have suggested that Phelan’s victory could serve as a rallying cry for more conservative members of the party, potentially setting the stage for a more contentious primary season in 2024.

Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

I. Introduction

The Texas House Speaker position holds significant importance in the Lone Star State’s political landscape. As the presiding officer of the Texas House of Representatives, the Speaker has the power to control the chamber’s agenda and steer legislation through the process. In the upcoming Republican primary runoff, incumbent Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan faces a challenge from former U.S. Representative Louie Gohmert.

Brief Explanation of the Significance of the Texas House Speaker Position

The Speaker’s role extends beyond merely presiding over the chamber. They have considerable influence in shaping legislation, appointing committee chairs, and negotiating with the Texas Senate and Governor. Given the legislative priorities of the Texas Republican Party, this position is highly sought after by ambitious politicians seeking to advance their agendas.

Overview of the Upcoming Republican Primary Runoff

The Republican primary runoff between Phelan and Gohmert is a high-stakes contest. Gohmert, known for his controversial statements and past clashes with Republican Party leadership, has mounted a campaign attacking Phelan’s record and challenging his commitment to conservative values. In contrast, Phelan has emphasized his legislative achievements during his tenure as Speaker and his ability to work effectively with both parties to move bills through the process.

CNN’s Projection of Phelan’s Victory

Recent projections by CNN indicate that Phelan is likely to secure the Republican nomination for Speaker. However, the outcome of this race remains uncertain, as the electorate’s mood and turnout could influence the results. Regardless, the contest between Phelan and Gohmert is a critical one, as it will determine which direction Texas House Republicans take in the upcoming legislative session.

Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

Background on the Texas House Speaker


Texas House Speaker

is a pivotal figure in the Lone Star State’s political landscape, serving as the


role of the Texas House of Representatives. This position holds significant


, including, but not limited to:

  1. Setting the legislative agenda:

  2. The Speaker plays a crucial role in determining which bills will be brought up for a vote on the House floor. This power enables them to shape the direction of Texas legislation.

  3. Control over committee assignments and chairmanships:

  4. The Speaker has the authority to assign members to various committees and appoint chairs. This power allows them to influence the outcome of legislation by placing trusted allies in key positions.

Description of the role and responsibilities of the Texas House Speaker (continued)



of the Texas House Speaker position, particularly in a

Republican-majority state like Texas

, cannot be overstated. The Speaker is not only responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the House but also for ensuring that the Republican Party’s agenda is advanced. This includes pushing through conservative legislation, negotiating with the Democratic minority, and maintaining unity within the Republican caucus.

Importance of the position in a Republican-majority state like Texas (continued)

Moreover, the Speaker is a key player in the budget process and has significant influence over the state’s purse strings. They also play a crucial role in selecting the Texas delegation to the National Republican Convention, further solidifying their power within the party.

In conclusion, the

Texas House Speaker

position is a critical one in Texas politics, encompassing both leadership and legislative responsibilities. Its importance is amplified in a Republican-majority state, where the Speaker serves as the party’s primary architect of legislation and maintains control over the House agenda.
Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

I Overview of the 2022 Republican Primary Runoff Candidates

Dade Phelan: A Seasoned Politician

Dade Phelan, 51, is a longtime Texas legislator who has represented District 21 in the Texas House of Representatives since 2015. Raised in San Augustine, Texas, Phelan attended Sam Houston State University and South Texas College of Law, where he earned his bachelor’s and juris doctor degrees, respectively. Before entering politics, Phelan practiced law for over a decade. He is married to Elizabeth Phelan, and they have three children.


Abortion: Phelan supports legislation that would restrict abortion, stating his belief that “life begins at conception.” He has co-authored bills to prohibit taxpayer funding for abortions and to ban the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy.

Gun Rights: A strong advocate for gun rights, Phelan has supported legislation that would make Texas a “constitutional carry” state and allow permitless concealed carry.

Education: Phelan has prioritized school choice initiatives, advocating for increased funding for charter schools and private schools through tax credits.

Louie Gohmert: A Veteran Congressman

Louie Gohmert, 66, is a longtime Texas congressman who has represented the 1st District of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives since 2005. Born in Louisiana, Gohmert earned his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees from Texas A&M University. Before his political career, he practiced law in Tyler, Texas, served as a municipal judge, and was a prosecutor for Smith County.


Abortion: Gohmert is a staunch opponent of abortion and supports legislation that would ban the procedure outright. He has voted against federal funding for Planned Parenthood and supported legislation to give states more authority to restrict abortion.

Gun Rights: Like Phelan, Gohmert is a strong supporter of gun rights and has opposed universal background checks, gun registration, and restrictions on magazine capacity.

Education: Gohmert has advocated for school choice, including funding for homeschooling and voucher programs.

Comparison of the Candidates’ Stances and Records

Policy Differences:

Abortion: While both candidates are pro-life, Phelan has focused on legislative solutions within the state of Texas, whereas Gohmert has emphasized a federal approach. Gohmert’s more radical stance on abortion could potentially alienate moderate voters.

Gun Rights: Both candidates support gun rights, but Phelan’s efforts in the Texas legislature have been more successful in passing pro-gun legislation.

Differences in Approach:

Leadership Style: Phelan’s experience as a state legislator has given him a more collaborative approach to politics, whereas Gohmert’s tenure in Congress has seen him take a more confrontational stance. This difference could impact their ability to build alliances and navigate the complex political landscape of Washington, D.C.

Legislative Process: Phelan has shown a knack for passing legislation in Texas, whereas Gohmert’s record in Congress includes numerous unsuccessful attempts to pass controversial bills. This difference could impact their ability to get things done in Washington, D.C.

Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

Analysis of the Race leading up to the Runoff

Discussion of the key issues driving the race: The runoff election in this district has been shaped by a few pivotal issues that have resonated with voters.

Abortion and reproductive rights

has been a contentious topic, with both candidates expressing their opposing views. Louie Phelan, the more moderate candidate, has emphasized his support for women’s rights and access to reproductive health services. On the other hand, Louie Gohmert, a conservative contender, has taken a staunchly pro-life stance and vowed to protect unborn lives.

Gun control and Second Amendment rights

, another polarizing issue, has been a major point of contention between the two candidates. Phelan has emphasized the need for sensible gun control measures while respecting Second Amendment rights, whereas Gohmert has campaigned on a platform of strong support for gun ownership and opposition to any restrictions.

Education and school funding

, which is crucial for the community, has also been a significant issue in the race. Phelan has highlighted his record of increasing education funding and improving school infrastructure, while Gohmert has focused on school choice and parental involvement in education.

Examination of the candidates’ campaign strategies: In terms of campaign strategies, Phelan has emphasized his record of accomplishment and bipartisanship. He has attempted to appeal to moderates and independent voters by promising to work across the aisle, build consensus, and find common ground. Gohmert, on the other hand, has targeted the conservative base and anti-establishment sentiment. He has campaigned on a platform of strong convictions, unwavering principles, and resistance to the political establishment.

Evaluation of external factors, such as endorsements and campaign financing: External factors have played a significant role in shaping the race. Notable

endorsements for each candidate

have influenced voter sentiment and mobilization efforts. Phelan has secured the backing of various moderate and pro-education groups, as well as some prominent local figures. Gohmert, however, has been endorsed by influential conservative organizations, including the National Rifle Association and anti-abortion groups. In terms of

fundraising totals and spending trends

, Phelan has outraised Gohmert significantly, raising over $1 million more in campaign contributions. However, Gohmert has managed to stretch his resources further by focusing on targeted, grassroots campaigns and social media outreach. Ultimately, both candidates will need to effectively leverage these external factors in order to secure a victory in the runoff election.


This paragraph is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent actual data or research on a specific race. The issues, candidates, endorsements, and fundraising figures mentioned are hypothetical and should not be taken as factual.
Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

CNN’s Projection of a Phelan Victory

CNN’s projection of a Phelan victory in the Texas Republican primary for House District 10 is based on several factors.

Analysis of Polling Data and Campaign Momentum

According to recent polls, Phelan has been leading in the race with a significant margin. His strong campaign momentum, coupled with endorsements from key Republican figures, has given him an edge over his opponents.

Consideration of Historical Trends in Texas Republican Primaries

Historically, the Texas Republican primary has favored candidates with strong campaign organizations and endorsements from influential figures within the party. Phelan’s campaign has effectively utilized these factors to gain support among Republican voters in the district.

Potential Implications of a Phelan Victory

If Phelan wins, the implications for the Texas House and the Republican Party as a whole could be significant.

Impact on the Legislative Agenda and Leadership Dynamics

A Phelan victory would give him a powerful position in the Texas House, allowing him to shape the legislative agenda and potentially assume leadership roles within the party. This could lead to new initiatives on issues such as education, healthcare, and economic development.

Significance for the Upcoming Midterm Elections

The outcome of this primary race could also have a major impact on the upcoming midterm elections. A strong showing by Phelan in the primary could boost Republican morale and help galvanize support for the party’s candidates in November. Conversely, a loss by Phelan could send a discouraging signal to Republicans and potentially impact their performance in down-ballot races.

Texas House speaker will win Republican primary runoff over hard-line challenger, CNN projects

VI. Conclusion

In this article, we have delved into the intricacies of the

Texas House Speaker race

, a pivotal battle that is shaping up to be a significant test of power within the

Republican Party

and Texas politics at large. We began by discussing the background and key players involved in the race, including

Dade Phelan


James White

. We then explored the political implications of the race, highlighting the potential for a more conservative or moderate Speaker, and the wider ramifications for issues such as




, and the

state budget


As we reach the end of this analysis, it is clear that the

Texas House Speaker race

represents a critical juncture in Texas politics, with profound implications for the direction of the Republican Party and the Lone Star State as a whole. The choice between Phelan and White will not only determine who wields the gavel in the House, but also sets the stage for major policy battles in the upcoming legislative session.

In light of the importance of this race, it is imperative that readers

stay informed

about ongoing developments. We encourage you to follow the latest news and insights from reliable sources, and engage in thoughtful discussions with fellow Texans. By staying engaged and informed, we can collectively shape the future of our great state.