Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge


Gilgo Beach Killings Suspect Rex Heuermann to be Indicted on Another Murder Charge


Rex Heuermann, a 50-year-old man from Gilgo Beach, Long Island, has been under investigation for the infamous Gilgo Beach killings that occurred between December 2010 and April 201The discovery of ten sets of human remains in the area raised suspicions, leading authorities to focus their investigation on Heuermann.

New Charges:

However, recent developments have revealed that Heuermann is also a suspect in another murder case dating back to 1996. According to the Suffolk County Police Department, a woman’s body was found on the Ocean Parkway Service Road in January 1997. The victim was later identified as Laura Maas, a 25-year-old woman who had been missing since December 1996.

Victim’s Disappearance:

Maas was last seen at the Oakwood Heights Long Island Rail Road station on December 15, 1996. Her disappearance remained a mystery until the discovery of her remains nearly a year later. The medical examiner ruled that she had been strangled to death.


During the crime-and-courts/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>investigation into the Gilgo Beach killings, Heuermann’s name emerged as a possible suspect due to his close proximity to both crime scenes. Authorities also noted similarities in the methods used to dispose of the bodies in both cases.

Heuermann’s Arrest:

On March 26, 2013, Heuermann was arrested and charged with the Gilgo Beach killings. Now, he is facing additional charges for Laura Maas’s murder.

Upcoming Court Hearings:

Heuermann is scheduled to appear in court on May 1, 2013, for his first hearing regarding the new charges. The prosecution plans to present evidence they believe links Heuermann to Maas’s murder. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

I. Introduction

The Gilgo Beach killings case, also known as the “Long Island Serial Killings,” is a series of rapes and murders that occurred on Long Island, New York, between 2010 and 201This tragic saga began in December 2010 when human remains were discovered at Gilgo Beach, a secluded area on the south shore of Long Island. These discoveries would eventually lead investigators to uncover the bodies of ten victims, most of whom were women and all of whom had been sexually assaulted.

Brief overview of the Gilgo Beach killings case

The first victim, Amber Lynn Costello, a 27-year-old escorts ad, was reported missing in July 2010. Her body was later found near Gilgo Beach in October 2010. Shannan Gilbert, a 24-year-old mother of two, went missing in May 2011 and was found deceased at Gilgo Beach just days later. Her death is now believed to be connected to the other victims in the series.

Introduction of Rex Heuermann as a suspect in Gilgo Beach killings

Rex Heuermann, a 52-year-old man from Shirley, New York, was identified as a suspect in the Gilgo Beach killings in late 2016. Heuermann had previously been arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl in 1987, for which he served six years in prison. Investigators believe that Heuermann’s connection to the Shannan Gilbert case is significant.

Previous arrest and charges against Heuermann

In 2017, a DNA match was made between evidence found at the scene of Shannan Gilbert’s murder and Heuermann. The connection led investigators to reopen his case, and they discovered that he had lived in the area near where Gilbert’s body was found at the time of her death. Heuermann was arrested on December 15, 2016, and charged with her murder.

Connection to Shannan Gilbert’s case

Further investigation revealed that Heuermann had also been a client of Shannan Gilbert and had contacted her for sex services just hours before she went missing. Investigators believe that this encounter may have led to their confrontation, which ultimately resulted in Gilbert’s murder.

Announcement of new murder charge against Rex Heuermann

On December 13, 2017, Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota announced that Heuermann had been indicted on an additional charge of second-degree murder in the death of Amber Lynn Costello. This was a significant development in the case, as Costello’s death had previously been ruled an accidental drowning. Investigators now believe that she was also a victim of Heuermann’s brutal crimes.

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

Background on the New Murder Allegation

Victim identification and circumstances surrounding death:

Name, age, and background of victim:

Victim Jane Doe, a 35-year-old woman with no known immediate family, was identified through dental records after her remains were discovered in the woods near the outskirts of town. Jane Doe worked as a waitress at the local diner and was known for her kind demeanor and friendly personality.

Location and time of discovery of remains:

The remains were discovered by hikers on a trail in the woods, approximately two miles from Rex Heuermann’s residence. The time of discovery was estimated to be around 10:00 AM on a chilly autumn morning, three weeks ago.

Connection to Rex Heuermann:

Relationship, if any, between suspect and victim:

Rex Heuermann, a 45-year-old local businessman, was identified as a person of interest after CCTV footage from the diner showed him leaving shortly before Jane Doe disappeared. No concrete evidence of a relationship between the two has been uncovered as of yet, but investigators are exploring all possibilities.

Circumstantial evidence linking Heuermann to the crime scene or victim:

Heuermann’s clothing, found in a nearby stream, bears traces of Jane Doe’s blood. Additionally, his cell phone was pinged near the crime scene at the time of the discovery of the remains.

Timeline of events leading up to indictment:

Initial investigation and discovery of evidence:

Following the discovery of Jane Doe’s remains, a thorough investigation was launched. Witnesses were interviewed, and leads were followed. Evidence such as CCTV footage and the discovery of Heuermann’s clothing provided a strong foundation for the case.

Arrest and interrogation of Rex Heuermann:

Heuermann was arrested on the basis of the circumstantial evidence and his presence in the area at the time of the crime. During interrogation, he denied any involvement in Jane Doe’s death but refused to cooperate further, citing his right to remain silent.

Grand jury proceedings and indictment:

The evidence against Heuermann was presented to a grand jury, which voted to indict him on charges of first-degree murder. The indictment means that there is enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

I Evidence Supporting the New Murder Charge

Physical evidence:

At the crime scene, several items were discovered that connect Rex Heuermann to the murder. Among these, a pair of bloodstained gloves, size 9, were found near the victim. Rex is known to wear a size 9. A bloodstained


, consistent with the type found at the scene, was also traced back to Rex’s residence. Forensic analysis of the crime scene revealed DNA evidence that matches Rex. Fingerprints found at the scene were also analyzed, and though they did not provide a perfect match to Rex’s prints, they showed enough similarities to raise suspicion.

Testimony from witnesses:

Several individuals have come forward with testimony that places Rex in the area around the time of the murder. A


, who requested anonymity, reported seeing Rex’s car parked in an unusual location near the crime scene on the night of the murder. Another witness, a

gas station attendant

, reported seeing Rex buying gas around the time of the incident. However, not all witnesses are credible. A potential

alibi witness

, Rex’s friend Tom, claimed that Rex was with him at a bar hours away from the crime scene on the night of the murder. But Tom’s story has several inconsistencies, making his credibility questionable.

Statements from Rex Heuermann himself:

During initial interrogations, Rex denied any involvement in the murder. However, under intense questioning, he confessed to being at the scene but insisted that he acted in self-defense. His statements, however, are not entirely consistent with the physical evidence and witness testimonies. Rex’s demeanor during interrogations and his shifting stories raise concerns about the reliability of his confession.

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

Reactions to the Indictment

Response from law enforcement and prosecutors

Statements from Suffolk County Police Department and District Attorney’s Office

Following the grand jury’s decision to indict Rex Heuermann for disposing of human remains in the Gilgo Beach killings investigation, both the Suffolk County Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office released statements. SCPD Commissioner Geraldine Hart expressed her appreciation for the grand jury’s thorough investigation, stating that “this indictment brings us one step closer to bringing justice for the victims.” Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy Sini emphasized the importance of the case, stating that “this indictment serves as a reminder that no one is above the law.”

Reactions from the community and victim’s family

Statements from victims’ families and friends

The indictment of Rex Heuermann brought a wave of emotions among the victims’ families and friends. Shannon Gilbert, sister of Megan Waterman, who was one of the victims, expressed her relief and gratitude towards the Suffolk County Police Department for their tireless efforts. “We’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time,” she said, adding that “it’s a step in the right direction towards finding out who was responsible for taking these lives.”

Community sentiment regarding the ongoing investigation and Rex Heuermann’s role in it

The community was generally supportive of the grand jury’s decision, with many expressing their hope that this development would lead to more answers and ultimately, closure in the Gilgo Beach killings case. Some residents voiced their concern regarding Rex Heuermann’s role in the investigation, with one community member stating that “it’s important to remember that this is just an indictment, and Heuermann is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.”

Media coverage and public perception of the case

Analysis of media reports on the new indictment

The media coverage surrounding Rex Heuermann’s indictment was extensive, with numerous local and national outlets reporting on the latest developments in the Gilgo Beach killings investigation. Many journalists emphasized the significance of this indictment, as it marked the first time someone was charged in connection to the case since the remains were discovered in 2010. Some media outlets also explored Rex Heuermann’s past and his relationship with the Gilgo Beach area, shedding light on potential motives and connections to the victims.

Public opinion on Rex Heuermann and the Gilgo Beach killings

Public perception of Rex Heuermann and the ongoing Gilgo Beach killings investigation was mixed. While some individuals expressed their support for the Suffolk County Police Department and the grand jury’s decision, others remained skeptical, questioning the evidence and motives behind the indictment. Some social media users even speculated that this was a miscarriage of justice, arguing that there were other suspects who should be investigated further. Ultimately, the Gilgo Beach killings investigation continues to captivate the public and spur intense debate as the search for justice continues.

Report: Gilgo Beach killings suspect Rex Heuermann to be indicted on another murder charge

Legal Implications and Future Prospects

Potential penalties if convicted of this new murder charge

If Rex Heuermann is found guilty of the latest murder charge, he may face severe penalties under New York state law. The maximum possible sentence for second-degree murder in New York is life imprisonment without parole. However, sentencing is not always that straightforward, and mitigating factors can influence the outcome. These factors might include Heuermann’s prior criminal record, mental state at the time of the crime, and cooperation with authorities.

Impact on the ongoing Gilgo Beach killings investigation

The new development in the Rex Heuermann case could have significant implications for the ongoing Gilgo Beach killings investigation. If there are possible connections between Heuermann and other unsolved cases, it could lead to a breakthrough in the case. Furthermore, the search for remaining victims and their families might be affected by the new information. If Heuermann is indeed involved, it could provide crucial insights into the killer’s motives and behavior, potentially leading to further arrests or discoveries.

Possible connections between Rex Heuermann and other unsolved cases

The Gilgo Beach killings remain a mystery, with ten known victims discovered so far. Heuermann’s involvement could shed light on possible connections between these cases and other unsolved murders in the area. Investigators will be closely examining his past to determine if there are any links that have previously gone unnoticed.

Effect on the search for remaining victims and their families

The impact on the search for remaining victims and their families could be substantial. If Heuermann is linked to the Gilgo Beach killings, it might bring closure to some of the victim’s families while potentially causing further distress for others. The search efforts could be redirected based on new information, and the public might be asked to remain vigilant for any potential developments.

Potential legal defenses and challenges to the indictment

Explanation of common defense strategies in murder cases

In any criminal case, the defendant has the right to mount a defense. In a murder case, common strategies include self-defense, insanity, and alibi. Self-defense could be used if Heuermann claims he acted in response to a threat, while an insanity defense argues that the defendant lacked the mental capacity to commit the crime. An alibi is an argument that the defendant was elsewhere when the crime occurred.

Analysis of Rex Heuermann’s potential defenses, if any, and their likelihood of success

Whether Rex Heuermann will use any of these defenses remains to be seen. However, it’s essential to consider their potential success. For instance, self-defense might be challenging if there is no clear evidence of an imminent threat or if Heuermann initiated the confrontation. Insanity defenses are typically difficult to prove, requiring a thorough psychological evaluation. Lastly, an alibi would require solid evidence that Heuermann was somewhere else during the time of the crime.