IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

IKEA’s Virtual Storefront:

A New Business Model in Roblox

IKEA, the renowned Swedish home furnishings retailer, is making waves in the virtual world by opening a virtual storefront on Roblox, the popular gaming platform. Unlike traditional e-commerce sites or in-game marketplaces, IKEA’s virtual storefront

employs real people

to help users design and purchase virtual furniture for their avatars’ homes. This innovative approach bridges the gap between physical retail and immersive gaming experiences, offering a unique blend of

customer service


product customization


Roblox, a platform with over 169 million monthly active users as of Q4 2021, has become an attractive space for brands to explore new business models and engage with younger audiences. IKEA’s virtual storefront is a


collaboration between a well-established retailer and a gaming platform, allowing users to create personalized living spaces while experiencing the IKEA brand in a new light.

The virtual storefront hires real people, or “avatar designers,” to help users select furniture pieces, plan room layouts, and even offer design advice. These avatar designers can provide an authentic shopping experience that goes beyond the limitations of in-game tools and prefabricated virtual furniture. This human interaction adds a layer of


that can be challenging to replicate in purely automated systems.

Exploring the Intersection of IKEA and Roblox: A New Era in Retail and Entertainment

IKEA, the renowned Swedish home furnishings retailer, has built an empire on offering affordable and stylish solutions for every room in the house. With over 400 physical stores worldwide, IKEA is a household name that has made furnishing a home an accessible and enjoyable experience for millions (link). On the other hand, Roblox, a leading

metaverse platform

, has captured the imagination of over 150 million active users, predominantly children and teenagers. Roblox allows users to explore a vast, immersive virtual world where they can socialize, create content, and even build businesses (link).

The Rise of Metaverse Businesses

As technology continues to advance and virtual experiences become more integrated into our daily lives, the trend of metaverse businesses has gained significant momentum. Metaverses offer unique opportunities for brands and retailers to reach new audiences in innovative ways (

Metaverse 101

). IKEA, recognizing the potential of this emerging market, has recently announced its entry into Roblox’s metaverse. This move marks an intriguing intersection between traditional retail and cutting-edge virtual platforms.

Physical Stores400+ stores worldwideVirtual world platform
Target AudienceHome furnishings for everyoneChildren, teenagers, and families
New VentureEntry into Roblox’s metaverseVirtual IKEA store and experiences

In this new paragraph, we’ll delve deeper into the partnership between IKEA and Roblox. Stay tuned to learn about their shared goals, the benefits for users, and the potential impact on both companies.

IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

IKEA’s Virtual Presence on Roblox

Background on IKEA’s virtual storefront in Roblox

IKEA, the renowned Swedish furniture retailer, has made a significant foray into the virtual world by opening a virtual storefront on Roblox, the popular interactive platform for gamers. Launched in January 2023, this virtual store is designed to mirror IKEA’s real-life stores, offering a unique shopping experience for Roblox users.

Description of the virtual store design and layout

The IKEA Roblox Store boasts an impressive design, featuring a virtual IKEA showroom where users can browse and customize various furniture pieces. The layout includes different rooms such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office space, each adorned with an extensive range of IKEA furniture. Users can interact with the virtual products by clicking on them to explore features, colors, and prices.

Interactive features for users

IKEA’s virtual store on Roblox goes beyond mere browsing, providing users with engaging and interactive experiences. Users can create their avatars and decorate them using IKEA’s furniture items as accessories, allowing for a more personalized experience. Additionally, users can purchase virtual IKEA furniture to furnish their own virtual Roblox homes or sell them on the Roblox marketplace for a profit.

The objectives of IKEA’s virtual presence on Roblox

IKEA’s entry into the virtual world through Roblox signifies a strategic move aimed at engaging the younger demographic, primarily Gen Z and millennial shoppers, who are more likely to spend time in virtual environments. The objectives of IKEA’s virtual presence on Roblox can be summarized as follows:

Engaging Gen Z and millennial shoppers

Gen Z, the demographic born between 1997 and 2012, and millennials, those born between 1981 and 1996, have a higher preference for digital experiences compared to older generations. IKEA’s virtual store on Roblox is an excellent opportunity to connect with this tech-savvy audience and introduce them to the world of furniture shopping.

Providing a new shopping experience

IKEA’s virtual store offers users an entirely new way to shop for furniture, enabling them to experiment with various designs and layouts in a risk-free environment. It also provides users with instant gratification by allowing them to purchase and use virtual furniture items immediately, as opposed to waiting for physical deliveries.

Testing the waters for virtual retail

IKEA’s virtual presence on Roblox marks an essential step in testing the waters for virtual retail and gathering valuable insights into users’ shopping behaviors, preferences, and expectations. This information can be crucial in refining future virtual retail experiences to cater to an increasingly digital audience.
IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

I Hiring Real People to Work in IKEA’s Virtual Store

IKEA, the renowned furniture retailer, made headlines when it announced its plan to employ real people in its new venture – a virtual store on the popular gaming platform, Roblox. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this innovative move:

The idea behind employing real people in a virtual store

  1. Providing an authentic shopping experience: By hiring real people, IKEA aims to bring a sense of reality and authenticity to the virtual world. Users can interact with friendly and knowledgeable staff, just as they would in a physical store.
  2. Enhancing user engagement and interaction: Virtual store employees can help users navigate the virtual store, provide product information and recommendations, and even host events to keep users engaged and interested.

Roles and responsibilities of virtual store employees

Greeting and assisting users: Virtual store employees welcome users as they enter the IKEA virtual store and are available to help them throughout their shopping experience.

Providing product information and recommendations: They have in-depth knowledge about IKEA’s products and can offer personalized recommendations based on a user’s preferences and needs.

Managing inventory and sales data: They are responsible for updating inventory levels, processing orders, and maintaining accurate sales data.

Recruitment process for virtual store employees

IKEA posts job openings for virtual store employees on its website

and social media channels

  1. Applicants are selected based on their customer service skills.
  2. Familiarity with both IKEA products and the Roblox platform is a requirement.

Training program for virtual store employees

Successful applicants undergo a comprehensive training program:

  1. Orientation on IKEA’s products, services, and brand image: Employees learn about the company’s offerings and its unique selling proposition.
  2. Virtual training sessions on using Roblox tools: They become proficient in managing the store and interacting with users within the virtual environment.
  3. Customer service skills development: They learn how to handle queries, resolve issues, and provide excellent customer service.

IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game

Challenges and Opportunities of Hiring Real People in a Virtual IKEA Store


  1. Ensuring high customer satisfaction levels in a virtual environment: One of the main challenges for IKEA when hiring real people to work in their virtual store on Roblox is ensuring that they provide high levels of customer satisfaction. In a physical store, customers can interact with the products and receive immediate assistance from staff. However, in a virtual store, customers may have different expectations and requirements. For instance, they might expect more personalized attention or faster response times. Ensuring that the virtual IKEA staff can meet these expectations while maintaining the brand’s high standards of service is a significant challenge.
  2. Maintaining consistency and authenticity in the employee’s performance: Another challenge is maintaining consistency and authenticity in the employee’s performance. In a physical store, employees interact with customers face-to-face and can adjust their behavior based on the customer’s reactions. However, in a virtual environment, maintaining a consistent performance can be more challenging, especially when dealing with different user personas and avatars. Ensuring that the virtual staff provides authentic responses and interactions that align with IKEA’s brand image is crucial in maintaining customer trust and loyalty.
  3. Balancing between physical and virtual store operations for IKEA staff: Lastly, IKEA’s physical and virtual store operations must be balanced effectively. While the focus is on the virtual store in this context, it is essential to remember that IKEA still operates physical stores and has a vast workforce dedicated to these operations. Ensuring that the virtual store staff receives adequate support and training while not detracting from the resources allocated to physical stores is a significant challenge.


  1. Gaining valuable insights on user behavior and preferences in a virtual environment: On the other hand, hiring real people to work in IKEA’s virtual store presents numerous opportunities. One of these is gaining valuable insights on user behavior and preferences in a virtual environment. By observing how users interact with the products and the store, IKEA can gain insights into their needs, preferences, and behavior patterns, which can inform product development, marketing strategies, and customer engagement initiatives.
  2. Building brand loyalty among the Roblox user base: Another opportunity is building brand loyalty among the Roblox user base. By creating a unique shopping experience that cannot be found in physical stores, IKEA can differentiate itself from competitors and attract and retain Roblox users who are interested in their brand. This can lead to increased sales, customer engagement, and long-term loyalty.
  3. Creating a unique shopping experience for users that cannot be found in physical stores: Lastly, hiring real people to work in IKEA’s virtual store provides an opportunity to create a unique shopping experience that cannot be found in physical stores. For instance, the virtual environment can offer interactive product displays, personalized recommendations, and customizable avatars. By leveraging technology to create an engaging and immersive shopping experience, IKEA can attract and retain customers who may not have accessed their brand otherwise.

IKEA wants to pay real people to work in its new store inside Roblox game


In a groundbreaking move for the retail industry, IKEA announced its decision to hire real people for its virtual storefront on Roblox, marking a new era in metaverse shopping experiences. IKEA’s innovative approach signifies a shift towards merging the physical and virtual worlds, allowing customers to interact with real human representatives in a digital space. This new initiative opens up endless possibilities for future retail models in the metaverse, where shoppers can enjoy personalized experiences and human connection amidst an increasingly digitized marketplace.

Implications for Retail

The hiring of real people for virtual storefronts brings a new dimension to retail in the metaverse. It introduces the human element that was previously missing, bridging the gap between traditional shopping and digital experiences. This approach offers a more engaging shopping experience for customers who value personalized attention from sales associates, ultimately fostering stronger relationships with brands.

Implications for Workforce Management

The hiring of real people in the metaverse also presents new challenges and opportunities for workforce management. Companies must navigate the complexities of managing remote teams, providing ongoing training and development, and ensuring a positive and inclusive workplace culture within the digital world. As more retailers explore virtual hiring initiatives, it is crucial to establish best practices for recruitment, onboarding, and performance management in this unique environment.

Final Thoughts

IKEA’s pioneering move to hire real people for its virtual storefront on Roblox underscores the potential of the metaverse as a new frontier for retail innovation. This business model not only enhances the shopper experience but also redefines the role of human interaction within the realm of digital commerce. By embracing this approach, retailers can build stronger relationships with their customers, foster brand loyalty, and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of shoppers in a rapidly digitizing marketplace.