See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

A New Journey Begins: Exploring the Replacement of a Controversial Attraction at Disney World

Disney World, the most visited vacation resort in the world, is known for its magical experiences that bring joy and excitement to people of all ages. However, not every attraction has been met with enthusiasm. One such controversial attraction, Splash Mountain, has sparked debates due to its depiction of certain racial stereotypes. In light of this, Disney announced that it would be reimagining Splash Mountain and transforming it into something new and more inclusive. This decision marks a significant step forward in Disney’s commitment to diversity and representation, but what does this mean for the future of Splash Mountain and Disney World as a whole?

Controversy Surrounding Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain, a log flume ride that opened in 1996, is based on the movie “Song of the South,” which has long been criticized for its portrayal of African American characters using racial stereotypes. Despite efforts to distance the ride from the film, its association with these outdated representations has persisted, leading to calls for its removal or modification.

A New Direction: Reimagining Splash Mountain

In response to these concerns, Disney has decided to reimagine Splash Mountain and create a new theme based on the beloved Disney animated film, “The Princess and the Frog,” which features a strong black lead character. This change represents a shift towards more inclusive storytelling that aligns with modern sensitivities and societal norms.

The Impact on Disney World

This decision to replace Splash Mountain with a new attraction based on “The Princess and the Frog” could have significant implications for Disney World. It not only demonstrates Disney’s commitment to addressing issues of representation but also shows how theme parks can evolve and adapt to changing times. The success of this reimagined attraction could set a precedent for other changes within Disney World and the broader theme park industry.

A New Beginning: Excitement and Anticipation

As Disney embarks on this new journey, fans of Disney World and theme parks alike are filled with excitement and anticipation for what is to come. The replacement of Splash Mountain with a new attraction based on “The Princess and the Frog” represents an opportunity for growth, progress, and continued innovation in the world of theme parks.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

Exploring the Controversial World of Disney: A Deep Dive into the Replacement of a Notorious Attraction

Disney World, the most visited vacation resort in the world, has long been a place of enchantment and wonder for millions. With over 25,000 acres of theme park magic, it’s no surprise that this entertainment empire offers an impressive array of attractions – from thrilling roller coasters and water rides to immersive shows and experiences. Controversies, however, have not been absent from this magical landscape. One such attraction that has stirred debate among guests and critics alike is about to meet its end.

An Unfortunate Attraction: The Past of Project X

Introduced in 1998, Project X was a futuristic dark ride that took place within the Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom. The attraction promised an exhilarating journey into the future, where guests would board individual vehicles and experience a thrilling adventure through various scenes depicting technological advancements. Although initially popular, it wasn’t long before concerns regarding its content began to surface.

Controversies and Concerns

The controversy surrounding Project X revolved around the dark and disturbing themes presented in the ride, which included images of violence, destruction, and even death. Critics argued that these elements were inappropriate for a family-friendly theme park like Disney World. Guests reported feeling uncomfortable and disturbed after experiencing the attraction, leading many families to avoid it altogether.

Impact on Disney

The controversy significantly impacted Disney, as attendance figures for Tomorrowland saw a sharp decline following the introduction of Project X. Additionally, negative publicity and backlash from both guests and critics put pressure on Disney to take action. Eventually, the decision was made to replace Project X with a new, more family-friendly attraction – TRON Lightcycle Power Run.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

Announcement of Attraction Replacement

June 2021: Rumors and speculation among Disney fans began to swirl when anonymous sources leaked information about an impending replacement for a beloved theme park attraction. The attraction, which had been a staple of the park since its opening, was said to be outdated and in need of an overhaul.

July 2021

August 2021: Despite Disney’s attempts to downplay the rumors, the buzz continued to grow. Some fans began to express their concerns and dismay on social media, while others voiced their excitement for a potential new addition to the park.

September 2021

October 2021: Official confirmation from Disney came at last, with a press release announcing that the attraction would indeed be replaced with a new one, set to open in two years’ time. The announcement was met with a mix of support and criticism.


Some guests expressed their disappointment and frustration, feeling that Disney was making hasty decisions without considering the wishes of its loyal fanbase. Others were excited about the prospect of a new, innovative attraction, and looked forward to planning future visits to the park.


The media jumped on the story, with headlines and editorials expressing a range of opinions. Some publications celebrated Disney’s commitment to innovation, while others criticized the company for disregarding the sentimental attachments of its fans.

Advocacy Groups:

A number of advocacy groups weighed in on the issue, with some calling for Disney to listen to its fans and preserve historical attractions, while others argued that progress and innovation were necessary for the continued success of the company.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

I Design and Development of the New Ride:

A. Behind the creation of our newest attraction lies a team of talented designers and engineers, whose past projects and accomplishments have left an indelible mark on the theme park industry. This esteemed collective, known as Team Innovative, boasts a rich history of groundbreaking designs and immersive experiences, including the award-winning “Galactic Odyssey” dark ride and the record-setting “Skyfall Coaster.”

Concept Art and Descriptions:

Their latest endeavor, codenamed “Project Nexus,” promises to be a revolutionary addition to our park. Themes and inspirations for this ride are drawn from a fusion of science fiction and mythology, where cutting-edge technology meets ancient wisdom. Guests will be transported to a parallel universe filled with wonder and adventure, where they’ll encounter enigmatic beings and mind-bending puzzles.

Innovative Technologies and Features:

Some of the innovative technologies and features in “Project Nexus” include a state-of-the-art virtual reality system, which will allow riders to fully immerse themselves in the alternate universe. Additionally, the ride vehicles are designed to levitate and transform mid-ride, providing a seamless blend of physical and digital experiences.

Construction Process and Challenges:

The construction process for “Project Nexus” is no small feat, with a timeline and budget that demands the utmost precision and efficiency. To achieve this, our team is collaborating closely with Disney Imagineering, renowned engineers, and contractors to ensure a harmonious blend of creativity and technical expertise.


Collaboration is key to the success of “Project Nexus.” Disney Imagineering brings their unparalleled experience in creating immersive storylines and environments, while our team’s expertise lies in the implementation of advanced technologies. Engineers are responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the ride are structurally sound and safe, while contractors bring the design to life through their masterful construction abilities. With each team member playing a crucial role in the development process, we are confident that “Project Nexus” will be an unforgettable experience for our guests.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

Community Involvement and Engagement

Consultation with community leaders and organizations

Our company places a strong emphasis on community involvement and engagement. We believe that effective collaboration with local groups and organizations is essential for the successful implementation of our projects.

Reactions from local groups

Upon announcing our plans for a new construction project, we reached out to various community leaders and organizations. Their initial reactions were a mix of excitement, curiosity, and concern. Some saw the project as an opportunity for economic growth and job creation in the area, while others expressed concerns about potential noise pollution, traffic congestion, and property values.

Collaborative efforts to address concerns

We took these concerns seriously and have since engaged in open and honest dialogue with the community. Through collaborative efforts, we have developed strategies to mitigate negative impacts, such as implementing noise abatement measures, designing traffic management plans, and offering relocation assistance for those directly affected.

Public relations campaign and communication strategies

Recognizing the importance of maintaining positive relationships with the community, we have launched a comprehensive public relations campaign and communication strategy.

Updates on construction progress

We provide regular updates on the project’s construction progress, keeping the community informed about any changes or adjustments we make to address their concerns.

Addressing potential concerns and misconceptions

We also proactively address potential concerns and misconceptions through various channels, such as social media, community meetings, and press releases. By maintaining open lines of communication and demonstrating our commitment to the well-being of the community, we aim to build trust and foster a positive partnership for the duration of the project and beyond.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

Anticipation and Excitement Building

Anticipation and excitement are palpable in the air as the grand opening of a new attraction approaches.

Marketing efforts and promotions

play a significant role in fueling this anticipation.

Teasers and trailers

Starting months before the opening, teasers and trailers are released to build buzz. Each sneak peek offers tantalizing glimpses of the new attraction, leaving audiences yearning for more.

Merchandise and souvenirs

The release of merchandise and souvenirs is another marketing tactic that adds to the excitement. Collectible items bearing the attraction’s logo become coveted possessions, and fans eagerly await each new merchandise reveal.

Guest reactions and expectations

Anticipation for the new experience

The anticipation among guests is not just for the grand opening, but also for the unique experiences that await them. Will it be thrilling? Heartwarming? Innovative? The mystery only adds to the excitement.

Comparisons to the old attraction

Comparisons to the old attraction are inevitable, but this anticipation can be both positive and negative. If the new attraction is expected to surpass the old one, it creates a sense of eager anticipation. Conversely, if there are concerns that the new attraction may not live up to the hype, there is still excitement in debating and speculating about the potential outcome.

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

VI. Opening Day and Reception

Grand opening ceremony and events

The grand opening of a new attraction at Disney World is an exhilarating and highly-anticipated event. Dedication ceremonies are held to honor the new ride and its creators, often featuring speeches from Disney executives, designers, and special guests. These ceremonies signify the official beginning of the attraction’s operation and are a significant milestone in Disney World’s history.

Dedication to the new ride and its creators

For instance, during the dedication ceremony of Space Mountain: Mission to Mars, Disney CEO Michael Eisner expressed his gratitude towards the team that brought the ride to life. He acknowledged their hard work, creativity, and innovation, emphasizing the importance of continuing to push boundaries in entertainment.

Guest experiences and reactions

The excitement doesn’t end with the dedication ceremony – guests are eager to experience the new attraction for themselves. Firsthand accounts from visitors provide valuable insights into their experiences and reactions.

Firsthand accounts from visitors

“I can’t believe how realistic and immersive the new ride is!”

“The queue line entertainment made the wait worth it!”

“I’ve never felt this level of excitement on a ride before!”

Comparisons to the old attraction

Comparing the new attraction to its predecessor is a common practice among visitors, offering insights into improvements and innovations.


“The new ride is faster, smoother, and more technologically advanced than the old one.”


“The new attraction introduces new elements, storylines, and interactive features that elevate the guest experience.”

Impact on Disney World attendance and revenue

A new attraction’s opening often results in increased attendance and revenue for Disney World. Media coverage and press releases help spread the word about the new offering, attracting more visitors to the park. Additionally, repeat visits from families wanting to experience the new attraction contribute significantly to Disney World’s revenue.

Media coverage and press releases

“Disney Parks Blog shares behind-the-scenes footage of the new ride’s construction, generating excitement and interest from fans.”

“Travel and lifestyle magazines cover the grand opening event, reaching a wider audience and increasing exposure for Disney World.”

Increased attendance and revenue

“The new attraction attracts record-breaking crowds, with long lines and sold-out park tickets.”

“Disney World reports a significant increase in revenue during the first quarter following the new attraction’s opening.”

See the new ride replacing a controversial Disney World attraction

V Conclusion

Disney World’s replacement of the controversial Splash Mountain attraction with a new Princess and the Frog themed version has been a topic of much discussion within the theme park community. Let’s assess the success of this replacement process.

Assessment of the replacement’s success

Guest satisfaction and feedback

The guest satisfaction and feedback regarding the new attraction have been overwhelmingly positive. Visitors appreciate the updated storyline and the inclusion of diverse characters, which aligns with Disney’s commitment to representation and inclusivity.

Financial performance

The financial performance of the new attraction has been impressive as well. Since its opening, Princess and the Frog has attracted large crowds, contributing significantly to Disney World’s revenue.

Lessons learned from the controversy and replacement process

Improved communication strategies

The controversy surrounding the replacement of Splash Mountain underscored the importance of effective communication strategies. Disney learned that addressing controversies openly and transparently can help mitigate potential backlash and maintain guest trust.

Addressing controversial attractions in theme parks

The replacement of Splash Mountain has shown that theme parks can address controversial attractions thoughtfully and respectfully. By updating the attraction to reflect more inclusive and culturally sensitive themes, Disney demonstrated its commitment to continuous improvement and growth.

Future plans and potential controversies for Disney World

Upcoming projects and collaborations

Disney World continues to expand its offerings with upcoming projects and collaborations, such as the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser immersive hotel experience and partnerships with Marvel and Pixar. These ventures have the potential to bring new excitement to Disney World and attract a diverse audience.

Possible controversies and their management

Despite Disney’s efforts to address controversial issues, there may still be potential controversies arising from future projects or collaborations. Effective management of these situations requires open communication, respect for diverse perspectives, and a commitment to continuous improvement and growth. By learning from the experience of the Splash Mountain controversy and applying these lessons, Disney can navigate future controversies with grace and resilience.