Now Streaming: ‘Ultraman: Rising’

Now Streaming: 'Ultraman: Rising'

Ultraman: Rising

Ultraman: Rising is a




, and


Tokusatsu series that continues the legacy of the renowned Ultraman franchise. The story unfolds as a




entity, known as New Ultraman, appears on Earth with an urgent mission.

However, not all humans welcome the newcomer with open arms. Some view New Ultraman as a potential threat and seek to exploit his powers for their own selfish desires. Enter our hero, Shinjiro Hayata, a young and determined scientist who recognizes the potential benefits of collaborating with New Ultraman. Together, they embark on a journey to protect humanity from

extraterrestrial threats

while navigating the complexities of human nature and societal structures.

Meanwhile, the sinister

Alien Claw

organization has its own plans for New Ultraman’s powers. Led by the cunning and ambitious Levan, they aim to manipulate the situation to their advantage, leading to a series of epic battles between our heroes and their enemies.

As the stakes grow higher, Shinjiro must learn to harness his own hidden abilities, known as Ultra Q powers, in order to save the day. With stunning visual effects, captivating storytelling, and a rich cast of characters, Ultraman: Rising is a must-watch for fans of the Ultraman series and newcomers alike.

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Ultraman: A Long Paragraph about Its Franchise History and the Introduction to ‘Ultraman: Rising’

Ultraman, a legendary Japanese media franchise, first emerged in the 1960s as a live-action television series. This pioneering science fiction show introduced audiences to the adventures of a giant, benevolent alien known as Ultraman. His monster-of-the-week battles against various kaijū (giants monsters) and otherworldly threats quickly captivated the hearts of viewers, paving the way for a long-lasting franchise that would span decades.

Franchise Evolution

The Ultraman universe continued to evolve through various series and films. Notable entries include: Ultraseven (1967–1968), Ultraman Taro (1973), Ultraman Leo (1974–1975), and Ultraman 80 (1980). These shows expanded the mythology, introducing new characters and storylines. The franchise also saw a resurgence in popularity during the 21st century with Ultraman Gaia (1997) and Ultraman Max (2004–2005), both of which helped re-establish the franchise’s presence in mainstream media.

Ultraman: Rising (2019)

In 2019, the Ultraman franchise welcomed a new addition to its roster with “Ultraman: Rising,” produced by Production I.G and directed by Shinji Higuchi. This installment is part of the Ultraman New Generation Tribe series, which focuses on the adventures of new Ultraman characters and their interactions with humanity. In “Ultraman: Rising,” a young boy named Shinjiro Hayata discovers his hidden Ultra heritage and is forced to embrace his destiny as the new Ultraman.

Plot Summary

The Arrival of the New Generation Tribe on Earth

The New Generation Tribe, a team of elite alien warriors, lands on Earth with a crucial mission: to safeguard our planet from the threats that its guardian, Shinjiro Ohtani, cannot confront alone. Their arrival marks a turning point in humanity’s history as they prepare to face the unknown perils lurking in the cosmos.

The Emergence of a New Threat, “Bemstar”

Suddenly, a new threat emerges in the form of a monstrous creature known as “Bemstar.” This colossal being, born from the depths of space, is an amalgamation of terrifying energies and destructive capabilities. According to myth, Bemstar was once a peacekeeper in the universe until it was consumed by an insatiable hunger for chaos. Now, it targets Earth, threatening to disrupt the balance of life on our planet.

Description and Backstory of the Monster

Bemstar boasts an enormous size, with a body covered in shimmering scales. Its eyes glow menacingly, and its roars shake the very foundations of the Earth. Its origins are steeped in mystery, but what is clear is that it seeks nothing but destruction.

Impact on Humanity and the Team’s Efforts to Stop It

The arrival of Bemstar sends shockwaves through humanity. Panic ensues, and the New Generation Tribe springs into action, working tirelessly to devise a strategy to defeat this formidable foe. As they delve deeper into the creature’s strengths and weaknesses, they discover that only by working together can they hope to stand a chance against Bemstar.

The Involvement of Shinjiro Ohtani, Ultraman’s Host

Amidst the chaos, the team is faced with an unexpected ally: Shinjiro Ohtani, the human host of the legendary Ultraman. Struggling to come to terms with the immense power within him and the responsibility it entails, Shinjiro must decide whether to join forces with the New Generation Tribe or face Bemstar alone. Ultimately, his love for humanity drives him to make the selfless choice of joining the team.

The Team’s Bonding and Growth Throughout Their Mission

As they prepare for the final performance, the team members begin to bond over their shared experiences and common goals. Through a series of interactions, they learn not only how to work together as a cohesive unit but also to appreciate one another’s strengths and weaknesses.

Interactions Between Team Members

These moments of camaraderie foster a sense of unity among the team members, helping them to overcome their initial apprehensions and develop lasting relationships.

Learning to Work Together as a Team

The team’s growth is put to the ultimate test during their battle against Bemstar, proving that their bond has made them stronger than ever before.

E. The Climactic Final Battle Against Bemstar and Its Aftermath

The final battle against Bemstar is a breathtaking spectacle of courage, determination, and unity. As the team unites to face this formidable adversary, they are tested beyond their limits. In a climactic confrontation that leaves the Earth trembling, they manage to vanquish Bemstar, saving humanity from imminent destruction.

Description of the Final Confrontation

The battle is a breathtaking display of power and skill, as the team combines their unique abilities with Shinjiro’s newly awakened Ultraman powers to bring down Bemstar once and for all.

Consequences for the Team and Earth

In the aftermath, the team reflects on their victory and the newfound bonds they’ve formed. Though relieved that the threat has been neutralized, they know that their work is far from over. With new challenges on the horizon, the New Generation Tribe stands ready to protect Earth and its inhabitants, knowing that they are stronger together than they ever were apart.

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I Characters

Introduction to the New Generation Tribe Members

In this intricately woven narrative of Ultraman, a new generation of characters emerges, each bringing unique elements to the unfolding story. These members belong to the New Generation Tribe and play pivotal roles in shaping the course of events.

Their Roles, Backgrounds, and Motivations

The New Generation Tribe members are a diverse group of individuals, each possessing distinct abilities and backgrounds. **Dan Moroboshi**, the brave firefighter from Osaka, is one such member. **Ren Tsurugi**, a brilliant scientist and engineer, forms another crucial character. Lastly, there’s the enigmatic and powerful **Reina Asami**, a young woman with an undeniable connection to Ultraman. Each character embarks on a journey of self-discovery, fueled by their motivations and driven by their desire to protect humanity from impending threats.

Detailed Look at Key Members: Dan Moroboshi, Ren Tsurugi, and Reina Asami

Character Development Throughout the Story

**Dan Moroboshi**, with his unwavering courage and determination, evolves into a capable leader among the New Generation Tribe. His experiences with Ultraman help him understand the true meaning of sacrifice and selflessness.

**Ren Tsurugi**, initially skeptical about Ultraman’s presence, eventually comes to respect the Ultra and recognizes the importance of working together to protect humanity. His scientific mind plays a significant role in developing new weapons and technologies that aid the team in their battles against formidable foes.

**Reina Asami**, whose mysterious origins remain shrouded, forms a unique bond with Shinjiro Ohtani and Ultraman. Her journey reveals her true identity and the purpose behind her connection to the Ultra.

Their Relationship with Shinjiro Ohtani and Ultraman

The New Generation Tribe members forge strong bonds with **Shinjiro Ohtani**, the human host of Ultraman, as they work together to safeguard humanity. Their interactions showcase the complexity of their relationships, ranging from mutual respect and trust to underlying tensions and conflicts.

Shinjiro Ohtani: The Human Host of Ultraman

His Internal Struggle Between His Humanity and the Ultraman Power

**Shinjiro Ohtani’s** character arc revolves around his internal struggle between maintaining his humanity and embracing the Ultraman power. This conflict creates a compelling narrative, as he grapples with the consequences of merging with the Ultra and the impact it has on his relationships with others.

Role in the Story’s Development and Final Battle

As the story progresses, Shinjiro Ohtani becomes a key player in the final battle against the ultimate threat to humanity. His growth and development as a character are essential in preparing him for this pivotal moment, demonstrating the importance of his journey throughout the narrative.
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The importance of teamwork and unity

The New Generation Tribe’s mission to protect Earth is a testament to the power of teamwork and unity. Each member brings unique skills and strengths to the table, combining their efforts to face challenges that no single individual could handle alone. In this sense, the series emphasizes the importance of working together towards a common goal. One notable example of this theme is when the tribe comes together to protect Earth from imminent destruction, overcoming their personal struggles and differences for the greater good.

Exploration of human emotions and growth

Another prominent theme in the series is the exploration of human emotions and growth. Characters such as Shinjiro Ohtani struggle with their Ultraman power and the burden it places upon them, forcing them to confront their fears and insecurities. Meanwhile, team members learn to work together despite their differences, developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for one another. Through these character arcs, the series highlights the transformative power of human connection and emotional growth.

The role of technology and science in protecting Earth

Lastly, the series emphasizes the importance of technology and science in protecting Earth. The New Generation Tribe wields advanced equipment and techniques, collaborating with Ultramen to harness their powers and save the planet. This partnership represents a fusion of human ingenuity and otherworldly abilities, highlighting the potential for progress when diverse perspectives come together.

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As we reach the end of our discussion on “Ultraman: Rising,” it’s important to reflect on this series’ impact on the Ultraman franchise as a whole. Ultraman: Rising has expanded the Ultraman universe in a remarkable way by introducing new characters and themes that resonate with fans both old and new.

Expansion of the Ultraman Universe

The addition of new Ultra Warriors, such as Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, has not only brought fresh perspectives to the Ultraman mythology but also added depth to the existing lore. The new themes introduced in the series, such as the concept of “darkness” within Ultraman, add a layer of complexity that keeps viewers engaged and interested.

Continuation of Ultraman’s Legacy

Furthermore, the series continues the legacy of Ultraman as a protector of humanity. This theme has been a staple of the franchise since its inception, and “Ultraman: Rising” does an excellent job of keeping it relevant while also exploring new dimensions.

Invitation to Watch “Ultraman: Rising”

For fans who have been with the Ultraman franchise since its inception, this series is a welcome addition that builds on the rich history of the show. For new fans, it’s an exciting introduction to a beloved and iconic franchise. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, we invite you to watch “Ultraman: Rising” and experience this exciting addition to the Ultraman franchise.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, “Ultraman: Rising” is more than just a new series; it’s an expansion of the Ultraman universe that invites both old and new fans to explore the depths of this beloved franchise. With new characters, themes, and the continuation of Ultraman’s legacy, it’s an exciting time to be a fan of the Ultraman series.