‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

Inside Out 2: New Horizons

Inside Out 2: New Horizons, the anticipated sequel to the critically-acclaimed Pixar film Inside Out (2015), brings back our beloved characters from the inside of 11-year-old Riley’s mind. This time, Pixar‘s mastery of storytelling takes us on a journey as Riley, now a young adult, faces new challenges and experiences that force her core emotions – Joy, Fear, Disgust, Anger, and Sadness – to adapt and grow.

New Horizons for Riley

In this new chapter, Riley embarks on a gap year adventure in Europe, a place filled with excitement and uncertainty. With her physical self exploring new lands, her emotions must navigate the complexities of adolescence and young adulthood from within her mind. Joy, who once ruled Riley’s core memories, now faces challenges as new emotions arise and old ones evolve.

Adapting to Change

Fear, having learned valuable lessons in the first film, steps up to help Riley face her anxieties and insecurities. Meanwhile, Disgust‘s role expands as she grapples with the intricacies of Riley’s evolving identity and the unfamiliar culture of Europe. Anger, ever the instigator, finds himself in unexpected situations that force him to adapt and grow. And lastly, Sadness, who played a pivotal role in the first film, continues to provide comfort and understanding as Riley deals with the bittersweet realities of growing up.

A New Emotional Landscape

As Riley encounters various challenges and experiences, her emotions work together to help her navigate this new emotional landscape. Inside Out 2: New Horizons promises a heartwarming exploration of the complexities of growing up, showcasing Pixar’s signature blend of humor, emotion, and insight into the human condition.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

I. Introduction

Opening Scene: Flashback to the End of the First Movie (2015)

We flashback to the poignant ending of “Inside Out” (2015), where young Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias), then 11 years old, is seen reluctantly saying goodbye to her close-knit friends and family as they pack up their belongings for a move to the bustling city of San Francisco. The scene vividly illustrates Riley’s emotions: Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Anger (Lewis Black) – all present in the Control Center of her mind.

Cut to Present Day: Riley’s High School Graduation (2022)

Fast-forward to the present day, and Riley, now an 18-year-old young adult, is seen donning her cap and gown at her high school graduation. The emotions in the Control Center are present but seem less active than before – a testament to Riley’s growth and transformation throughout her teenage years.

Announcement: “Inside Out 2 – New Horizons” (2024)

With much excitement and anticipation, the groundbreaking announcement is made that “Inside Out 2 – New Horizons” has shattered box office records as the first movie of 2024 to top an astounding $1 billion at the global box office. The continuing story of Riley’s emotional journey, as she navigates the complexities and challenges of adulthood, has resonated with audiences worldwide.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

The Gap Year

Riley, feeling lost and uncertain about her future, makes a bold decision to take a gap year before college. With the world at her feet and an open itinerary, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.

Setting Out on Her Own

Leaving behind the familiar, Riley packs her bags and sets off into the unknown. With a mix of excitement and anxiety, she begins to explore new cultures, landscapes, and people.

Meeting New Friends

During her travels, Riley crosses paths with a group of adventurous teenagers: Max (19), Luna (18), and Leo (20). Their spontaneous spirit and zest for life quickly draw Riley in. Together, they embark on thrilling escapades – from bungee jumping off a cliff to hiking through the Amazon rainforest.

Encouragement and Growth

Max, Luna, and Leo serve as Riley’s beacon of encouragement. They challenge her to step out of her comfort zone and try new things she never thought possible. Their unwavering support helps Riley grow emotionally resilient as she faces various challenges along the way.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

I Emotional Growth

Riley’s emotional journey in the film “Inside Out” is a complex and intriguing exploration of human emotions. Joy, the dominant emotion, strives to maintain happiness and positivity in Riley’s mind. However, she faces competition from Sadness, who wishes for Riley to accept and embrace all emotions, not just the positive ones.

Joy vs. Sadness

The internal conflict between Joy and Sadness is a significant aspect of Riley’s emotional growth. While Joy tries to keep things light, Sadness encourages Riley to face the harsh realities of life and learn from her experiences. This tension is exemplified during the scene where Riley’s parents move, leading Sadness to touch a core memory, inadvertently altering it. As a result, Joy becomes upset and tries to suppress Sadness further.

Fear, Disgust, and Anger

Besides Joy and Sadness, Riley’s other emotions – Fear, Disgust, and Anger – also contribute to her development. Fear encourages Riley to face her fears and take risks, helping her grow as an individual. Disgust, on the other hand, challenges Riley’s perspective on new experiences, often forcing her to consider alternative viewpoints.

Anger’s Role

Anger plays a crucial role in processing frustration and anger when things don’t go as planned. It helps Riley deal with her emotions in a healthy manner, allowing her to express herself effectively and move on from negative experiences. Anger’s presence also ensures that Riley doesn’t suppress her emotions, which could lead to emotional instability.

The Emotional Rollercoaster of College

As Riley steps onto the campus of her prestigious new college, she is met with a whirlwind of emotions. Excitement, anticipation, and


mingle together, creating a sense of


uncertainty. But beneath the surface, deep-rooted feelings of homesickness begin to emerge, threatening to overshadow her initial elation. The empty dorm room bed, the absence of familiar voices, and the silence that once filled her childhood home now echo with a profound



The academic pressures of her new environment only serve to heighten the emotional turmoil. Deadlines, exams, and rigorous coursework leave her feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. The once self-assured Riley finds herself questioning her abilities, grappling with the

intense emotional conflicts

that arise from the clash between her expectations and reality. She longs for the comforting routine of her old life, yet she knows that growth and transformation require her to embrace the challenges before her.

The emotional rollercoaster of college life continues, as Riley learns to navigate the ups and downs of her new world. Each day brings a new set of experiences, both triumphant and difficult, that shape her into the person she is meant to become. Through it all, she clings to the knowledge that every emotional struggle serves a greater purpose – the growth and development of her true self.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

The Power of Friendship

During her freshman year at college, Riley formed strong bonds with her roommates and friends:

Mia, Sam, and Alex

. This new phase of life was filled with a multitude of emotions and experiences that they navigated together.


They shared countless laughs, enjoyed late-night study sessions fueled by pizza and coffee, and celebrated each other’s achievements. Their dorm room became a sanctuary where they could escape the stresses of academia and just be themselves.


But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. They also experienced sadness, such as when


received news that her grandfather had passed away or when


‘s long-distance relationship came to an end. During these difficult times, they leaned on each other for support and comfort.


Fear was another emotion they encountered, often related to academics or the unknown.


, for instance, was terrified of public speaking but managed to overcome her fear with the help of her friends. They encouraged and supported each other through these challenging moments, helping one another to face their fears head-on.


Disgust, though less common than the other emotions, still reared its head. This was most evident when they discovered a shared distaste for a particular professor’s teaching style or a particularly dreadful cafeteria meal. Despite this, they found humor in their collective disgust and used it as a bonding experience.


Anger, too, made an appearance in their college lives. It could be directed towards professors, roommates, or even each other. However, they learned that communication and understanding were key to resolving conflicts. Through open dialogue, they found that their anger often stemmed from misunderstandings or miscommunications, which could be easily rectified with a simple conversation.

Through it all, the power of their friendship remained unwavering. They continued to grow and learn together, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

VI. The Triumph of Emotional Intelligence

Riley’s journey of self-discovery in the heartwarming animated film “Inside Out” leads her to a profound realization about the power of emotional intelligence. Through her experiences, she learns that managing emotions effectively is an essential skill for leading a fulfilling life. In the early stages of the movie, Riley is introduced as an eleven-year-old girl who is about to relocate with her family to a new city. This transition triggers intense emotions within Riley, which are personified as five core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust.

Learning the Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Initially, Riley struggles to cope with her emotions, and as a result, her personality begins to fracture. However, she soon learns that accepting and understanding her emotions is vital for her emotional health and personal growth. With the help of her personified emotions and her core memories, Riley begins to master her emotional intelligence, allowing her to navigate the ups and downs of life with more grace and resilience.

Becoming a Source of Support for Others

As Riley gains control over her emotions, she starts to embody the power of empathy and understanding. She becomes a source of support for those around her, offering comfort and encouragement during difficult times. In one poignant scene, Riley’s new friend Bing Bong helps her relive cherished memories through a carnival game called Memory Snatcher. As they reminisce, Riley demonstrates her newfound emotional intelligence by validating Bing Bong’s feelings of loneliness and abandonment.

The Power of Empathy and Understanding

Through her experiences, Riley illustrates the importance of emotional intelligence in fostering healthy relationships. By being attuned to her emotions and those of others, she is able to form deeper connections with the people in her life. Moreover, she learns that expressing emotions openly and honestly creates an environment of trust and understanding, allowing everyone to grow and thrive.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

V Conclusion

Riley’s emotional journey in the movie reaches its climax at her heartfelt

graduation ceremony

, where she takes a moment to reflect on the lessons she has learned. With tears in her eyes, she looks back at her old self and realizes how far she has come. The

memories of her past

flood back, but this time they bring a sense of nostalgia and gratitude instead of fear. Her friends, both human and emotional, are there to support her as she takes this important step forward.

In the final scene of the movie, Riley embarks on a new adventure, feeling more


and emotionally prepared than ever before. The sun sets on her old life as she steps into the unknown, ready to face whatever lies ahead with a newfound sense of


and strength. The movie ends on a hopeful note, leaving the audience with a feeling of inspiration and the belief that no matter how difficult the journey may be, growth and self-discovery are always worth the effort.

So, if you’re going through a personal transformation, remember to hold on tight and keep moving forward. Like Riley, there will be challenges along the way, but with determination, courage, and a little help from your friends, you too can reach new heights and embrace the future with open arms.

‘Inside Out 2’ is the first movie of 2024 to top $1 billion at global box office

VI Post-Credits Scene

A sneak peek of Inside Out 3

As the end credits roll in for the heartwarming and thought-provoking Pixar film, “Inside Out,” viewers are left with a sense of contentment and closure. However, just as the audience begins to leave their seats, a surprise awaits them in the form of a post-credits scene.

New Emotional Challenges

The scene opens with Riley (voiced by Amy Poehler) sitting at her desk in a quiet office, surrounded by cubicles and the hum of productivity. Her emotions – Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust – watch from inside her mind as she begins her first day at her new job. The scene introduces a bold and unexpected emotional landscape, as Riley grapples with the stresses of adulthood and the challenges of her career.

Adventures in Adulthood

As Riley navigates this new phase of life, the scene hints at a range of new experiences and adventures. She encounters difficult coworkers, tense deadlines, and personal setbacks. But through it all, her emotions remain by her side, helping her navigate the complexities of adulthood with grace and resilience.

Anticipation for Inside Out 3

The post-credits scene leaves viewers with a sense of anticipation and excitement for the next installment of “Inside Out.” The potential for new emotional depth, character growth, and exploration of the human experience make this sneak peek a promising prospect for fans of the franchise.