BET Awards 2024: See who won

BET Awards 2024: See who won

BET Awards 2024: A Night of Celebrating Black Excellence – Winners List

On a star-studded night at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, the 23rd annual BET Awards celebrated Black excellence and achievement across music, television, sports, and film. Hosted by the inimitable Issa Rae, the event was a testament to the indomitable spirit and creativity of the African diaspora. With performances by some of the biggest names in entertainment, including Beyoncé, Drake, and Rihanna, the energy in the room was electric.

Music Category Winners:

In the music category, Beyoncé took home the most awards, including

Best Female R&B/Pop Artist


Best Collaboration

with Drake for “Mood 4 Eva,” and the prestigious

Lifetime Achievement Award

. Other notable winners included Drake, who won the award for

Best Male Hip-Hop Artist

, and Megan Thee Stallion, who was named

Best New Artist


Television and Film Category Winners:

In the television and film categories, Issa Rae‘s hit show “Insecure” won for

Best TV Series: Comedy

, while the critically acclaimed film “The Harder They Fall” took home the award for

Best Movie

. The cast of the film, which includes Idris Elba, Zazie Beets, and Regina King, was also honored with the award for

Best Ensemble Cast


Sports Category Winners:

The sports category saw LeBron James take home the award for

Sportsman of the Year

, while Simone Biles was named

Sportswoman of the Year

. The pair’s achievements, both on and off the field, were a testament to their resilience and dedication to their craft.

The BET Awards: A Significant Event in the Entertainment Industry

Since its inception in 2001, the BET Awards, also known as Black Entertainment Television Awards, have been a celebrated platform for recognizing and honoring achievements in music, acting, sports, and other fields of entertainment by African Americans and other ethnicities. This prestigious event showcases the diversity and richness of the industry while providing a powerful voice for underrepresented communities.

Different Categories and Eligibility Criteria

The BET Awards span a wide range of categories, including Best Male R&B/Pop Artist, Best Female R&B/Pop Artist, Best Group, Best Collaboration, Video of the Year, and many more. Eligibility for nominations typically spans the previous calendar year, ensuring that the awards reflect the most current and relevant achievements in the industry.

Music Categories

The music categories encompass various genres, such as R&B, hip-hop, and gospel. Artists are recognized for their innovative contributions to these genres through their music videos, songs, and performances.

Acting Categories

The acting categories honor actors and actresses for their outstanding performances in film, television, and theater. These awards not only acknowledge the importance of representation on screen but also celebrate the talent and dedication of actors in bringing characters to life.

Sports Categories

The sports categories acknowledge the achievements of athletes across various disciplines, including basketball, football, and track and field. These awards serve to highlight the hard work, determination, and impact that sports figures have on their communities and beyond.

Anticipation Builds for the 2024 Awards Ceremony

With each passing year, anticipation builds for the upcoming BET Awards ceremony. Fans eagerly await the announcement of nominees and the opportunity to witness their favorite artists, actors, and athletes receive well-deserved recognition. This excitement not only showcases the significance of the BET Awards within the entertainment industry but also underscores its importance as a cultural touchstone for diverse communities.

Pre-Show Activities

This segment of the awards show experience is filled with excitement and anticipation as fans and media eagerly wait for their favorite stars to make their red carpet debuts. The fashion statements made on this night are a topic of much discussion, with each celebrity’s outfit analyzed and scrutinized by critics and fans alike.

Red carpet arrivals of celebrities and their fashion statements

The red carpet is not just a walkway, but a runway where stars showcase their sartorial choices. From bold and daring to classic and elegant, every look is a statement. Photos of the red carpet are plastered across social media platforms, with commentary on standout looks dominating conversations. The fashion police are out in full force, and every detail from the dress to the shoes to the accessories is under the microscope.

Photos and commentary on standout looks

The internet is flooded with pictures of celebrities in their best attire, and the fashion world goes into overdrive as they dissect each outfit. Every detail, from the fabric to the cut to the color, is analyzed with great scrutiny. Some looks are praised for their elegance and sophistication, while others are criticized for being too bold or too revealing.

Interviews with stars about their expectations for the night

Interviews with celebrities on the red carpet provide an insight into their thoughts and feelings leading up to the big night. They share their expectations for the awards show, their hopes for winning, and their plans for the evening ahead. These interviews add a personal touch to the red carpet experience, making fans feel more connected to their idols.

Another exciting aspect of pre-show activities is the live performances by up-and-coming artists. These performances can be a game-changer for their careers and fanbase.

Live performances from up-and-coming artists

Live performances by new artists during the pre-show are a great way to introduce them to a wider audience. Their energy and talent shine through, making it an unforgettable experience for both the performers and the viewers.

Reaction and analysis from social media and critics

The performances are met with instant reaction on social media, with fans and critics sharing their thoughts and opinions. Positive feedback can lead to a surge in popularity for the artists, while negative comments can be a learning experience for them.

Impact on the artists’ careers and fanbase

A stellar performance can catapult an artist’s career to new heights, with their music gaining more popularity and their fanbase growing exponentially. It’s a chance for them to showcase their talent to the world and leave a lasting impression on their audience.
BET Awards 2024: See who won

I Award Presentations

Host introduction and opening monologue

The host takes the stage with a warm welcome and an opening monologue filled with humor and grace. They set the tone for the evening, acknowledging the significance of the event and expressing excitement for the night ahead.

Presentation of categories with multiple nominees

  1. Best New Artist:
  2. First up, we have five promising new artists who have made a mark on the industry this year. Artist A, with their unique sound and captivating stage presence, has been making waves since their debut. Artist B

, a rising star known for their soulful vocals and powerful performances, has already collaborated with industry veterans. Next, we have Artist C, who’s been turning heads with their genre-blending style and infectious energy. And let’s not forget Artist D, whose innovative approach to music production has left critics raving. Lastly, Artist E, a newcomer with an impressive catalog of hits and a dedicated fanbase.

  • Best Female R&B/Pop Artist:
  • In this category, we have five incredibly talented women who have shaped the R&B and pop landscapes. Artist F, known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt ballads, has been a consistent force in the industry for over a decade. Artist G, with her edgy sound and boundary-pushing performances, has garnered critical acclaim and a devoted fanbase. Artist H, whose soulful voice and thought-provoking lyrics have resonated with audiences, is a true innovator in the genre. Artist I, with her infectious energy and catchy tunes, has been dominating the charts. And lastly, Artist J, a trailblazer known for her genre-defying sound and bold experimentation.

    Brief background of each nominee

    Each nominee’s achievements and contributions to the industry are briefly highlighted, showcasing their unique talents and accomplishments.

    Presenter’s commentary on their achievements and impact in the industry

    The presenter shares heartfelt stories about each nominee, discussing their influence on music and pop culture. They may share anecdotes from personal experiences or discuss the impact of the nominees’ music on their own lives.

    Announcement of the winner and their reaction

    The presenter reveals the name of the winner, who is met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation. The emotion-filled reaction from the nominee highlights the significance of the award and adds to the excitement of the evening.

    Presentation of categories with a single nominee

    1. Lifetime Achievement Award:
    2. Next, we recognize a legendary figure in the industry who has left an indelible mark on black culture. (Nominee K), with their groundbreaking music and influential career spanning decades, embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience.

    3. Humanitarian Award:
    4. Lastly, we present an award to an individual who has used their platform for social change and humanitarian efforts. (Nominee L), with their dedication to philanthropy and advocacy, has touched the lives of countless individuals and communities.

    Recognition of the nominee’s achievements and impact on black culture

    The presenter takes a moment to acknowledge the significance of each nominee’s accomplishments and their positive influence on black culture.

    Presentation of the award and their reaction

    The nominee is presented with the award, often accompanied by a heartfelt speech about their dedication to making a difference. Their emotional reaction underscores the importance of using their platform for good and inspires the audience to do the same.

    BET Awards 2024: See who won

    In Memoriam Segment

    Tribute to Deceased Artists, Industry Professionals, and Cultural Icons

    This segment pays tribute to the artists, industry professionals, and cultural icons we have lost throughout the years. Their memories live on through their incredible body of work and the indelible mark they left on the world.

    Visual Montage of Their Careers and Contributions

    Photos and videos flash across the screen, showcasing the careers and accomplishments of those we remember. From their earliest works to their most recent creations, each moment is a testament to their dedication and passion.

    Memorable Quotes or Messages from Colleagues and Family Members

    Words of wisdom and inspiring quotes from their colleagues and loved ones are shared, offering a deeper understanding of the person behind the art. These messages serve as a reminder of their impact and influence, both personally and professionally.

    Live Performance(s) Dedicated to Their Memory
    Artists gather on stage

    Songs are performed in their honor, some written by the deceased themselves, others inspired by their memory.

    Dancers pay tribute through moving performances, their bodies telling the story of those we have lost.

    Actors read passages from their works or perform scenes that highlight the depth of their talent.

    Each performance is a celebration of their lives and an enduring testament to their legacy.

    BET Awards 2024: See who won

    Closing Performances & Announcements

    The final hours of the BET Awards show are always a treat for audiences, both in-person and at home. Under the theme of black excellence, the closing performances never disappoint.

    High-energy closing performances from established artists

    Collaborations and guest appearances are common during these performances, adding an extra layer of excitement. Big names team up for electrifying renditions that leave the crowd on their feet and viewers glued to their screens.

    Impact on the audience and viewers at home

    These high-energy performances serve as a powerful reminder of the endless possibilities that exist when we celebrate and support each other. The electricity in the room is palpable, making every viewer feel as if they are part of the experience.

    Final words from the host and the BET network

    As the show comes to a close, it’s time for the host and BET network to share their final thoughts. They remind us all of the importance of recognizing and celebrating black excellence, encouraging us to continue lifting each other up throughout the year.

    Closing credits and encouragement for fans to stay connected with BET for future events and programming

    The closing credits roll, but the night doesn’t have to end there. BET encourages fans to stay connected for future events and programming. With a promise to continue highlighting black excellence, we’re already looking forward to next year’s awards show.