Remnick: Biden staying in race is a “national endangerment”

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"

Remnick’s Perspective: Biden’s Continued Presidential Campaign as a “National Endangerment”

In an op-ed published in The New Yorker, veteran journalist David Remnick raised concerns about the potential impact of Joe Biden’s continued

presidential campaign

on the nation’s well-being. According to Remnick, the former Vice President’s prolonged run for the White House has become a

“national endangerment”

, given the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and the heightened political polarization in America. He argued that Biden’s age, 78, and his reluctance to engage in aggressive debate tactics against his younger rivals could put the country at risk.

“Biden’s campaign does not seem designed for a national emergency; it seems designed for a return to normalcy,”

Remnick wrote, adding that the former Vice President’s “measured” approach could leave him vulnerable in a crisis. Moreover, the journalist pointed out that Biden’s centrist policies might not resonate with voters who are increasingly drawn to more radical positions on key issues like healthcare and immigration.

“Perhaps the most profound issue for Biden is whether he can connect with a country that is moving in a different direction from the one he represents,”

Remnick concluded, echoing the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding Biden’s campaign as the race for the Democratic nomination heats up.

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"

David Remnick: A Renowned Journalist and Editor in Political Discourse

David Remnick, a pulitzer-prize winning journalist and the current

Editor of The New Yorker magazine

, has established himself as a significant voice in

American political discourse

. With an impressive career spanning over three decades, Remnick has reported on various critical issues ranging from politics and foreign affairs to culture and society.


Born in Chicago, Illinois, on February 31, 1960, Remnick began his journalism career as a reporter for The Washington Post. He then joined The New Yorker in 1990 and has been an essential contributor ever since, holding various positions, including Washington D.bureau chief and foreign correspondent before assuming the editor role in 1998.


Given Remnick’s extensive experience and expertise, his opinions carry significant weight in political discourse. His insightful analysis and investigative journalism have earned him a reputation for providing thought-provoking perspectives on contemporary issues. Whether reporting on the White House or addressing broader societal concerns, Remnick’s work frequently shapes public opinion and fuels important debates. His ability to bridge the gap between in-depth reporting and accessible commentary makes him an influential figure in journalism and beyond.

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"

Context Surrounding Biden’s Campaign

Joe Biden, the 47th Vice President of the United States under Barack Obama, formally entered the Presidential race on April 25, 2019. Biden’s campaign was met with initial

front-runner status

, as he had a reputation for being a seasoned politician and a moderate figure in the Democratic Party. However, his record on crime legislation from the 1990s became a point of contention for some progressive voters.

Fast forward to the current state of Biden’s campaign, and polling numbers have taken a hit. After finishing fourth in the Iowa caucuses and fifth in New Hampshire, he suffered a disappointing

third-place finish

in South Carolina’s primary on February 29, 2020. Although Biden secured a victory in the South Carolina primary thanks to strong support from African American voters, his poor performance in the earlier contests raised concerns about his ability to regain momentum.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont and self-described democratic socialist, has emerged as a serious contender in the race.

Elizabeth Warren

, another senator, and former New York City mayor

Michael Bloomberg

have also made their presence felt in the Democratic Party landscape. Sanders’ consistent performance and strong organizational support have kept him in contention, while Warren’s populist message has resonated with some voters. Bloomberg’s late entry into the race and vast personal wealth have allowed him to outspend his competitors on advertising and campaign infrastructure.

As the Democratic Party moves towards its national convention in July 2020, it remains to be seen how Biden’s campaign will navigate this challenging terrain. Can he reclaim his front-runner status and secure the nomination? Or will he be ousted by a more energetic contender? Only time will tell.

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"

I Remnick’s Argument: Biden as a “National Endangerment”

In an op-ed for link, journalist and author David Remnick posited the idea that former Vice President Joe Biden could be considered a “national endangerment.” This term, when used within the context of Remnick’s argument, refers to a figure whose continued presence or actions could pose significant risks and consequences for the country. Let us delve deeper into this concept:

Explanation of the term “national endangerment” within Remnick’s opinion piece

Definition and usage in politics

In the realm of politics, a “national endangerment” may refer to an individual or situation that poses a threat to national security, public safety, or the overall well-being of a country. This term is not new; it has been invoked in various contexts throughout history – from the Watergate scandal and the Iran-Contra affair to more recent political debates surrounding climate change or nuclear weapons.

Reasons why Remnick deems Biden a “national endangerment”

a. Age factor and potential health concerns

One major concern that Remnick raises is Biden’s advanced age. At 78 years old, Biden would be the oldest president ever inaugurated if he wins the election – surpassing Ronald Reagan, who assumed office at 69. Remnick argues that Biden’s age and potential health concerns could leave him vulnerable to manipulation or exploitation by adversaries, both foreign and domestic.

b. Biden’s past gaffes and missteps

Another issue Remnick raises is Biden’s well-documented record of verbal gaffes and missteps. These instances, while often harmless, can be damaging in a political campaign. Remnick questions whether Biden’s age has contributed to these lapses and whether they could potentially be exploited by opponents, particularly President Trump.

Lack of energy or enthusiasm from supporters

Lastly, Remnick highlights the lack of energy and enthusiasm from Biden’s supporters as a potential risk. While this may not directly impact Biden himself, it could have far-reaching consequences for the Democratic Party and its chances of defeating Trump in the upcoming election.

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"

Counterarguments and Criticisms

Analysis of opposing viewpoints

Despite the growing concern over Joe Biden’s age and health, there are supporters who argue that his extensive experience in politics is an asset. They contend that his long tenure in the Senate and his role as Vice President under President Barack Obama have prepared him well for the presidency. Some believe that Biden’s age, which makes him the oldest potential nominee in the race, is not a valid concern since he appears to be in good health and maintains a rigorous campaign schedule.

Supporters who argue Biden’s experience is an asset

The argument for Biden’s experience is that it will enable him to hit the ground running if elected. His supporters claim that his deep understanding of foreign policy and domestic issues, as well as his experience in working with allies and adversaries alike, make him the most qualified candidate in the race. Moreover, they argue that Biden’s age is not a liability but rather an asset given his wealth of knowledge and experience.

Responses from Biden and his campaign team

Despite the criticisms, Joe Biden has repeatedly stated that he intends to stay in the race and believes he is the best candidate to win against President Donald Trump. His campaign team has also made efforts to rejuvenate his campaign and regain momentum by focusing on issues that resonate with voters, such as the economy, healthcare, and climate change.

Statements on his intentions to stay in the race

During an interview with CBS News, Biden stated, “I’m staying in the race. I’ve been around too long. I know what can be done and I know how to do it” (CBS News, 2020). Similarly, in a campaign video released in February 2020, Biden said, “I’m not a newcomer to this. I’ve spent my whole career fighting for the middle class and those who have been left behind” (Biden Campaign, 2020).

Efforts to rejuvenate his campaign and regain momentum

In an attempt to revitalize his campaign, Biden has focused on reaching out to key voting demographics, such as African Americans and Latinos. He has also emphasized his plans for the economy, which includes creating jobs through infrastructure investments and raising the minimum wage. Moreover, he has sought to differentiate himself from other candidates by highlighting his experience and centrist approach to politics.

Remnick: Biden staying in race is a "national endangerment"


Summary of the Arguments Presented in the Article: In his recent piece for The New Yorker, David Remnick delves into the ongoing speculation surrounding Joe Biden’s age and health. He argues that while some have used these concerns as fodder for attacks on Biden, others view them as legitimate questions worthy of discussion. Remnick acknowledges the challenges posed by the demands of the presidency on an individual’s physical and mental wellbeing, but also emphasizes Biden’s experience and resilience. He points to the former vice president’s successful presidential campaign thus far, citing his strong performance in debates and his ability to connect with voters.

The Significance of Remnick’s Opinion and Its Potential Impact on the Ongoing Election Discourse: As a respected journalist and editor at The New Yorker, Remnick’s analysis carries significant weight in the ongoing election discourse. His piece offers a nuanced perspective on the issue of Biden’s age and health, challenging readers to consider both sides of the argument. By emphasizing the importance of experience and resilience in a presidential candidate, Remnick’s article underscores the complexities of assessing a candidate’s fitness for office.

Final Thoughts on Biden’s Campaign and the Role That Age and Health Play in a Presidential Bid: As the election season heats up, the issue of Biden’s age and health is likely to remain a topic of debate. Remnick’s article serves as a reminder that this conversation should be informed by a nuanced understanding of the demands of the presidency and the qualities necessary for success in the role. While age and health are important considerations, they must be weighed against a candidate’s experience, leadership abilities, and connection with voters. In the end, the outcome of the election will depend on which candidate is best equipped to meet the challenges facing our nation.


Summary of the Arguments Presented in the ArticleDavid Remnick’s article explores the ongoing discussion about Joe Biden’s age and health, acknowledging the concerns while emphasizing his experience and resilience.
The Significance of Remnick’s Opinion and Its Potential Impact on the Ongoing Election DiscourseAs a respected journalist, Remnick’s analysis offers a nuanced perspective on the issue, highlighting the importance of experience and resilience in a presidential candidate.
Final Thoughts on Biden’s Campaign and the Role That Age and Health Play in a Presidential BidThe conversation around Biden’s age and health will continue to shape the election discourse, with experience, leadership abilities, and voter connection playing key roles in assessing a candidate’s fitness for office.