Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

Target Circle Week: Unveiling the 25 Best Deals Worth Shopping

Target Circle Week, the much-anticipated sales event from your favorite retailer, is finally here! Get ready to save big on

25 handpicked deals

that are guaranteed to make your shopping cart sing with joy. From

kitchen essentials


home appliances


clothing and accessories

, Target has got you covered. Mark your calendars for this

exclusive shopping experience

and prepare to add some amazing finds to your cart. Remember, these deals are only available for a limited time, so act fast!

Deal #1: 40% off Select Small Kitchen Appliances

Add style and convenience to your kitchen with discounted small appliances. Blenders, toasters, and coffee makers are just some of the items you can snag at a steal.

Deal #2: 20% off Select Patio Furniture

Bring the outdoors in and enjoy summertime comfort with discounted patio furniture. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your taste and make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood.

Deal #3: 15% off Select Bed & Bath Items

Create a cozy retreat in your home with discounted bed and bath essentials. From towels and sheets to shower curtains, you’ll find everything you need to relax and unwind.

Deal #4: Up to 50% off Select Shoes

Step into summer in style

with discounted shoes for the whole family. From sandals and sneakers to heels and flats, Target has got you covered.

Deal #5: 20% off Select Clothing & Accessories for Kids

Dress your little ones in trendy styles

without breaking the bank. From clothes and shoes to accessories, you’ll find everything you need for back-to-school and beyond.

Deal #6: 25% off Select Electronics

Stay connected with discounted electronics

. From tablets and laptops to headphones and chargers, you’ll find the perfect gadgets for work, play, or both.

Deal #7: 10% off Select Fresh & Frozen Foods

Stock up on delicious deals

with discounted fresh and frozen foods. From produce and meat to ready-to-eat meals, there’s something for every taste bud.

Deal #8: 20% off Select Home Décor

Add personality to your living space

with discounted home décor. From wall art and rugs to throw pillows, you’ll find the perfect touch for your home.

Deal #9: 25% off Select Outdoor Gear

Get ready for adventure with discounted outdoor gear

. From tents and sleeping bags to camping stoves, you’ll find everything you need for your next camping trip or outdoor excursion.

Deal #10: 25% off Select Toys

Bring joy to your child’s face with discounted toys

. From action figures and dolls to building sets and puzzles, Target has something for every child’s imagination.

Deal #11: 25% off Select Books

Expand your knowledge and imagination

with discounted books. From fiction to non-fiction, there’s something for every reader.

Deal #12: 40% off Select Art Supplies

Unleash your creative side

with discounted art supplies. From paints and brushes to paper and sketchbooks, you’ll find everything you need to create your next masterpiece.

Deal #13: 25% off Select Sporting Goods

Stay active with discounted sporting goods

. From basketballs and soccer balls to yoga mats, you’ll find everything you need to stay fit and have fun.

Deal #14: 20% off Select Baby Essentials

Prepare for your little one’s needs with discounted baby essentials

. From clothes and diapers to bottles and baby gear, Target has everything you need for your growing family.

Deal #15: 20% off Select Pet Supplies

Show your furry friends some love

with discounted pet supplies. From food and toys to beds and grooming tools, you’ll find everything you need to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Deal #16: 20% off Select Beauty & Personal Care Items

Look and feel your best with discounted beauty and personal care items

. From skincare and makeup to haircare and fragrances, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your natural beauty.

Deal #17: 20% off Select Auto Accessories

Get your car summer-ready with discounted auto accessories

. From floor mats and seat covers to phone mounts and air fresheners, you’ll find everything you need to make your car a comfortable and convenient ride.

Deal #18: 20% off Select Tech Accessories

Get the most out of your devices with discounted tech accessories

. From phone cases and screen protectors to headphones and chargers, you’ll find everything you need to keep your gadgets protected and powered up.

Deal #19: 25% off Select Home Improvement Items

Make your home a better place with discounted home improvement items

. From paint and tools to flooring and fixtures, you’ll find everything you need to improve your living space.

Deal #20: 25% off Select Lawn & Garden Supplies

Get your garden and lawn in shape with discounted supplies

. From seeds and fertilizers to tools and equipment, you’ll find everything you need to create a beautiful outdoor space.

Deal #21: 25% off Select Health & Wellness Items

Take care of yourself with discounted health and wellness items

. From vitamins and supplements to fitness equipment, you’ll find everything you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Deal #22: 20% off Select School Supplies

Prepare for the new school year with discounted school supplies

. From notebooks and pens to backpacks and binders, you’ll find everything you need to make the new school year a success.

Deal #23: 40% off Select Bed
Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

&I. Introduction

Target Circle is more than just a loyalty program at Target – it’s a community of savings and exclusivity for its members.

Benefits and Advantages

By signing up for free, shoppers receive 1% back on every purchase to be used towards future Target visits. Furthermore, members can enjoy early access to sales and special deals, customized offers tailored to their shopping preferences, and a birthday gift every year. These perks not only add value to everyday purchases but also foster a sense of appreciation from Target’s customer base.

Target Circle Week

The anticipation and excitement surrounding

Target Circle Week

are palpable within the Target Circle community. This bi-annual event brings together members with exclusive deals and discounts that often exceed even those offered during regular sales events. The hype surrounding these weeks encourages increased engagement among Target Circle members, resulting in repeat business and a stronger connection to the brand.

Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

Overview of Target Circle


Target Circle is a week-long event dedicated to offering exclusive discounts and deals for its esteemed members. This unique promotion provides Target Circle members with:

  1. Exclusive access to special offers that are not available to the general public.
  2. An opportunity to save
  3. on a wide variety of products.


The significance of Target Circle

extititles=”target-circle” style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Target Circle goes beyond just savings:

    Helping customers stretch their budgets

    During this event, members can make the most out of their membership by taking advantage of these exclusive discounts. This not only helps them save money but also enhances customer loyalty and engagement.

    Aligning with Target’s commitment to providing value

    By offering these special deals, Target reaffirms its dedication to delivering value to its customers. This commitment is a key differentiator that sets Target apart from other retailers in the market.

Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

I 25 Deals Worth Shopping During Target Circle Week 1:

Deal #1: Electronics and Appliances

  • Discount on select smartphones, tablets, and laptops:
  • Discounts on small appliances like air fryers, blenders, and coffee makers:

Deal #2: Home & Garden

  • Savings on furniture, bedding, and home decor:
  • Discounts on appliances for the kitchen and laundry room:

Deal #3: Clothing & Accessories

Up to 50% off on select clothing, shoes, and accessories for the whole family:

Deal #4: Toys & Baby

  • Discounts on popular toys and games:
  • Baby essentials:

Deal #5: Health & Beauty

Savings on a variety of brands for personal care and health products:

Deal #6: Food & Beverage

  • Discounts on popular grocery items, snacks, and beverages:

Deal #7: Tech Accessories

Savings on phone cases, headphones, chargers, and other tech accessories:

Deal #8: Seasonal Items

  • Exclusive discounts on seasonal decorations, clothing, and gear:

Deal #9: Sports & Outdoors

  • Savings on camping equipment, fitness gear, and outdoor essentials:

Deal #10: Automotive

Discounts on car accessories, tires, and batteries:

Deal #11: Art & Entertainment

  • Savings on books, movies, music, and art supplies:

Deal #12: Pets

Discounts on pet food, supplies, and toys:

Deal #13: Baby Registry

  • Special offers for new parents, including discounts on select baby items:

Deal #14: School Supplies

Savings on back-to-school essentials, like notebooks, pens, and backpacks:

Deal #15: Arts & Crafts

  • Discounts on a wide range of arts and craft supplies for hobbyists:

Deal #16: Office Supplies

Savings on printer ink, paper, notebooks, and other office essentials:

Deal #17: Kitchen & Cookware

  • Discounts on pots, pans, utensils, and other kitchen essentials:

Deal #18: Jewelry & Watches

Savings on a selection of jewelry, watches, and accessories:

Deal #19: Books, Magazines & Newspapers

  • Discounts on a wide range of books, magazines, and newspapers:

Deal #20: Bed & Bath

Savings on bedding sets, towels, bath mats, and other bathroom essentials:

Deal #21: Lawn & Garden

  • Discounts on lawn care equipment, tools, and gardening supplies:

Deal #22: Electronics & Office

Savings on printers, laptops, desks, and other electronic office equipment:

Deal #23: Baby Care & Safety

  • Discounts on baby monitors, gates, and other child safety essentials:

Deal #24: Baby Essentials & Gear

Savings on diapers, wipes, bottles, and other baby essentials:

Deal #25: Housewares & Storage

  • Discounts on kitchen gadgets, organizers, and other home storage solutions:

Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping

Tips for Shopping During Target Circle Week

Planning your shopping trip:

Reviewing the weekly ad and deals ahead of time: Before heading to the store, take some time to peruse Target’s weekly ad and identify the items you’d like to purchase during Target Circle Week. This will help you prioritize your shopping list and ensure that you don’t miss out on any great deals.
Creating a list to prioritize your shopping: Once you’ve reviewed the weekly ad, create a list of the items you plan to buy during Target Circle Week. This will help you stay focused and efficient while shopping, allowing you to make the most of your time in the store.

Utilizing Target’s digital tools:

Using the Target app for easy access to deals and circular information: Download the Target app on your smartphone to access exclusive deals, weekly ads, and other special promotions during Target Circle Week. The app also allows you to create a digital shopping list, which can be easily accessed in-store using your mobile device.
Shopping online with free shipping on orders over $35 (or other minimum requirements): If you prefer to shop from the comfort of your own home, take advantage of Target’s free shipping offer on orders over a certain amount during Target Circle Week. This is a great option for those who want to avoid the crowds or simply prefer the convenience of shopping online.

Staying informed about Target Circle Week:

Signing up for text and email alerts to stay updated on exclusive deals: To ensure that you never miss out on a great deal during Target Circle Week, sign up for text and email alerts. This will keep you informed about exclusive deals, special promotions, and other important announcements.
Following Target’s social media channels for the latest announcements and promotions: Stay connected with Target by following their social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These platforms provide real-time updates on the latest deals, promotions, and announcements related to Target Circle Week.

Target Circle Week is live, here are the 25 deals we’re actually shopping


As we reach the end of Target Circle Week 1, it’s important to recap the incredible deals that have been available for customers. With over 25 exclusive offers, ranging from



home goods




grocery items

, shoppers have had the opportunity to save big on their purchases. We strongly encourage each of you to take advantage of these

limited-time offers

before they expire.

Being informed and prepared is essential when shopping during Target Circle Week By staying updated on the latest deals, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on potential savings and maximize your shopping experience. Remember, these deals are only available for a limited time, so act fast to secure the best value for your money.

As we look back at this event, it’s clear that Target Circle Week 1 is an

excellent example

of Target’s commitment to customer loyalty and value. By offering exclusive deals for Circle members, Target continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing exceptional savings and convenience. This week-long event is just one of the many ways Target goes above and beyond to ensure that shoppers are satisfied with their experience.

In conclusion, don’t miss your chance to save big during Target Circle Week 1! Make sure you’re signed up for the Target Circle program and stay informed on the latest deals to maximize your shopping experience. Target continues to prove its commitment to customers by offering exclusive discounts and enhancing value, making it a go-to destination for savvy shoppers. Happy savings!