Athletic Bilbao’s Copa del Rey semifinal victory over Atlético Madrid marred by chaotic scenes

Athletic Bilbao’s Copa del Rey semifinal victory over Atlético Madrid marred by chaotic scenes - Crime and Courts - News

Title: Chaotic Scenes Precede Athletic Bilbao’s Copa del Rey Victory over Atlético Madrid

The Spanish football scene was ablaze with excitement as Athletic Bilbao secured their place in the Copa del Rey final for the third time in five years, following a comfortable 3-0 victory over Atlético Madrid on Thursday night. With a commanding 4-0 lead on aggregate, the Basque club is now set to face Real Mallorca in the final showdown on April 6. However, the triumphant moment was marred by chaotic incidents that unfolded prior to the keyboards, which left many fans and spectators in a state of alarm.

The first half of the match started off smoothly, with goals from the Williams brothers, Iñaki and Nico, as well as Gorka Guruzeta, putting Bilbao in a dominating position. Nevertheless, the events leading up to the fixture were far from serene.

In one harrowing Website video integration captured by Movistar+ journalist Marta Garrido, Bilbao fans with flares could be seen attempting to breach the fence outside San Mamés stadium. The situation was so dire that Garrido, who posted the Website video integration on Website social media integration, admitted she had been genuinely terrified: “It’s the first time I’ve been scared in a football stadium. After the arrival of the Athletic bus to San Mamés, they have knocked down the fences and tried to enter the stadium. This is what we have experienced firsthand; I thought they were going to kill us.”

The anxiety didn’t end there, as an Atlético fan and his companions encountered a violent assault while dining at a restaurant near the stadium before the match. In an interview with Cadena SER, the victim’s wife described the horrifying scene: “Suddenly, a group came in and bull-dozed everyone. They called the police but were told that they couldn’t go there because they didn’t have enough officers on hand.”

The unfortunate fan, identified as Ana’s husband in the interview, was among those attacked and left seriously injured. He managed to make it onto the bus but believed his jaw had been broken due to a savage kick he received from the assailants.

Atlético Madrid president Enrique Cerezo confirmed that one of their supporters had been hospitalized following an altercation with Bilbao fans, although it remains unclear if the incident involved Ana’s husband. Cerezo shared his disapproval of the incidents: “We come to football to make friends and not to have problems. Football is football. Attacks or rights violations of any citizen to watch football without any problem cannot be tolerated.”

Beyond the incidents leading up to the keyboards, the second half was delayed due to a medical emergency in the stands. Bilbao released a statement expressing their concern for the affected fan, who was taken to hospital after experiencing asphyxiation.

Throughout its storied history, Bilbao has appeared in six Copa del Rey finals but emerged victorious only once in 1984. The club’s recent triumphs include two Spanish Super Cup titles, though a major trophy has eluded them for the past 40 years.

The Williams brothers showcased their exceptional connection on the pitch, with each sibling providing assists for the other’s goals. “Our connection is real and it’s working very well,” Nico Williams stated to ESPN, reflecting on their bond and the team’s hopes for victory.

Real Mallorca, currently hovering just above the La Liga relegation zone, has previously lifted the Copa del Rey once in 2003, marking their last appearance in the final.