No. 2 Senate Democrat says ‘killing has to stop’ in Gaza

No. 2 Senate Democrat says ‘killing has to stop’ in Gaza - None - News

Title: Senator Dick Durbin Urges Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza Conflict and Humanitarian Response

Senator Richard J. Durbin, the esteemed Democratic Whip of the United States Senate from Illinois, expressed his deep concern regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union” with Dana Bash on Sunday, 2nd May 2021. He reiterated the urgent need for a ceasefire to put an end to the senseless loss of innocent lives and to focus on securing long-term peace.

The Killing of Innocent People in Gaza Needs to Cease:
Senator Durbin expressed his sympathy for Israel’s right to exist and defend itself while also acknowledging the heinous acts committed by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, 2020. However, he emphasized that the situation has reached a critical point, with over 25,000 innocent people having been killed in Gaza since October, when the conflict between Israel and Hamas began. He urged that the killings of innocent people must cease immediately.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza:
More than 100 people lost their lives on Friday, 29th April 2021, in northern Gaza when Israeli troops opened fire during the distribution of food aid. Many victims were killed while trying to flee and were unfortunately run over by trucks amidst the panic. The situation in Gaza is dire, with more than 30,000 people killed and half a million people on the brink of famine. The United Nations agencies have reported that Gaza’s enclave is facing a severe humanitarian crisis.

Urging for a Ceasefire and Humanitarian Response:
Senator Durbin agreed with the comments made by Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, who expressed concern over the continuation of the war given the tragic incidents at the food distribution site. Durbin emphasized that the US should push for a ceasefire and humanitarian response as soon as possible, stating that air dropping food is not a long-term solution.

Addressing the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Durbin acknowledged Israel’s right to exist and defend itself but emphasized that a lasting peace cannot be achieved through the current approach. He called for a two-state solution and urged President Biden to bring this issue to the attention of both Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

Recent Developments:
Reports suggest that Israelis have accepted a six-week ceasefire proposal, while Hamas is pushing for a permanent one. Negotiations are ongoing in Cairo to broker a deal between Israel and Hamas regarding the return of hostages and an immediate ceasefire for at least six weeks. President Biden is also focusing on facilitating a humanitarian response to the crisis in Gaza.

Protest Vote in Michigan Democratic Primary:
Durbin addressed the Michigan Democratic primary, where an effort led by Arab American activists to vote “uncommitted” earned the support of over 100,000 voters. He acknowledged their concerns regarding the humanitarian crisis faced by Palestinians and expressed his understanding for the protest vote.

Domestic Issues:
Speaking on domestic issues, Senator Durbin, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, expressed disappointment over the Supreme Court’s delay in considering the case of presidential immunity. The court agreed on Wednesday to decide whether former President Donald Trump may claim immunity in special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case, further delaying his federal trial. Durbin believes that the delay will significantly postpone the resolution of this critical issue, potentially beyond the election.