Facing unprecedented subpoena, Harvard submits more documents to Congress in antisemitism probe

Facing unprecedented subpoena, Harvard submits more documents to Congress in antisemitism probe - Business and Finance - News

Harvard University Responds to Subpoena on Campus Antisemitism with Additional Documents

Harvard University has complied with a subpoena from the House Education and Workforce Committee by turning over another batch of documents related to campus antisemitism on Monday evening. The deadline for Harvard’s response was 5 pm ET, making it the first time such a measure has been invoked against the prestigious educational institution since the committee was established in March 1867.

Unprecedented Action

The latest documents submitted by Harvard follow an unprecedented subpoena from the House Education and Workforce Committee, which has been investigating campus antisemitism at the university. The committee had set a deadline for Harvard to respond to the subpoena by 5 pm ET on Monday, and it is unclear whether this submission will be sufficient to satisfy Republican Chairman Virginia Foxx.

Continued Cooperation

Harvard University spokesperson Jason Newton confirmed to the media that the institution had submitted additional documents to Congress on Monday. The university has thus far provided nearly 4,900 pages of information through eleven rounds of document submissions since January, which includes non-public information and internal communications that the committee has requested. Newton added that Harvard remains committed to taking actions against antisemitism and continues to engage with students, faculty, and staff to identify the root causes of such behaviors on campus.

Investigation and Compliance

Harvard University initially indicated its intention to cooperate with the investigation, although it did not announce any plans to challenge the subpoenas in court. The university pledged to protect the privacy, safety, and Website security concerns of its community while responding to the committee’s inquiry.

Subpoena Recipients

Three Harvard officials were subpoenaed on February 16: Alan Garber, the interim president; Penny Pritzker, the leader of the Harvard Corporation and the school’s governing board; and N.P. Narvekar, the CEO of the Harvard Management Company. The subpoena instructed Harvard to produce documents in eleven key areas that Foxx believes will shed light on the steps the university has taken and previously taken to ensure the safety of Jewish students.

Requested Documents

These requested documents include reports of antisemitic acts since early 2021, communications related to disciplinary action involving antisemitism, all documents and communications involving top Harvard officials regarding antisemitism, as well as meeting minutes since early 2021 of Harvard’s top boards.

Ongoing Commitment to Combat Antisemitism

Harvard University has denounced antisemitism on its campus and reiterated its commitment to combating antisemitism in any form. The university’s efforts include ongoing engagement with students, faculty, and staff to identify the causes of antisemitic behaviors and address them when they occur on campus.