Georgia judge asked to allow new testimony from witnesses who allegedly have information on Willis-Wade relationship

Georgia judge asked to allow new testimony from witnesses who allegedly have information on Willis-Wade relationship - Crime and Courts - News

Title: New Witnesses Sought in Georgia Election Case to Challenge Fani Willis’ Role and Timeline of Romantic Relationship with Nathan Wade

The ongoing Georgia election subversion and racketeering case against former President Donald Trump and his allies has taken an unexpected turn, as defense attorneys are requesting a judge to consider the testimonies of two additional witnesses who could provide crucial information regarding Fani Willis and her former law partner, Nathan Wade’s romantic relationship timeline.

Judge Scott McAfee has stated that he expects to make a ruling on the disqualification of Willis and her office from the case within two weeks, following three days of hearings in the past month. However, defense attorneys believe that these new witnesses could potentially influence the outcome of the disqualification proceedings.

One of these witnesses is Cindi Lee Yeager, a deputy district attorney from a neighboring county in Georgia, who has reportedly claimed that Bradley shared a different version of the timeline during their personal conversation compared to his testimony. According to a court filing, Yeager stated that she recalled Bradley mentioning that Willis and Wade met at a legal conference in 2019 and their romantic relationship began shortly thereafter. Contradicting the testimonies of both Willis and Wade, who have stated that their personal relationship did not begin until 2022.

Another potential witness is Manny Arora, a Georgia lawyer who represented Kenneth Chesebro, one of Trump’s co-defendants. According to a separate court filing, Arora could testify that Bradley mentioned the relationship started during the timeframe when Willis was running for district attorney from 2019 to 2020.

Both Yeager and Arora have declined comment on the court filings when approached by CNN. The Fulton County district attorney’s office and Bradley also could not be reached for comment.

Judge McAfee appeared skeptical about formally reopening evidence-gathering during a recent hearing, stating that he is currently addressing various legal issues and factual determinations. He hopes to make a decision on Willis’ fate by March 15th.

Defense attorneys argue that there is a conflict of interest due to Willis hiring Wade and later benefiting from vacations and dinners he paid for with case earnings. These new witnesses could potentially provide crucial evidence in support of this argument if they are allowed to testify.

Although these potential witnesses would not be providing firsthand information, their testimonies could echo what Bradley reportedly told defense attorney Ashleigh Merchant in text messages prior to taking the stand, which indicated that the relationship “absolutely” started before Wade’s hiring.