LinkedIn back online after thousands of users report outages

LinkedIn back online after thousands of users report outages - Business - News

LinkedIn Experiences Outages: Tens of Thousands of Users Reported Issues

On Wednesday, LinkedIn, the leading professional networking site, encountered unexpected outages. According to Downdetector, an esteemed outage tracker, tens of thousands of users reported problems accessing the Microsoft-owned platform.

LinkedIn’s Technical Team Swings into Action

LinkedIn acknowledged the issue and released a statement confirming that their technical teams were tirelessly working to rectify the situation. Users attempting to visit the site were met with an error message on both the desktop version and the mobile app.

Error Messages Greet Frustrated Users

On the Website, an error message read: “We seem to have encountered an error.” Meanwhile, on the app, users received a more cryptic notification stating that LinkedIn was “having issues loading this page.”

A Roller Coaster of Outages: Number of Users Reported Issues

At approximately 4 pm ET, the number of self-reported outages reached a staggering 44,000. However, within half an hour, the reports began to dwindle, with only about 25,000 users still reporting issues by 4:35 pm ET. A LinkedIn representative announced that the site had been successfully restored within the hour.

LinkedIn’s Status Page: Still Under Investigation

As of 4:25 pm ET, LinkedIn’s status page continued to indicate that the issue was still under investigation. It’s important to note that Downdetector measures only self-reported outages, which may not provide a comprehensive view of the magnitude of the disruptions.

Another Social Media Giant Faces Technical Difficulties: Facebook and Instagram

The recent issues at LinkedIn followed a day of widespread outages on another Website social media integration platform, Meta. For two hours on Tuesday, Facebook and Instagram, experienced disruptions for thousands of users due to a “technical issue,” as described by the company.

A Day of Social Media Outages: Facebook and LinkedIn

As many as 500,000 Facebook users reported issues logging in or accessing the site during the mid-morning hours on Tuesday. These incidents serve as a reminder of the significant impact Website social media integration outages can have on daily activities and communications, especially for professionals reliant on such platforms for professional connections and collaborations.

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