Madonna is revealing more about her near-death health scare

Madonna is revealing more about her near-death health scare - None - News

Madonna Shares Details of Her Near-Death Experience with a Bacterial Infection

At the opening night of her five-night run for “The Celebration Tour” in Los Angeles, Madonna shared with the audience the seriousness of her health emergency last summer. The pop icon expressed her gratitude to her medical team, including her doctor, Dr. David Agus, who was in attendance.

Madonna described the experience as something she had never encountered before. “It was a strange thing to finally not feel like I was in control,” she said of the bacterial infection that landed her in the ICU last July. She continued by saying, “I have fallen off a lot of horses and broken a lot of bones. I have a titanium hip. But nothing can stop me.”

Although she has spoken about her recovery at various points during previous tour performances, Madonna referred to this medical scare as a “near-death experience.” According to reports, she was unaware of her condition for four days due to being in an induced coma. Upon waking up, her first word was “No.”

She called Dr. Agus a “very special man in the audience tonight.” In her conversation with the audience, Madonna remembered her calls to him during her sickness when she couldn’t walk from her bed to the toilet. She would repeatedly ask him when her energy would return, and when she could go back on tour. All he would suggest was “Go outside in the sun.”

Although Madonna dislikes the sun, she followed his advice and found it challenging to go from her house to the backyard and sit in the sun. She shared that it was a difficult period for her, as she didn’t know when she could get up again or be herself again. She learned to let go during this time and concluded by expressing gratitude to everyone who took care of her and listened to her endless complaining.

Madonna also thanked her children, who she said really helped her pull through by working hard and not wanting to let them down. She concluded the night with a heartfelt message to everyone present, thanking them for their patience and kindness.