Navy demoted Ronny Jackson in 2022 after scathing watchdog report

Navy demoted Ronny Jackson in 2022 after scathing watchdog report - Business and Finance - News

Title: Navy Veteran and Congressman Ronny Jackson Demoted after Allegations of On-the-Job Drinking, Screaming, and Inappropriate Behavior

The United States Navy demoted former White House physician and current Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson in 2022 following a damning report from the Department of Defense Inspector General (DoDIG). The report revealed that Jackson, who had retired as a one-star rear admiral in 2019, engaged in drinking on the job, routinely yelled at subordinates, and demonstrated inappropriate behavior while serving in the Navy.

According to two US officials, Jackson was demoted to the rank of captain. Despite his self-proclaimed status as a retired rear admiral on his Website and various public statements, he now holds a lower rank in the Navy. Jackson served as the top White House physician for both Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump. He continues to refer to himself as a retired rear admiral, but the Navy has taken administrative action against him due to the substantiated allegations in the DoDIG report.

The Washington Post reported the news first, with Commander Jacqueline Pau, a Navy spokeswoman, confirming the demotion: “The substantiated allegations in the DoDIG investigation of Rear Adm (lower half) Ronny Jackson are not in keeping with the standards the Navy requires of its leaders, and as such, the Secretary of the Navy took administrative action in July 2022.”

When the DoDIG report was initially released in March 2021, Jackson dismissed it as a politically motivated attack that “resurrected” old allegations against him. He vehemently denied any claims of drinking on the job. Jackson currently represents Texas’ 13th congressional district in the House of Representatives, where he serves on the House Armed Services Committee. He is an avid supporter of former President Donald Trump.

The controversy began after then-President Trump nominated Jackson to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs in 2018, following a glowing report from Jackson declaring Trump in “excellent health.” However, allegations of misconduct soon emerged, eventually leading to Jackson’s withdrawal from consideration. He remained in the White House as a medical adviser before eventually running for a US congressional seat in Texas.

Jackson’s tenure at the White House was marked by several controversies, including allegations of drunkenness and workplace misconduct. Despite these incidents, Jackson continued to serve in a prominent role under Trump until his eventual departure from the administration. The current demotion marks a significant setback for Jackson, both professionally and politically.

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