Oprah Winfrey to host primetime special about weight loss medications

Oprah Winfrey to host primetime special about weight loss medications - Business and Finance - News

Oprah Winfrey Hosts a Special Discussion on Prescription Weight Loss Medications

Oprah Winfrey, the renowned media executive and philanthropist, has stepped back from her role with Weight Watchers but remains deeply engaged in discussions surrounding weight and wellness. In March 2023, Winfrey will host a thought-provoking special titled “An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution” on ABC and Hulu the following day.

This groundbreaking event will bring together a live audience and medical experts to delve into pressing questions and concerns surrounding prescription weight loss medications, their impact on healthcare, economy, lifestyle, and culture. Winfrey shared her deep personal connection to this issue in the press release, stating:

“This is a very personal topic for me and for the hundreds of millions of people impacted around the globe who have struggled with weight and obesity. This special will bring together medical experts, leaders in the space, and individuals in the day-to-day struggle to talk about health equity and obesity with the intention to ultimately release the shame, judgment, and stigma surrounding weight.”

The special’s announcement generated excitement within the industry, with Craig Erwich, president of Disney Television Group, expressing his enthusiasm: “There is no one better to lead this meaningful conversation about such a critical issue that touches all of our lives.”

Prior to this special, in October 2022, Winfrey hosted “The Life You Want Class: The State of Weight” through her Oprah Daily platform and shared her personal weight journey, revealing that her highest recorded weight was 237 pounds. She acknowledged the media attention on her own weight struggle over the years, saying:

“My highest weight was 237 pounds. I don’t know if there is another public person whose weight struggle has been exploited as much as mine over the years.”

As we eagerly await “An Oprah Special: Shame, Blame and the Weight Loss Revolution,” it’s clear that Winfrey continues to use her platform to shed light on this pressing issue and foster open conversations around weight, shame, and overall well-being.