Why Costco is selling gold bars and silver coins

Why Costco is selling gold bars and silver coins - Business and Finance - News

Costco Diversifies Its Product Offerings: Introducing Precious Metal Sales for Collectors and Investors

Costco Wholesale Corporation, the popular bulk retailer, has expanded its product portfolio by catering to a new clientele – precious metal investors and collectors. This strategic move came to light when Costco’s Finance Chief, Richard Galanti, disclosed the news to CNN.

Costco Enters the Precious Metals Market

Costco’s latest offering includes 25-count tubes of 1 oz. Canada Maple Leaf Silver Coins, priced at $675 on their Website e-commerce functionality platform. The coins exhibit a maple leaf motif on the front and King Charles III’s image on the reverse side. It is essential to note that these silver coins are non-refundable, and members can only purchase a maximum of five tubes at a time.

Replicating Gold Bar Success with Silver Coins

Costco had previously experienced significant success when it began selling $2,000 gold bars contact in September 2021. The company managed to sell over $100 million worth of these gold bars during the last quarter alone. However, Costco’s primary goal is not solely about increasing sales but rather reinforcing its brand image as a treasure hunt destination where shoppers can discover unique and limited-time items.

Treasure Hunt Brand Image

Costco’s founder once stated, “We try to create an attitude that if you see it, you ought to buy it because chances are it ain’t going to be there next time.” This “treasure hunt” aspect is a part of the company’s brand identity. They intentionally run out of certain items from time to time, creating an air of exclusivity that keeps customers coming back for more.

Precious Metals as Valuable Investments

The rising demand for precious metals, especially gold and silver, is not only due to Costco’s marketing efforts but also the increasing value of these metals. Gold prices have hit record highs this week, with silver futures experiencing a 21% increase over the past year.

Investors’ Bet on Precious Metals

The surge in precious metal prices can be attributed to investors’ anticipation that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates during the second half of 2021. As a result, holding income-generating assets like bonds becomes less appealing compared to owning precious metals, which do not yield any interest.

Gold and Silver: Hedge Against Inflation

Some investors view precious metals as a hedge against inflation, believing they will maintain their value even when prices rise. Although precious metals experience price fluctuations like any other commodity, they are considered resilient investments that can help protect against potential economic downturns.

Costco’s Profitable 2020 Performance and Member Roll Growth

The successful sale of precious metals comes at a time when Costco continues to report strong profits from the pandemic in 2020. Millions of first-time customers signed up for club memberships during this period, contributing to all-time high member rolls. Costco’s shares have skyrocketed by 60% over the past year, and investors eagerly await its quarterly earnings report, scheduled for Thursday.


Costco’s entrance into the precious metals market is a strategic move aimed at expanding its customer base and reinforcing its treasure hunt brand image. With the increasing value of gold and silver, this offering seems poised to be a successful addition to Costco’s product lineup.