Judge in Trump’s NY criminal case will limit access to juror information over safety concerns

Judge in Trump’s NY criminal case will limit access to juror information over safety concerns - Crime and Courts - News

Title: Judge Imposes Protective Measures in Donald Trump’s Criminal Trial to Prevent Juror Harassment and Intimidation

Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over Donald Trump’s upcoming criminal trial in New York, has granted motions by the Manhattan district attorney’s office to limit access to juror information to ensure their safety and prevent potential harassment and intimidation. The trial is scheduled to begin later this month.

The Judge’s Decision:
Judge Merchan ruled that only Trump, his attorneys, their staff, and consultants in the case would be allowed access to juror names. Furthermore, he restricted knowledge of jurors’ addresses only to the attorneys involved in the trial. Trump and any other parties would be prevented from knowing where the jurors live or work, as stated in the judge’s written order.

Reasoning Behind the Decision:
The judge found the prosecution’s arguments compelling regarding Trump’s history of publicly attacking jurors in other cases, which could potentially lead to bribery, jury tampering, or harassment. Merchan also emphasized the need for these protective measures to maintain the integrity of the proceedings, minimize obstacles during the jury selection process, and safeguard juror safety.

The Request for a Gag Order:
Although Judge Merchan has not yet ruled on the prosecutors’ request for a gag order in the case, he reminded all parties, including Trump, of his previous instructions to avoid making statements that could potentially incite violence or civil unrest.

Prosecutors asked the judge to restrict Trump’s access to information about the jurors due to his past conduct and its potential impact on the trial’s outcome. They cited Trump’s extensive history of attacking jurors in other cases, which posed a significant risk of harassment and intimidation.

Protective Precautions:
The judge agreed to take reasonable precautions, such as not disclosing the protective orders to the jurors to avoid any negative repercussions for Trump. Access to the courtroom by the public and press will not be affected as a result of these protective measures.

In conclusion, Judge Merchan’s decision to impose protective measures in Donald Trump’s criminal trial aims to ensure the safety and integrity of the proceedings while maintaining public access to the courtroom. The restrictions on juror information and communication are necessary to prevent potential harassment, intimidation, or interference with the trial process.