Oakland A’s vision of Las Vegas ballpark draws comparisons with Syndey Opera House – and an armadillo

Oakland A’s vision of Las Vegas ballpark draws comparisons with Syndey Opera House – and an armadillo - Arts and Culture - News

Oakland Athletics’ New Ballpark: A 33,000-Seat Venue with a Striking Five-Tier Roof

The Oakland Athletics (A’s) have recently unveiled the renderings of their upcoming ballpark on the Las Vegas Strip, which is set to boast an impressive capacity of 33,000 seats and a unique, five-tier roof. This architectural marvel is designed by the renowned Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) in collaboration with HNTB.

A Striking Design Inspired by Baseball Pennants and the Armadillo

The ballpark’s design has drawn comparisons to various structures, with some likening it to the Sydney Opera House due to its inspirational appearance. Others have suggested a resemblance to the scales of an armadillo because of the individual tiers. The A’s owner, John Fisher, believes this is a significant compliment given the Sydney Opera House’s enduring legacy. He also appreciates the comparison to the armadillo, noting that both the animal and his team are often underrated.

Unmatched Fan Experience and a Spectacular Location

The A’s new ballpark will be situated on nine acres of the 35-acre Tropicana casino site, offering fans an unparalleled view of the Las Vegas skyline. The team is scheduled to begin playing games at their new home in 2028, following Major League Baseball (MLB) owners’ approval of the A’s relocation from the Bay Area to Nevada in November 2021.

Outstanding Features: The Largest Jumbotron and a Massive Cable-Net Glass Window

The venue will offer up to 2,500 parking spots, as well as a large plaza of between two and three acres. However, it is the arresting roof that has truly captivated fans’ attention. The outfield will feature the world’s biggest cable-net glass window and a colossal 18,000-square-foot jumbotron – the largest screen in MLB.

The Roof: A Unique Architectural Response to the Nevada Climate

The roof’s overlapping layers are designed to provide shade from the intense Las Vegas sun while allowing natural light into the ballpark. Bjarke Ingels, founder and creative director of BIG, described the result as a “spherical armadillo,” shaped by the local climate and opening to welcome the vibrant life of the Strip.

BIG’s Previous Design for an A’s Ballpark in Oakland and the Controversial Relocation

Interestingly, BIG had previously put forward a design for the A’s new ballpark in Oakland that was never built. The team’s controversial relocation from Oakland to Las Vegas has been met with heavy criticism from many fans, who will now see the A’s become the fourth sporting franchise in Las Vegas, joining the NHL’s Golden Knights, the WNBA’s Aces, and the NFL’s Raiders.