Trell Thomas created a brunch to celebrate Black excellence. Stars can’t get enough

Trell Thomas created a brunch to celebrate Black excellence. Stars can’t get enough - Arts and Culture - News

Title: The Power of Community Gatherings: Trell Thomas’ Transformation from Sunday Dinner Fan to Event Producer

Event producer and community gathering enthusiast, Trell Thomas, cherishes the tradition of Sunday dinners within the Black community. The warmth, togetherness, and mouth-watering dishes evoke fond memories of his upbringing in South Carolina.

“Sunday dinners were an essential part of my childhood,” Trell shared during a recent interview. “After church, around one o’clock or two, if we were lucky; sometimes it was three or four. I grew up as a Southern Baptist, and those gatherings were the first place where I truly felt the joy of being a Black person.”

Trell’s nostalgia transformed into a thriving business, attracting individuals from all walks of life – influencers, celebrities, and people simply seeking connection. The Black Excellence Brunch, which originated in his apartment, is now a coveted ticket – even internationally.

A glance at his Website social media integration feed showcases events graced by the presence of esteemed guests such as Kelly Rowland, Niecy Nash, and the cast of the movie musical “The Color Purple.”

Despite his inability to cook, Trell’s accomplishments are nothing short of impressive. He attributes the move from New York City to Los Angeles in 2017 as the catalyst for his venture into event production.

“We went to this exquisite rooftop restaurant in New York City, and I asked everyone to dress in all white,” Trell remembered. “The response was extraordinary – people looked stunning. And as they walked in, they’d ask, ‘Who are you? What do you do?’ They wanted to take pictures with us and send over food and drinks.”

Trell recalls feeling an overwhelming sense of pride as he observed people sitting up a bit taller, smiling brighter, and laughing louder. Realizing that he could provide this feeling consistently, he brought the same vibe to Los Angeles.

Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, Trell continued nurturing community gatherings in a virtual format. He discovered that the essence of these events lay not only in their ability to bring people together but also in creating opportunities for Black artists and celebrities to share their talents.

“I wanted to give these individuals the recognition they deserve,” Trell explained. “People like Sheryl Lee Ralph, Tabitha Brown, and David Oyelowo have all brought so much joy to their audiences.”

Thomas’ events continue to embody the spirit of celebration and unity, proving that even in the face of adversity, the power of community remains strong.

“We honor them with their flowers,” Trell smiled.