The woman who helps actors get into character — in a very unconventional way

The woman who helps actors get into character — in a very unconventional way - Beauty and Grooming - News

The Enchanting World of Azzi Glasser: Creating Unique Fragrances for A-List Celebrities

Azzi Glasser, a renowned fragrance designer based in London, has been weaving her magic in the world of perfumery for over two decades. Her enchanting creations have graced the bodies and personas of numerous A-list celebrities, immortalizing their roles in film and music through bespoke scents that resonate with their characters.

A Chance Encounter Transforms Collaboration

Their chance encounter at a London school gate marked the beginning of an extraordinary partnership between Helena Bonham Carter and Azzi Glasser. The actress, with her unique style and flair for diverse characters, found herself drawn to Glasser’s exceptional sense of smell and talent in fragrance design. Their collaboration started with the 2009 period drama, “Enid,” where Glasser masterfully crafted a perfume that evoked stale white face powder, transporting Bonham Carter back to the 1950s.

Bringing Characters to Life with Fragrance

Over the years, Glasser has created a myriad of captivating scents for some of the most iconic characters in film and literature. From a dark blend of foxglove, poison hemlock, and belladonna for Bellatrix Lestrange in the “Harry Potter” series, to a chocolate chilli-scented fragrance for the Red Queen character in “Alice in Wonderland,” and even a ‘pissy’ note scent for Miss Havisham in “Great Expectations.” Bonham Carter couldn’t wait to get into rehearsals with her unique scents, appreciating the way they elevated her presence on screen.

The Journey of a Master Fragrance Designer

Born and raised in the UK, Glasser spent her formative years in India before returning to London. She began her career at British fragrance house CPL Aromas for 20 years, eventually creating the iconic Agent Provocateur fragrance in 2000. In 2016, she founded her own brand, The Perfumer’s Story by Azzi, where a bespoke fragrance can now cost up to £15,000 ($19,000). She also offers a lower-priced collection of fragrances to enable people to discover their own fragrance DNA.

A Secret Weapon for A-List Celebrities

Glasser’s client roster includes an impressive list of actors such as Alicia Vikander, Noomi Rapace, Damian Lewis, Orlando Bloom, and Stephen Fry, along with musicians Kylie Minogue and Adam Lambert. Johnny Depp was introduced to Glasser by Helena Bonham Carter on the set of “Dark Shadows,” leading him to request a bespoke scent for his character Barnabas. Depp was deeply moved by Glasser’s ability to capture the essence of a character through fragrance, declaring that she possesses a “certain sorcery” in her creations.

Understanding the Essence of Characters Through Fragrance

The perfumer believes that fragrance plays a significant role in truly understanding the essence of a character. Glasser takes into account every detail, including the director’s vision, other actors involved, and the atmosphere surrounding the production. She spends anywhere from a week to three months crafting custom-made scents for her clients.

A Repulsive, Yet Powerful Scent

Not every scent created by Glasser is pleasant, as demonstrated in her collaboration with Jude Law on the upcoming film “Firebrand.” When Law requested a scent that captured the essence of an aging, ulcerated Henry VIII, Glasser warned him it would be repulsive. Yet, the other actors were affected by Law’s presence and power emanating from the scent, much like Henry himself could hide behind a handkerchief containing the aroma of roses.

Collaboration Wishlist: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Leonardo DiCaprio

Glasser’s dream collaborators include Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Leonardo DiCaprio. She has already made progress with DiCaprio following their studio meeting in London. Glasser also works on bespoke fragrances for exclusive venues and affluent individuals, such as Cindy Crawford and David Linley.

Transforming Characters Through Fragrance

Fragrance plays an essential role in the lives of actors, helping them to embody their characters and take on a journey through emotions. Glasser’s creations have transformed the presence of numerous A-list celebrities, opening doors to new passions and experiences through scent. Ultimately, fragrance tells a story, and for Glasser, it’s the love of her life.