New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu backs Trump for president

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu backs Trump for president - Business and Finance - News

Title: New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu Announces Support for Donald Trump’s Presidential Bid

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu expressed his intentions to support former President Donald Trump’s presidential bid following the suspension of South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s campaign. In an interview with WMUR, Sununu reaffirmed his commitment to backing the presumptive Republican nominee while focusing on state-related matters.

Sununu’s decision came after Haley, who had received Sununu’s coveted endorsement ahead of New Hampshire’s primary, ended her campaign on Wednesday. The Republican governor emphasized that despite his past criticisms of Trump regarding electability and age, he still preferred him to President Joe Biden.

“The alternative is Biden,” Sununu stated. “People are seeing a lack of management, a lack of understanding of what’s happening with immigration, and a lack of fiscal responsibility.”

Sununu’s endorsement of Haley had been a topic of discussion for months. He had campaigned vigorously for her and repeatedly highlighted the strength of her campaign before her departure. Despite his previous reservations, he acknowledged that Trump’s argument for being immune from prosecution was “crazy.”

“Just because you’re a politician does not put you above the law, period,” he clarified. “That’s why you have attorneys general and Congress. You have a process for that.”

Previously known for his criticisms of Trump, who he once referred to as “f****** crazy,” Sununu had made it clear months ago that he intended to support the eventual Republican nominee. In January, when asked by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins if he would still support Trump even if he were a convicted felon, Sununu unequivocally stated that he would indeed support the nominee.

“I will support the Republican nominee, absolutely,” Sununu reiterated. “This shouldn’t shock anybody. There shouldn’t be a surprise that the Republican governor, and most of America, will end up going against Biden because they need to see a change in this country.”

Sununu had previously considered running for the 2024 presidential bid but ultimately decided against it. He explained that part of his decision was due to Trump and the growing GOP field. In June, he announced that he wouldn’t seek reelection this year, providing Democrats with an opportunity to secure a key state.

Despite his decision not to run for reelection and the possibility of Democrats taking control of New Hampshire, Sununu remains a popular figure in the Granite State. He is currently serving his fourth two-year term.