Tracking State of the Union topics: See what Biden covered in his speech

Tracking State of the Union topics: See what Biden covered in his speech - Business and Finance - News

President Biden’s State of the Union Address: A Focus on Democracy, Immigration, Jobs, and the Economy

As President Joe Biden prepares for another term in office, he delivered his third State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. This significant speech was an opportunity for Biden to showcase his administration’s legislative achievements and present himself as the champion of democracy in contrast to potential opponents.

Although he did not directly mention former President Donald Trump, Biden sought to distinguish himself from the presumptive Republican nominee on several issues, including border policy and reproductive rights. Additionally, acknowledging his age – making him the oldest president at 81 – Biden addressed the topic head-on to counteract criticism from his detractors.

CNN analyzed the speech, highlighting how long the president spent on various topics during his address. In total, Biden devoted a significant portion of his time to democracy and related issues, along with addressing Israel’s conflict with Hamas, immigration, jobs, and the economy.


Biden emphasized democracy throughout his speech, emphasizing its importance in the face of challenges from both domestic and international sources. He underscored his administration’s commitment to strengthening democratic institutions at home and abroad.

Israel-Hamas Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict between Hamas and Israel was another major topic of discussion. Biden urged both parties to exercise restraint, while also expressing support for a two-state solution and the importance of peace in the region.


In his address, Biden addressed the ongoing immigration debate and expressed a desire for comprehensive reform that would provide a path to citizenship for millions of undocumented immigrants.

Jobs and the Economy

Biden’s speech included a strong emphasis on jobs and economic growth. He highlighted his administration’s efforts to create new opportunities, particularly in infrastructure, clean energy, and education. The president also called for bipartisan cooperation on issues like tax reform and reducing prescription drug costs to further bolster the economy.

In conclusion, President Biden’s State of the Union address covered a range of topics, with significant focus on democracy, immigration, jobs, and the economy. By emphasizing these areas, he sought to solidify his stance as a strong leader advocating for democratic values and addressing pressing national issues.