US Army intelligence analyst charged with leaking classified info to China in exchange for $42K

US Army intelligence analyst charged with leaking classified info to China in exchange for $42K - Crime and Courts - News

Title: US Army Sergeant Accused of Leaking Classified Information to China for $42,000: A Betrayal of National Security

A shocking indictment has been brought against a US Army sergeant named Korbein Schultz, who is alleged to have leaked classified information about some of the military’s most advanced weapons to China in exchange for a substantial sum of money.

Background and Charges:
Sergeant Schultz, who served as an intelligence analyst with the 506th Infantry Battalion, is charged with conspiracy to obtain and disclose national defense information, exporting technical data related to defense articles without a license, conspiracy to export defense articles without a license, and bribery of a public official.

The Uncovered Relationship:
According to the federal indictment, Schultz was approached by a foreign national, identified as Conspirator A, during the summer of 2022. The latter expressed interest in information about lessons learned from the war in Ukraine and how that knowledge could be applied to defending Taiwan. In return for this information, Schultz received $200 for the initial documents.

The Rapidly Escalating Relationship:
Over several months, their relationship allegedly grew rapidly. In July 2022, Schultz expressed his desire to turn their partnership into a long-term one. During this period, Schultz is believed to have sent Conspirator A documents concerning the HIMARS rocket launcher system, hypersonic missiles, details about China’s military, and information on the F-22 fighter jet.

Schultz’s Ambitious Intention:
In late-August 2022, Schultz mentioned his wish to be “Jason Bourne,” a reference to the fictional CIA assassin from films. This comment suggests that he was looking for more opportunities to provide sensitive information, possibly with greater consequences.

Sensitive Data and Monetary Rewards:
Between July 2022 and October 2023, Schultz reportedly received approximately 14 payments totaling around $42,000 for the shared sensitive information.

A History of Assistance:
In a Website video integration on the Defense Department’s internal system from August 2021, Schultz spoke about his role in helping Afghan refugees upon their arrival in the US. He expressed his love for helping people and considered it “the greatest thing that I could ever do.”

Recent Developments:
Schultz’s indictment comes just three days after federal prosecutors announced charges against another former service member, 63-year-old David Franklin Slater, for leaking classified information. Slater is accused of sharing details from classified briefings on the war in Ukraine with someone claiming to be a Ukrainian woman on a foreign dating Website.

Implications for National Security:
The unauthorized sale of classified information is a grave violation of national Website security laws, posing significant risks to safety and undermining the trust between nations. Such actions cannot be tolerated.

In summary, Korbein Schultz, a US Army sergeant, stands accused of leaking classified information to China for approximately $42,000. This breach in national Website security not only compromises sensitive military technology but also undermines the trust between nations. Schultz’s indictment is a grim reminder of the importance of safeguarding classified information and maintaining loyalty to one’s country.