Mob of hopping kangaroos invade Australian golf course

Mob of hopping kangaroos invade Australian golf course - Education - News

A Surprising Encounter with a Mob of Kangaroos During a Round of Golf

Imagine your serene moment playing golf, enjoying the beautiful scenery and then suddenly, a mob of kangaroos bounds onto the course. Stephen Roche, an avid golfer, experienced just that while playing at the Heritage Golf and Country Club in Victoria, Australia. In what he described as a “fair dinkum stampede,” Roche shared a Website video integration on Website social media integration of the marsupials casually hopping along the fourth hole without any care for the golf keyboards in progress.

Roche explained in his post that the sight of this large group of kangaroos traversing the course was not entirely new, but the sheer number of them was a first. The animals, seemingly uninterested in golf balls and grass, instead fed on the longer grass around the edges and even provided free fertilizer in the form of manure. The kangaroos effectively manage themselves at Anglesea Golf Club, where over 300 Eastern Grey kangaroos reside and share the fairways with golfers.

As Roche and his playing partner stood by, they let the stream of ‘roos make their way past them. Roche could be heard in the Website video integration imploring them to “not stand on my golf ball.” While some replies expressed concern for potential damage to the greens after the kangaroos made their way along the plush fairway and green, Roche assured his audience that there was none. The soft-footed animals only left footprints in bunkers as evidence of their visit.

The appearance of the kangaroos brought excitement and amusement to many, with some jokingly attributing golfing habits to these marsupials. “Must be members. Not a rake touched,” one user commented on their bunker etiquette. Others compared the scene to Jurassic Park or Jumanji, while another had simpler concerns: “Did they bother to check in at the pro shop before heading out?”

Roaming kangaroos are a common sight at golf courses across Australia, and the Anglesea Golf Club welcomes their presence. The resident ‘roo population provides an educational experience for visitors through a popular bus tour. Players share the fairways with them, often stopping to watch as they jump and play, finding them infinitely fascinating.