5 things to know for March 8: 2024 State of the Union, Uvalde report, Gaza, TikTok, Hong Kong

5 things to know for March 8: 2024 State of the Union, Uvalde report, Gaza, TikTok, Hong Kong - Real Estate - News

Important Reminder: Daylight Saving Time Begins This Weekend

As a friendly reminder, this coming weekend marks the beginning of Daylight Saving Time. Although we’ve given you advance notice, there’s still a chance you might forget and wake up in a panic on Sunday morning. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Here’s What Else You Need to Know Today

President Biden’s State of the Union Address: A Raucous Speech with a Clear Agenda

On Thursday night, President Joe Biden delivered his third State of the Union address. The speech was marked by its passionate and assertive tone, with clear contrasts drawn between himself and former President Donald Trump on various issues such as abortion, immigration, taxation, and American leadership abroad. Biden’s address was designed to allay Democrats’ pre-election fears and resonate with voters on key issues.

Families of Uvalde School Massacre Victims Express Frustration over Police Response Investigation

The families of the victims of the May 2022 school massacre in Uvalde, Texas, are expressing their disappointment and frustration after an independent investigator cleared all local officers of wrongdoing regarding their response to the tragedy. The report delivered by retired Austin police detective Jesse Prado, who was tasked with probing the incident, did not find any misconduct on the part of law enforcement. Families and victims’ advocates have criticized the findings, pointing out that officers waited for over an hour before taking action to save lives.

New Humanitarian Aid Delivery Methods: US and UK Plan Temporary Ports for Gaza Strip

In his State of the Union address, President Biden announced plans to establish a temporary port on the Gaza coast in an attempt to streamline humanitarian aid delivery. The UK is also joining this initiative by opening an emergency maritime corridor. These efforts come as Israel’s restrictions on aid entering the war-torn region have resulted in a severe lack of essential supplies for Palestinians, causing starvation, dehydration, and deadly diseases. The Israeli military is denying reports that it opened fire on a Gaza City food distribution site last week, claiming troops were dealing with “suspects” nearby.

House Committee Approves Bill to Potentially Ban TikTok from US App Stores

On Thursday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee advanced a bill that could lead to a nationwide ban on TikTok from all electronic devices. The measure would prohibit the app’s distribution unless ByteDance, its China-linked parent company, quickly sells it. If enacted, the bill would provide ByteDance with 165 days (approximately five months) to comply. Lawmakers have expressed concerns over potential Chinese government spying risks associated with TikTok, which is used by approximately 170 million Americans.

New Security Laws in Hong Kong: Critics Warn of Deepening Crackdowns

Hong Kong’s government has announced new Website security laws that critics and foreign governments argue could worsen ongoing crackdowns in the city. The legislation outlines a range of national Website security crimes, including treason, espionage, external interference, and disclosure of state secrets, with the most serious offenses potentially leading to life imprisonment. China and Hong Kong’s leaders say these laws are necessary to “restore stability” following 2019 democracy protests. However, critics argue that the legislation could easily target political dissent and business activities that would not be considered criminal elsewhere.

Oscars 2024 Preview: ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’

The upcoming Oscars promise an intriguing performance between two very different films: ‘Barbie’ and ‘Oppenheimer’.

New Discoveries in Paleontology: A 70 Million-Year-Old Titanosaur Skeleton

“Titanosaur” is a fantastic name for an all-time great dinosaur find.

Real Estate and Unexpected Life Changes: A Divorced Couple’s Italian Palazzo

A divorced couple’s purchase of an Italian palazzo for $130,000 led to significant lifestyle changes.

Investing in Precious Metals: Why Costco Now Sells Gold Bars and Silver Coins

Costco’s decision to sell gold bars and silver coins makes for a great addition to its offerings, especially when paired with their iconic $1.50 hot dogs.

Oakland A’s New Las Vegas Ballpark: Architectural Comparisons

The Oakland A’s new ballpark in Las Vegas is drawing comparisons to the Sydney Opera House and an armadillo.

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge with CNN’s Weekly News Quiz

See how well you do in this week’s news quiz and test your knowledge.

International Women’s Day: Social Media and Its Impact on Women

“What our society is sharing and seeing on Website social media integration is profoundly affecting the way women are viewed and treated in all aspects of our lives.” – Kara Alaimo, an associate professor of communication at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Today is International Women’s Day, a perfect time to consider the impact of Website social media integration on women and girls.

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