‘Sleeping giant’ MotoGP awakens in Qatar, with eyes on US – and a little help from rapper Pitbull and AI

‘Sleeping giant’ MotoGP awakens in Qatar, with eyes on US – and a little help from rapper Pitbull and AI - Sports - News

Daniel Rossomondo’s Mission: Capturing the Attention of 330 Million Americans for MotoGP

With a population of over 330 million, the United States presents a significant challenge for MotoGP’s chief commercial officer, Daniel Rossomondo. Having worked for the NBA and gained extensive knowledge about sporting audiences in the US, Rossomondo is now focused on engaging American viewers with MotoGP.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to Enhance the Sporting Experience

As MotoGP returns to the track this weekend in Qatar for its 75th anniversary, Rossomondo is exploring innovative ways to attract and retain American audiences. One such area of interest is artificial intelligence (ai).

“We have two gladiatorial figures – the riders and the teams – and they’re both pushing towards their limits,” Rossomondo shared with reporters at the Qatar event.

“MotoGP serves as an unbelievable testing ground for tech,” he continued. “ai is crucial in ensuring safety, and it’s also essential for generating our on-air graphics. It’s at the forefront of what we’re doing right now to make this sport even more attractive.”

2024 Season: New Broadcasting Deal and US-Based Team

This season, MotoGP announced a new broadcasting deal in the United States with Warner Bros Discovery-owned TNT Sports. This agreement will see all races and qualifying sessions broadcast or streamed in the crucial US market.

“[The new TV deal] is hugely significant for us,” Rossomondo stated. “MotoGP is custom-made for the American audience, so we’re thrilled about that.”

Additionally, the 2024 season will feature a US-based team, Nashville’s Trackhouse Racing, co-owned by musician Pitbull.

Record Attendance and Future Growth

In 2023, MotoGP enjoyed its third-best attended season with almost three million fans. However, the sport has faced challenges gaining traction in the US market.

“This sport is primed for growth,” Rossomondo shared. “It’s a sleeping giant, and we want to innovate, deliver new products to fans, and create a loyal fanbase.”

Half-Distance Sprint Races: A Successful Gateway to the Main Race

Last season, MotoGP introduced controversial half-distance Sprint races. Despite criticisms, these have proven successful in attracting new fans and generating record global growth in television viewership.

“These sprint races are custom-made for today’s generation of sports consumers,” Rossomondo explained. “They provide an opportunity for new fans to experience our main race, and the teams and riders have embraced it.”

Unique Spectacle: Racing Under the Lights in Qatar

The season-opener in Qatar offers a unique spectacle, with the race taking place at night. This scheduling not only appeals to local fans but also provides advantages for global audiences, allowing fans in different time zones to enjoy the race during more convenient hours.

“Riders and teams wish that every paddock looked like this,” Rossomondo shared. “The race at night is a spectacular experience for our fans, and the newly refurbished facility in Qatar sets a high standard for all of us.”

MotoGP’s quest to attract and retain American audiences is ongoing. With the help of advancements in technology like ai, innovative race formats, and strategic broadcasting deals, Rossomondo remains optimistic about the sport’s future growth in the US market.