Shipping CEO Angela Chao, sister of former Cabinet member Elaine Chao, died after car became submerged in pond, WSJ reports

Shipping CEO Angela Chao, sister of former Cabinet member Elaine Chao, died after car became submerged in pond, WSJ reports - Accidents and Disasters - News

Tragic Death of Angela Chao, CEO of Foremost Group, After Her Tesla Vehicle Submerged in a Central Texas Pond: A Detailed Account

Angela Chao, the esteemed CEO of shipping company Foremost Group and cherished sister of former US cabinet secretary Elaine Chao, tragically lost her life last month following an unfortunate incident on a Central Texas ranch. According to reputable sources, including the Wall Street Journal and Blanco County Emergency Services, Chao’s Tesla Model X SUV met its unfortunate fate when she inadvertently put the car in reverse instead of drive during a three-point turn shortly before midnight on February 10.

The Incident: A Turn Gone Wrong

Chao’s misfortune unfolded as she was attempting a routine three-point turn near the pond on her Central Texas ranch. The Wall Street Journal reported that, in her effort to navigate the maneuver, she mistakenly selected reverse instead of drive. Consequently, her Tesla Model X SUV veered off the road and plunged into a nearby pond.

The Rescue Attempts: Struggles with Access and Tools

Upon receiving the 911 call, emergency workers arrived at the scene 24 minutes later. However, due to the challenging terrain and limited accessibility, they had to trek to the location of the pond before initiating rescue attempts for Chao. According to Blanco County’s first responder report, two deputies and a firefighter entered the water with tools to attempt rescuing Chao. However, the crew faced several obstacles:

1. One EMS member and a firefighter donned their water PPE before wading into the water with Halligan tools to access Chao’s vehicle.
2. One deputy also attempted to break the Tesla’s window using various tools, but unfortunately, they could not gain access to Chao due to the submerged conditions.
3. Despite their relentless efforts, none of the emergency workers could fully access Chao or extract her from the vehicle.
4. The team contacted dispatch in a desperate attempt to summon a dive team for assistance, but unfortunately, no teams were available.
5. A tow truck initially approached the scene to help extricate Chao’s vehicle using chains from the opposite bank of the pond. However, the distance between the banks made it impossible for the truck to reach the submerged Tesla with its chains.
6. Eventually, a longer cable was acquired and used to successfully pull Chao’s vehicle from the pond.

However, despite the tireless rescue attempts by the emergency responders, they were unable to revive Angela Chao after retrieving her from her submerged Tesla.

The Investigation: A Criminal Matter?

Neither Blanco County Emergency Services, Blanco County Sheriff’s Office, nor Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office has responded to requests for comment or additional information from News Finder regarding this tragic incident. In a letter obtained by the Austin American-Statesman, Blanco County Public Information Office stated that they were limiting the released information due to the ongoing investigation:

“Although the preliminary investigation indicated that this was an unfortunate accident, the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating this accident as a criminal matter until they have sufficient evidence to rule out criminal activity.”

Background: Angela Chao, Elaine Chao, and Their Distinguished Careers

Angela Chao was one of the five sisters of Elaine Chao, a former US cabinet secretary who served under Presidents George W. Bush and Donald Trump as labor secretary and transportation secretary, respectively. Elaine Chao is married to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Angela Chao’s tragic demise has left the business world, as well as her family and friends, in mourning. Her untimely passing serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks we face daily and the importance of safety and awareness, particularly when operating motor vehicles.