Da’Vine Joy Randolph wins best supporting actress Oscar for ‘The Holdovers’: ‘Thank you for seeing me’

Da’Vine Joy Randolph wins best supporting actress Oscar for ‘The Holdovers’: ‘Thank you for seeing me’ - Entertainment - News

Da’Vine Joy Randolph’s Emotional Journey to Her First Oscar Win for “The Holdovers”: A Tribute to Herself and the People Who Believed

Da’Vine Joy Randolph made history on Sunday night as she graciously accepted her first-ever Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, acknowledging her journey in the film industry and expressing gratitude to those who supported her throughout.

Her speech was filled with raw emotion as she shared her surprise and disbelief about winning the prestigious award for her role in “The Holdovers,” a film that has swept her off her feet during this award season.

“I didn’t think I was supposed to be doing this as a career,” she said through tears, “and now I realize that all I needed to do was be myself. I thank you for seeing me.”

Award-winning actresses Jamie Lee Curtis, Lupita Nyong’o, Rita Moreno, Regina King, and Mary Steenburgen presented the award. Each of them delivered heartfelt speeches about the nominees before announcing Randolph as the winner. Nyong’o fondly mentioned a touching detail about Randolph wearing her grandmother’s glasses in “The Holdovers.”

Randolph was nominated alongside the talented Emily Blunt for “Oppenheimer,” Danielle Brooks for “The Color Purple,” America Ferrera for “Barbie,” and Jodie Foster for “Nyad.”

Her win on this esteemed night was almost a foregone conclusion, following an impressive streak of victories throughout the award season. Randolph had already taken home a Golden Globe, Critics Choice Award, BAFTA, and a SAG Award for her breakout performance as Mary Lamb, the grieving head cook in “The Holdovers.”

Set at a New England boarding school during the Christmas break, “The Holdovers” tells the heartwarming story of unexpected friendships and personal growth. Paul Giamatti stars as a curmudgeonly prep school professor who is forced to stay on campus with a handful of students throughout the holiday season. Alongside him, Randolph shines as Mary Lamb, bringing depth and nuance to her character’s emotional journey.

“The Holdovers” has been recognized with five Oscar nominations on Sunday, including a best actor nod for Giamatti and a nomination for Best Picture.

Randolph’s heartfelt acceptance speech served as a reminder that one needs only to be true to themselves to achieve their dreams and reach the pinnacle of success in Hollywood. Her journey, filled with emotion and determination, is a testament to the power of believing in oneself and the support of those who have faith in us.