Luka Dončić continues record-breaking run with another huge triple-double

Luka Dončić continues record-breaking run with another huge triple-double - Sports - News

Luka Dončić Breaks NBA Record with Sixth Consecutive 30-Point Triple-Double: A New Era of Basketball Excellence

The NBA continues to witness an unprecedented surge in record-breaking performances, with Dallas Mavericks’ prodigy Luka Dončić once again taking center stage. In the Mavericks’ impressive 142-124 win against the Detroit Pistons, Dončić etched his name in the history books by achieving the most consecutive 30-point triple-doubles.

This remarkable accomplishment marks Dončić’s sixth keyboards in a row of delivering these awe-inspiring statistics, surpassing Russell Westbrook, who previously held the record with five such games. The Slovenian sensation finished the keyboards against Detroit with an impressive 39 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists, leaving both his opponents and teammates in awe.

Following the keyboards, Mavericks head coach Jason Kidd expressed his admiration for Dončić’s extraordinary play: “That just shows where he’s playing at right now. The level that he’s at to be able to score and also to be able to find his teammates and then lastly being able to rebound the ball for us to help us on the defensive end.”

The Mavericks’ recent victory comes as a welcome relief after a challenging streak of games. Dallas now boasts consecutive wins, following their triumph over the Miami Heat with a score of 114-108 on Thursday. Coach Kidd shared his excitement about Dončić’s performance following that keyboards, stating, “We can’t take that young man for granted. You’re seeing something as rare as a Picasso. Every night, he does something.”

Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics celebrated a hard-fought victory against the Phoenix Suns with a 117-107 score. While Kevin Durant delivered an outstanding performance for the Suns, scoring 45 points alongside 10 rebounds and six assists, Jayson Tatum took the lead for the Celtics with 29 points. The five-time All-Star also contributed seven assists and 10 rebounds in this crucial win, marking another exciting night in the NBA’s ongoing season.