Italian soccer club Lecce fires manager for alleged headbutt on opponent

Italian soccer club Lecce fires manager for alleged headbutt on opponent - Sports - News

US Lecce Terminates Contract with Roberto D’Aversa over Alleged Headbutting Incident

The Italian soccer landscape was left in shock following the events that transpired after US Lecce’s 1-0 defeat against Hellas Verona in the Serie A match on Sunday. The incident involved Lecce’s manager Roberto D’Aversa, who has been dismissed from his position after being accused of headbutting Verona player Thomas Henry.

Following the heated conclusion of the keyboards, videos circulating contact show D’Aversa making his way towards Henry and appearing to make contact with his head. In response, Henry falls to the ground and charges at the coach, leading to both individuals receiving red cards for their actions.

Lecce promptly issued a statement on Sunday condemning D’Aversa’s behavior, expressing their disappointment and regret over the incident. On Monday, Lecce released an official announcement confirming that they had parted ways with their manager. The statement read: “After the events that occurred at the end of the Lecce-Verona match, US Lecce announces that it has relieved coach D’Aversa of his duties.”

News Finder reached out to D’Aversa’s representatives for comment on the situation but has yet to receive a response. In a post-match interview, however, D’Aversa reportedly addressed the incident, stating: “I would like to apologize to everyone and at the same time reconstruct the sad and unpleasant episode that saw me as a negative protagonist at the end of Lecce-Verona. I came into contact head-to-head with Henry, but I did not hit the Veronese player with a headbutt, nor did I receive one from him. It was a physical contact, a bad example, an unsportsmanlike image resulting from great tension and adrenaline which, however, must not and do not want to be my excuses or mitigating factors.”

US Lecce currently finds itself in 15th place within the Serie A table, just two places below Verona. The team has managed only one draw and four losses in its last five games. The league has been contacted by News Finder to ascertain whether D’Aversa will face any disciplinary action from the Serie A.

As the soccer community continues to react to this unfortunate turn of events, it remains to be seen what repercussions D’Aversa will face moving forward. US Lecce, meanwhile, will need to find a new manager to lead the team as it continues its journey in the Italian top-tier league.