5 Things to know for March 11: Gaza, presidential race, Oscars, Pope Francis, Laken Riley

5 Things to know for March 11: Gaza, presidential race, Oscars, Pope Francis, Laken Riley - World - News

Image of Catherine, Princess of Wales Withdrawn by Major News Agencies Due to Alleged Manipulation

Several prominent news organizations have withdrawn an image showing Catherine, Princess of Wales that was distributed by Britain’s royal family. The decision comes following weeks of speculation and contact rumors regarding the future Queen’s health and whereabouts. If you wish to stay informed on the latest news, consider signing up for our ‘5 Things’ newsletter to kick-start your day.

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Biden Warns Against Military Offensive in Rafah

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his intention to launch a military offensive in Rafah, despite President Joe Biden’s warning that doing so would constitute a “red line.” Approximately 1.5 million displaced Palestinians are currently sheltering in the southern Gaza city, with the majority experiencing catastrophic levels of hunger. The United Nations aid chief has issued a grim warning that such an operation could lead to “a slaughter.” Netanyahu remains firm on proceeding with the military intervention, but no specific timeline has been disclosed. The Biden administration does not anticipate an imminent expansion of Israeli military operations into Rafah, as the holy month of Ramadan begins today for most Muslims.

Georgia: Biden and Trump Hold Rallies Ahead of Primaries

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump held competing rallies in the pivotal swing state of Georgia on Saturday, as Tuesday’s primaries approached. During their appearances, both candidates addressed their respective electoral opponents and mobilized voters. Biden denounced Trump for his associations and labeled him an existential threat to the country. In contrast, Trump painted a dire vision of the nation being overrun by invading migrants and economic decline. Georgia is expected to be a closely contested battleground after Biden secured the state’s victory by less than 12,000 votes in 2016.

Oscars: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’ Sweeps Major Awards

The 96th Academy Awards ceremony was a night filled with both grandeur and politics. Christopher Nolan’s nuclear thriller “Oppenheimer” dominated the evening, winning several prestigious awards including Best Picture and Best Director. Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. also took home statuettes for their performances in the film. Emma Stone was crowned Best Actress for her role in “Poor Things,” which garnered three additional awards. Ryan Gosling’s electrifying rendition of “I’m Just Ken” from “Barbie” further highlighted the night, along with a win for Best Original Song. Numerous stars in attendance took advantage of their platforms to call for global peace and show their support for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas conflict through the symbolic red pins worn on their lapels.

Pope Francis: Controversial Remarks on Ukraine and Ceasefire

Pope Francis drew heavy criticism over the weekend for his suggestion that Ukraine should demonstrate “the courage of the white flag” to negotiate an end to the ongoing war with Russia. The pope’s comments, made during an interview on Saturday, elicited a swift response from Kyiv, which has suffered tens of thousands of fatalities in its quest to reclaim seized territory. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba responded by declaring that the country’s flag is a yellow and blue one, which symbolizes their resolve to never raise any other flags. The Vatican later clarified that the Pope had used the white flag imagery as a call for negotiation, not surrender.

Biden’s Comments on Laken Riley’s Killer: Backtracking on ‘Illegal’ Label

President Biden retracted his earlier statement made during the State of the Union address, in which he referred to Laken Riley’s alleged killer as an “illegal” immigrant. He acknowledged that he should have used the term “undocumented” instead, as the distinction has become a contentious issue in immigration politics. Laken Riley was killed on the University of Georgia campus in February, and her death has fueled debates regarding immigration policies. Former President Donald Trump has frequently invoked Riley’s tragic demise during calls for stringent immigration reforms, and the House recently passed the Laken Riley Act, which mandates detention for any migrant who has committed burglary or theft.

Trader Joe’s Tote Bags: Resold for Exorbitant Prices

The humble $2.99 Trader Joe’s tote bags have become a sought-after commodity, with some sellers reselling them for up to $500. The frenzy over these reusable bags highlights the increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

Exploring Vietnam’s ‘Click Farms’: A Rare Look Inside

This collection of images provides a unique insight into “click farms,” which artificially generate likes, comments, and shares on social media accounts. The widespread phenomenon raises concerns regarding the authenticity of contact engagement and the potential manipulation of public opinion.

The Body Shop: Filing for Bankruptcy, Shutting Down US Operations

The popular retailer The Body Shop has announced its intention to file for bankruptcy and close all of its US-based operations. Additionally, dozens of Canadian locations are also set to be shut down as part of the restructuring process.

Resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth: Scientists Make Progress

The quest to resurrect a creature that went extinct 4,000 years ago is making significant strides forward. Scientists are taking bold steps in their attempts to bring back the woolly mammoth.

Breaking Free from a Fitness Plateau: 5 Effective Tips

If you feel like your fitness journey has stalled, consider implementing these five strategies to help break through the plateau and reinvigorate your progress.

LATAM Airlines Plane Incident: 50 Passengers Injured

Fifty passengers aboard a LATAM Airlines flight from Australia to New Zealand were injured during an in-flight “technical event” that caused the plane to experience an unexpected movement. The airline declined to elaborate on the cause of the incident but confirmed the plane landed safely in Auckland as scheduled.

Miami Beach Cracking Down on Spring Break: ‘Breaking Up’ with Raucous Partiers

Miami authorities are taking a firm stance against disruptive spring breakers, implementing hefty fines, curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access, DUI checkpoints, $100 parking fees, and nonresident towing rates exceeding $500. The City of Miami Beach has launched a campaign titled “We’re breaking up with spring break” to address the escalating violence and unruly behavior associated with the annual tradition.