Oscar highlights: ‘Oppenheimer’ wins big, while Ryan Gosling and past winner cameos stole the show

Oscar highlights: ‘Oppenheimer’ wins big, while Ryan Gosling and past winner cameos stole the show - World - News

The 96th Academy Awards: Celebrating Cinematic Excellence with Playfulness and Fun

Honoring the Best Films and Those Who Made Them: The Academy Awards’ Primary Objective

The annual Academy Awards ceremony, often referred to as the Oscars, holds a significant responsibility in the world of cinema. Its primary objective revolves around recognizing and honoring the year’s finest films and those who have contributed to their creation. This event not only acknowledges artistic achievements but also serves as a platform for celebrating the movie-going experience and entertaining its audience, both in-theater and at home.

Addressing the Slump in Theatrical Ticket Sales: Broadening Appeal and Putting on an Entertaining Show

In recent years, the film industry has faced a significant challenge with the decline in theatrical ticket sales, primarily due to the Covid pandemic and the rise of streaming services. The 96th Academy Awards aimed to shine a light on the movie-going experience in an attempt to counteract this trend and attract a wider audience. To achieve this, they focused on making the show playful, engaging, and full of memorable moments.

Recognizing the Best in Acting: A Warm Reminder of the Honor of Being Nominated

One notable aspect of this year’s ceremony was having past acting winners introduce the nominees in their respective categories and offer them a moment to shine. Although there was a risk of adding an excessively self-congratulatory tone, the emotional responses from the nominees made this a heartwarming and celebratory moment.

Ryan Gosling’s Standout Performance: The MVP of the Oscars

The night’s entertainment value was significantly elevated by Ryan Gosling, who delivered a show-stopping performance of his comedic number “I’m Just Ken.” His commitment to the role and the humor he brought to the stage made it an unforgettable moment.

Jimmy Kimmel: The Right Light Touch

ABC’s late-night host, Jimmy Kimmel, proved an excellent choice to emcee the event. His light touch and ability to add weightier topics when necessary kept the ceremony engaging and entertaining throughout.

Brevity: A Refreshing Change

The earlier start time allowed the Oscars to finish on schedule, which was a welcome change. This not only provided more time for other elements of the show but also helped maintain audience interest.

Politics: A Few Striking Exceptions

The evening largely steered clear of overtly political commentary, but there were a few notable exceptions that sparked important conversations. These included the speeches from director Jonathan Glazer and the makers of “The Zone of Interest,” as well as Kimmel’s jabs at Sen. Katie Britt.

Spreading the Wealth: Recognizing a Variety of Films

Although “Oppenheimer” was the night’s big winner, seven out of ten best-picture nominees went home with awards, ensuring a wide range of films were recognized.

International Flavor: A Growing Trend in Film Awards

The international representation was strong at this year’s Oscars, with films like “The Boy and the Heron,” “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Godzilla Minus One,” and “The Zone of Interest” taking home awards.

John Cena’s Naked Stunt: A Clever Homage

Although it seemed like a silly stunt, John Cena’s naked walk-out to commemorate the Oscar streaker paid off with a clever twist when he presented the award for best costume design.

Presenter Banter: Hit and Miss

Despite some improvements, presenter banter still left room for enhancement. However, the exchange between Arnold Schwarzenegger, Danny DeVito, and Michael Keaton about the “Batman” movies came close to redeeming the lot.

The Honorary Oscars: A Missed Opportunity

The failure to include clips from the previously presented honorary awards felt like a missed opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge the industry’s past achievements.

Flamin’ Hot: Cheesy and Out of Place

The performance of the entry from “Flamin’ Hot” felt disconnected from the rest of the show, with a cheesy revue-like quality that detracted from the overall entertainment value.