GOP Rep. Ken Buck to leave Congress at end of next week

GOP Rep. Ken Buck to leave Congress at end of next week - Politics - News

Republican Representative Ken Buck Announces Departure from Congress, Shifting the Balance of Power

Hardline Conservative Republican Representative Ken Buck of Colorado made a shocking announcement on Tuesday, stating that he will be leaving Congress before the end of his term. This decision comes at a time when Republicans hold a very narrow majority in the House and Speaker Mike Johnson has frequently relied on votes from both parties to pass significant legislative bills.

Statement from Representative Buck:
In a statement posted on his official Website X, Rep. Buck shared the news of his departure, stating, “Today, I am announcing that I will depart Congress at the end of next week.”

Impact on the House:
Buck’s decision to step down before the end of his term will result in a significant shift in the partisan balance of power within the chamber. With his departure, the number of Republican seats will decrease to 218, while Democrats will hold 213 seats, with three vacancies. This narrows the Republicans’ voting edge and restricts them to only losing a maximum of two votes on party-line bills.

Last year, Buck announced that he would not be seeking reelection in 2024, citing stagnation in Congress and his party’s election denialism as key factors influencing his decision. Buck, a former prosecutor with the Department of Justice, was first elected to Congress in 2014.

Recent Developments:
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