Kristi Noem faces lawsuit and toothy questions over her viral endorsement of Texas dentists

Kristi Noem faces lawsuit and toothy questions over her viral endorsement of Texas dentists - Politics - News

Gov. Kristi Noem’s Unexplained Trip to Texas for Dental Work Sparks Legal Action and Controversy Amidst Vice Presidential Rumors

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is facing criticism and a new lawsuit after endorsing a Houston-area cosmetic dentistry firm, Smile Texas, in an uncanny, five-minute long video. This situation comes at an inopportune moment for Noem, as she is rumored to be among the potential vice presidential picks for former President Donald Trump.

Two days after posting the testimonial video on her social media platforms, Noem and her team have yet to clarify why she traveled all the way to Texas for dental work and whether the video was used as payment or a discount. Consumer advocacy group Travelers United filed a lawsuit accusing Noem of an “undisclosed advertisement” for Smile Texas.

The lawsuit argues that since Noem holds such a significant position in South Dakota, it is highly unlikely she would travel out of state for dental work and film an advertisement without compensation. The lawsuit also mentions that the dentists at Smile Texas, Drs. Rick Kline and Bret Davis, have previously donated to Republican candidates.

In the video, Noem shares her self-consciousness about her teeth due to a bicycle accident that caused her to lose several teeth years ago. She was thrilled with the results of her dental work at Smile Texas and expressed her gratitude for the team’s expertise in enhancing her smile.

Despite the controversy surrounding this situation, Noem appears elated with her new smile, which she showcases in a series of television ads for South Dakota’s “Freedom Works Here” workplace recruitment campaign. These ads have garnered criticism from various South Dakota leaders due to their questionable metrics for success and the contract given to an Ohio-based firm for managing the campaign.

Noem’s smile has become a significant aspect of her public image, and she has used it to advertise various job opportunities in South Dakota, including roles as a police officer, welder, nurse, accountant, and even a dentist.

Noem’s predecessor, Dennis Daugaard, had previously used the tagline “Why die on Mars when you can live in South Dakota?” to encourage Americans to move to the state. Noem later adopted this approach, positioning herself as the pitchwoman for various industries within South Dakota.

Despite the controversy surrounding her dental work and endorsement of Smile Texas, Noem’s smile remains a prominent feature in the television ads, emphasizing the business-friendly, worker-needy economy and the promise of “you’ll never pay a penny in personal state income tax.”

Noem’s team has not responded to queries from News Finder regarding the financial arrangements for her dental work and the reason behind seeking treatment out of state.