White House officials expected to meet with Arab and Muslim leaders in Chicago Thursday

White House officials expected to meet with Arab and Muslim leaders in Chicago Thursday - Politics - News

White House Engages with Arab-, Muslim- and Palestinian-American Community Leaders Amidst Israel-Hamas Crisis and Rising Islamophobia

The Biden White House is set to engage in a crucial dialogue with Arab-, Muslim- and Palestinian-American community leaders on Thursday, as tensions escalate over the Israel-Hamas war. Sources familiar with the matter have confirmed this development to various media outlets.

Thursday’s meeting marks one of several ongoing initiatives by the Biden Administration to gain firsthand insights into the concerns and perspectives of these communities regarding the situation in Gaza. However, this is not just limited to the conflict; officials are also expected to address broader issues relating to Islamophobia in America following Hamas’ terror attacks on October 7, 2023.

Among the individuals expected to attend this significant gathering are: Tom Perez (White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs), Steve Benjamin (White House Director of Public Engagement), Mazen Basrawi (White House Liaison to Muslim-American Communities), Curtis Ried (National Security Council Chief of Staff), Dan Koh, and Jamie Citron.

The White House chose to remain silent on the matter when approached by News Finder.

Amidst mounting pressure from both domestic and international fronts, President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and other US officials have been vocal about their calls for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid. However, negotiations have shown little progress despite the increasing humanitarian crisis arising from the Israel-Hamas war. Biden now faces growing criticism and dissent within his own party, including progressive youth voters and voters in crucial battleground states essential to his 2024 coalition.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations reported a staggering 178% increase in anti-Muslim or anti-Palestinian incidents between October and December 2023, recording a total of 3,578 complaints.

In an earlier effort to connect with Arab and Muslim communities, senior Biden Administration officials—including Samantha Power (USAID Administrator) and Jon Finer (Principal Deputy National Security Advisor)—held discussions with community leaders in Michigan, home to a substantial Arab and Muslim population.

The White House continues its outreach efforts to engage with these communities, having reportedly held over a hundred conversations with local and state leaders about the Israel-Hamas conflict. Internally, Chief of Staff Jeff Zients organized listening sessions for Muslim-, Arab-, and Palestinian-American staff within his Cabinet.