G7 issues warning to Iran not to send ballistic missiles to Russia

G7 issues warning to Iran not to send ballistic missiles to Russia - Politics - News

G7 Issues Strong Warning to Iran over Alleged Ballistic Missile Transfer to Russia for Use against Ukraine

The Group of Seven (G7) nations have issued a stern warning to Iran, stating that the international community will respond with “new and significant measures” if Tehran goes ahead with transferring ballistic missiles or related technology to Russia for use in Moscow’s ongoing conflict against Ukraine.

The G7’s joint statement expresses deep concern over reports suggesting Iran is contemplating the transfer of ballistic missiles to Russia following its provision of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that have been used extensively in relentless attacks against the civilian population in Ukraine. The statement also underscores the unity among G7 nations on this matter and makes it clear that any such actions by Iran would result in significant consequences.

A senior Biden administration official emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “We’re speaking with one voice on this matter. The costs will outweigh the benefits for Iran.”

One potential response measure under consideration is ending flights from Iran Air, the state-owned airline, into Europe. The official emphasized, “This is not business as usual.” However, they declined to comment on whether Iranian leadership or just Iranian citizens utilize the airline.

Growing concerns over Iran’s potential military support for Russia come as Ukraine faces increased pressure, including ammunition shortages, and Russia has made gains on the battlefield.

The $60 billion US aid package to Ukraine has stalled in the House due to Republican resistance to additional funding. CIA Director Bill Burns recently warned that without further assistance, Ukraine could lose significant ground in 2024. Burns stated, “I think without supplemental assistance in 2024, you’re going to see more of Avdiivkas [a city recently taken by Russia].”

Despite a lack of concrete evidence that Iranian missiles have been transported to Russia, recent reports from Reuters and News Finder suggest Iran is making efforts to advance negotiations with Moscow. The official acknowledged these developments but emphasized that no definitive evidence has been uncovered regarding the missiles’ transfer.

Russia has displayed multiple ballistic-missile and missile support systems at a training area in Iran for a visiting Russian delegation, while also building a drone-manufacturing facility with Iran’s assistance.

Iran has already provided significant quantities of drones, guided aerial bombs, and artillery ammunition to Russia, which has used this equipment to attack Ukraine with devastating effects. The official stated, “Russia has been using all of that equipment to attack Ukraine with real impact, and this would be yet another escalation by Iran in terms of its potential assistance to Russia on the battlefield.”