New RNC memo gives details of merger with Trump campaign

New RNC memo gives details of merger with Trump campaign - Politics - News

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley Announces Merger with Trump Campaign and Outlines Key Priorities

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has recently undergone a significant transformation following the clinching of the GOP nomination by former President Donald Trump and the handover of power to his team. RNC Chairman Michael Whatley announced this development in a three-page memo to the members, detailing various aspects of the merger between the RNC and the Trump campaign.

Tradition and Applicable Law: The RNC’s Merger with the Trump Campaign

Whatley, who was elected alongside Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, to succeed the outgoing chair and co-chair without any challengers on March 8, wrote in the memo, “As is tradition and governed by applicable law, the RNC is merging operations with the Trump campaign. We are now a united operation, and a united front.”

Election Integrity: Focusing on Voter Identification and Signature Verification Rules

Whatley’s memo highlighted the committee’s key priorities, including a significant focus on claims of election fraud. The RNC’s new posture regarding this litigation will be an “aggressive, proactive effort to ensure that it will be easy to vote and hard to cheat,” according to the memo. Whatley’s focus on election fraud was one of the reasons Trump, who endorsed Whatley, chose him for the role.

New Hires: A Slate of Lawyers Focusing on Election Fraud Claims

The memo also announced the hiring of a team of new lawyers who will focus on election fraud claims. The hiring comes after the RNC began laying off dozens of staffers, including top officials in communications, the political department, and the data team. These cuts were beyond the norm and underscored the committee’s lackluster fundraising.

Community Centers and Bank Your Vote Program: Continuation and Expansion

The RNC’s commitment to community engagement remains strong, with plans to keep the community centers open and expand the Bank Your Vote program. The memo states, “We are aggressively pursuing programs to grow our base and maximize opportunities to engage with Americans, utilizing all existing tools for our voters to cast ballots.”

Joint Fundraising Agreement: Uniting Resources for the Election

Whatley also announced that the RNC has completed a joint fundraising agreement with the Trump campaign and brought in a data liaison to work with other Republican committees and state parties. The memo emphasizes, “Within the organization, we need to make sure that every penny of every dollar is spent towards one thing: winning. Winning House seats, winning Senate seats, and winning the Presidency.”

In summary, RNC Chairman Michael Whatley’s memo outlined the committee’s merger with the Trump campaign, key priorities like election integrity and fundraising, new hires focusing on election fraud claims, and the continuation of community centers and Bank Your Vote program.