Bee invasion halts Indian Wells quarterfinal, but tennis’ new hero saves the day

Bee invasion halts Indian Wells quarterfinal, but tennis’ new hero saves the day - Odd News - News

The Unprecedented Bee Invasion Disrupts the BNP Paribas Open: Carlos Alcaraz and Lance Davis’ Unforgettable Encounter

The BNP Paribas Open, famously known as Indian Wells, witnessed an unexpected interruption on Thursday during the quarterfinals between Carlos Alcaraz and Alexander Zverev. The match was halted due to a massive bee invasion on the court in California.

The scores were knotted at 1-1 in the first set when Alcaraz began gesturing towards the air, causing some confusion among the onlookers. However, things soon became clearer as chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani was forced to suspend the proceedings due to an increasing presence of bees.

World No. 2 Alcaraz promptly made a hasty exit towards the locker room, while Lahyani took to the microphone to announce a “bee invasion.” Footage emerged showing Lahyani suffering a sting on his head moments after the announcement.

Despite several attempts to resume play, the persistent presence of more bees forced the players and officials to endure a delay of over an hour and a half. Eventually, Alcaraz secured his victory with a score of 6-3, 6-1.

In an interview following the match, the Spanish sensation shared his unique experience: “This is the most unusual match I have ever played in my career. I’ve never encountered anything like that before. I think everyone will remember this situation, and we can all laugh about it.”

Despite Alcaraz’s triumph, the true hero of the day was beekeeper Lance Davis. After players retreated to the safety of the locker room, Davis rushed to the court to round up the relentless swarm that had taken over one of the overhead cameras.

Organizers managed to direct the camera towards the spectator stands, where Davis and his vacuum efficiently removed the bees. The beekeeper then transported them into a secure cage for transfer to one of his personal hives, as per

“During swarming season, they go everywhere,” Davis told, expressing his relief that he could prevent any incidents.

Clad in striking all-black ski sunglasses, Davis, the president of ‘Killer Bee Live Removal,’ quickly became a fan favorite on social media. He entertained spectators with high-fives and selfies while expertly handling the situation.

Alcaraz paid tribute to Davis on X, formerly known as Twitter: “Not all heroes wear capes.” The beekeeper himself was unaware of his newfound popularity, having no social media access on his phone.

Following this unusual win, Alcaraz will now face Jannik Sinner in the semifinals of the tournament. Let’s hope this encounter with bees remains a one-time occurrence for him!

“I’m not going to lie, I’m a little afraid of the bees,” Alcaraz admitted after his win.