Pro-Trump lawyer released from DC jail after pledging to surrender in Michigan election-tampering case

Pro-Trump lawyer released from DC jail after pledging to surrender in Michigan election-tampering case - Crime and Courts - News

Pro-Trump Lawyer Stefanie Lambert Released from DC Jail on Bond after Indictment Warrant in Michigan

A Washington D.C. court magistrate, Judge Heide Herrmann, granted bail to Stefanie Lambert, a pro-Trump lawyer, during a hearing on Tuesday, following her arrest the previous day. The $10,000 bond will be forfeited if she fails to comply with the conditions set forth by the court and surrender herself to Michigan authorities promptly.

Lambert was taken into custody on Monday, following her participation in a hearing regarding Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation case against her client, former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne. During this hearing, Lambert revealed that she had leaked internal Dominion emails, obtained through her representation of Byrne during the ongoing discovery phase of the lawsuit.

However, Lambert was wanted in Michigan due to a bench warrant for missing two recent hearings related to her criminal case involving an election system breach. This incident took place during the 2020 elections in several battleground states, where supporters of former President Donald Trump attempted to prove their voter-fraud theories.

A police affidavit obtained by the media described Lambert as a fugitive from Michigan and stated that Michigan authorities would extradite her. During Tuesday’s hearing, Kevin Irving, one of Lambert’s attorneys, attributed the missed hearings to a communication issue between Lambert and her Michigan legal team.

Irving stated that Lambert was in Washington D.C. for professional reasons, participating in the Dominion hearing, and would return to Michigan immediately after being released from the court’s custody. He added that Lambert did not intend to evade her criminal proceedings.

The prosecutor in the case expressed a preference for keeping Lambert detained, stating that Michigan officials were willing to travel to D.C. to effectuate her arrest. The judge warned Lambert of potential future arrests if she did not comply with the court’s orders promptly.

Lambert declined to comment after leaving the courthouse on Tuesday.

In a previous hearing, Lambert admitted to providing the Dominion emails to Dar Leaf, the sheriff of Barry County, Michigan, who has been promoting pro-Trump conspiracy theories and investigating supposed election fraud. The two have since made public thousands of pages of Dominion emails through court filings and social media posts.

Lambert, Leaf, and their allies argue that these leaked emails expose Dominion in a rigged election scandal. However, the company denies such allegations, with a spokesperson insisting that any suggestion of employee involvement in electoral interference is baseless.

Following her arrest, Lambert faced backlash from election deniers and supporters alike, who argue that her arrest is a calculated effort to intimidate and silence those advocating for electoral reform. Tina Peters, the former clerk in Mesa County, Colorado, who is facing state charges for an election systems breach, praised Lambert as a whistleblower.

Since former President Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, Dominion has faced an onslaught of disinformation and lawsuits from various quarters. The company’s lawyers have filed defamation suits against several Trump allies, including Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis, and Sidney Powell, as well as right-wing news outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN.