Artist collaborates with AI to create immersive installation of human heartbeats in real time

Artist collaborates with AI to create immersive installation of human heartbeats in real time - Arts and Culture - News

Heart Space: Merging Art, Technology, and Science with Biometric ai

In the realm of contemporary art, vibrant colors pulse and weave across a large digital canvas. However, this is no ordinary painting; instead, it’s an innovative installation called “Heart Space.” This groundbreaking work by Canadian Korean artist Krista Kim showcases real-time human heartbeats captured through artificial intelligence (ai). The installation, consisting of 3,526 individual heartbeats, is a captivating blend of art, technology, and science.

Krista Kim, the metaverse editor for Vogue Singapore, is renowned for her record-setting “Mars House,” a fully virtual home that sold for over $500,000 during the NFT craze in 2021. “Heart Space” is her latest project, commissioned by Swiss banking group Julius Baer as part of its global artist program. Displayed at the annual Art Dubai fair earlier this month, News Finder spoke with Kim about her vision for ai and art.

News Finder: Welcome to “Heart Space,” Krista. Could you please introduce this innovative work?

Krista Kim: Absolutely! “Heart Space” is the world’s first biometric ai, generative art installation that is collaborative. We harness the power of ai to read electrocardiograms (EKG), extracting a unique algorithm from each person’s heartbeat. Every individual has a distinct heartbeat, much like a thumbprint. This information creates unique waveforms and colors displayed on the screen for four people at a time. They co-create an immersive artwork in real-time using their heartbeats.

News Finder: How do you envision ai’s impact on the art world?

Krista Kim: ai will revolutionize every aspect of our lives, including art. The resistance to ai among artists is understandable given its novelty and the questions it raises, such as “who is the creator?” or “what about authorship and intellectual property?” However, these concerns are valid, and artists should engage with this technology to humanize it and explore its effects on us. We’re at the beginning of a new era, and I believe art will be significantly transformed by ai.

Future Outlook:
As an international artist, Kim shares her perspectives on contemporary art in the region and the role of ai.

Krista Kim: I believe that art will experience remarkable evolutions with the advent of ai. We can harness biometrics, interspecies communication, and bring people together in unprecedented ways. As artists, we should aim to foster a greater understanding of our relationship with technology, emphasizing humanity and oneness.

“Heart Space” by Krista Kim is just the beginning of a new chapter in art, technology, and science. By merging real-time heartbeats with ai to create unique, collaborative installations, Kim is paving the way for a new dialogue between humans and technology. This evolving relationship will continue shaping the future of art in innovative and unprecedented ways.