Biden seeks to reinvigorate diverse coalition in critical 2024 campaign swing out West

Biden seeks to reinvigorate diverse coalition in critical 2024 campaign swing out West - Politics - News

President Biden’s Reelection Campaign: Defending Key Western Battleground States

In his pursuit of reelection, President Joe Biden is embarking on a visit to two crucial western battleground states this week – Nevada and Arizona. The primary focus of his pitch will be on enhancing housing affordability, creating jobs in the clean energy sector and manufacturing, as well as emphasizing the success of his policies. Additionally, he intends to appeal to Latino voters, a significant demographic in both states, by launching the “Latinos con Biden-Harris” organizing initiative.

Early Polling Indicates Challenges in Western Swing States

Although Biden won both Nevada and Arizona during the 2020 election, current polling suggests that his path to victory in these states might be difficult this time around. Nevada is anticipated to be a close race, while Arizona’s Fox News poll showed a slight edge for former President Donald Trump over Biden. Moreover, Biden has faced low approval ratings nationwide, which could impact his electoral prospects.

Issues and Organizing Initiatives

Despite the challenges, the Biden campaign believes issues like reproductive rights and the defense of democracy could sway voters in their favor against Trump. In Nevada and Arizona, there is an ongoing effort to put abortion rights provisions on state ballots for the 2024 election, which could mobilize women and moderate voters.

Defending Democracy: A Key Plank of the Campaign’s Argument

The campaign also plans to emphasize issues related to democracy, particularly in states like Arizona and Nevada where there have been attempts to undermine the electoral process. Biden’s team believes that these arguments could resonate with moderate voters and galvanize support against Trump.

Activating the 2020 Coalition and Mobilizing New Voters

To secure victory in both states, Biden will need to engage his 2020 coalition and attract new voters. The campaign is focusing on diverse communities, including AAPI, Latino, Black, indigenous, young, and women voters. Biden also aims to win over union workers’ support.

Building on the March Month of Action

The western states’ tour is part of the Biden campaign’s month-long focus on battleground states, following a successful State of the Union address. Senior advisers believe that these states – alongside the so-called blue wall and two southern states – are crucial to their pathway to 270 electoral votes.

Expanding the Battleground Operation and Engaging Local Communities

The Biden campaign is scaling up its battleground operation, opening more than 100 new offices and hiring over 350 new team members. In Nevada and Arizona, the campaign is specifically focusing on building bilingual organizing teams and engaging local Latino communities through initiatives like “Latinos con Biden-Harris.”

Addressing Housing Affordability and Creating Jobs

During his visit, Biden will discuss his plan to combat rising housing costs by proposing $258 billion in housing investments and calling on Congress to pass mortgage relief credits for first-time homebuyers. Additionally, he will focus on creating jobs in clean energy and manufacturing sectors.

Engaging with the Latino Community

The president will also launch his “Latinos con Biden-Harris” organizing initiative during his visit to Phoenix, focusing on contact and in-person training sessions for Latino supporters. This effort comes as the campaign aims to boost bilingual organizers and establish offices in areas with significant Latino populations.

Fundraising and Building a Campaign War Chest

Biden’s travel schedule includes fundraisers in Dallas and Houston, Texas, following the campaign’s announcement of bringing in $53 million in February. His substantial cash advantage over Trump is an important factor in his electoral strategy.