5 things to know for March 20: Presidential race, Immigration, Government shutdown, Cyberattacks, Haiti

5 things to know for March 20: Presidential race, Immigration, Government shutdown, Cyberattacks, Haiti - Environment - News

Major Developments in Politics, Immigration, and Cybersecurity: Your Daily Update

Stay informed and up-to-date with today’s significant news. Here are the key stories that will shape your day:

1. Strawberries Topped “Dirty Dozen” List, but Switching to Organic Diet Significantly Reduces Pesticide Exposure

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released its annual “Dirty Dozen” list, which ranks fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of pesticide residues. Strawberries topped the list this year. However, several studies suggest that adults and children can experience a dramatic reduction (up to 95%) in pesticide levels by transitioning to an organic diet.

2. Primary Elections: Biden, Trump Gain More Delegates, and Key Senate Race Heats Up

In the ongoing political landscape, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump added delegates to their respective parties following primary contests in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio. Businessman Bernie Moreno secured the Republican Senate nomination in Ohio, setting up a high-stakes contest against Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in the fall that could impact control of the Senate. Trump had endorsed Moreno, marking the first test of his influence in a contested Senate race since leaving office.

3. Federal Appeals Court Halts Texas’ Controversial Immigration Law

The Supreme Court cleared the way for Texas to begin enforcing its controversial immigration law, SB 4. However, a federal appeals court later put the law back on hold, preventing officials from arresting suspected undocumented immigrants until further arguments and rulings are made. The law, which would have allowed state officials to detain individuals on suspicion of entering the country illegally, has been a subject of contention between Texas and the Biden administration over immigration policy.

4. Congress Reaches Agreement on Government Funding for Fiscal Year 2023

Congressional leaders announced a deal to fund the remaining portion of the federal government through the end of the fiscal year. The agreement, which is expected to be released as soon as possible, must pass both chambers by 11:59 p.m. ET on Friday. Speaker Mike Johnson will likely need a significant number of Democratic votes to pass the legislation, as the far-right wing of his conference has expressed opposition to the deal. In the Senate, any single member can delay proceedings, pushing the federal government beyond its deadline.

5. Cyberattacks Target Water Systems Throughout the US: Biden Administration Warns State Governments to Bolster Defenses

The U.S. water sector, which encompasses approximately 150,000 public water systems, has struggled to secure its infrastructure against an increasing number of cyberattacks. The Biden administration recently issued a letter to governors advising them to implement basic cybersecurity precautions, as even these measures can help prevent disruptive attacks. In November 2021, hackers breached industrial equipment at several water facilities to display an anti-Israel message, while Chinese state-backed hackers have been lurking in U.S. water systems for years.

6. Hundreds of Americans Stranded in Crisis-Ridden Haiti: State Department Assists with Evacuations

Haiti is experiencing widespread chaos as gang violence engulfs the streets of Port-au-Prince. Nearly 1,000 Americans have reached out to the U.S. government for assistance, and Sunrise Airways has announced it will operate special flights between Cap-Haitien and Miami on March 25 to help evacuate Americans. The crisis in Haiti escalated earlier this month, as criminal gangs and militias launched coordinated attacks on businesses and left essentials like food, medicine, and gas in short supply.

7. Rumors Abound About the Next James Bond: One Actor Receives a Formal Offer?

Speculation continues regarding who will take on the mantle of the iconic British secret agent, James Bond. While no official announcement has been made, some tabloids claim that one actor already holds a formal offer for the role.

8. Astronomers Prepare for Once-in-a-Lifetime Sight: A Nova Event Between Now and September

Astronomy enthusiasts should keep their eyes on the night sky between now and September, as astronomers anticipate an explosive event known as a nova. This rare occurrence promises a breathtaking sight for those who manage to catch it.

9. Construction Workers Unearth 1,800-Year-Old Roman Statue in the UK

Archaeologists were surprised to discover a marble head dating back to the 1st or 2nd century during construction work in the United Kingdom. This ancient relic provides intriguing insights into the history of the region.

10. Nicole Kidman Shares Secrets Behind AMC’s Viral Monologue

Nicole Kidman, who delivers a monologue before AMC movies, has become an unexpected internet sensation. Her heartfelt musings have inspired countless memes and discussions on social media. Recently, Kidman teased ideas for the “next one,” leaving fans eagerly anticipating her next appearance.

11. World’s Happiest Countries in 2024: Which Country Tops the List?

Each year, the World Happiness Report ranks countries based on their overall happiness levels. The 2024 report is expected to be released soon, revealing which nation holds the top spot for the seventh consecutive year.

12. Lenmeldy: Expected to Become the World’s Most Expensive Drug at $3.9 Million

The FDA recently approved Lenmeldy, a one-time lifesaving treatment for metachromatic leukodystrophy. With an estimated price tag of $3.9 million, this therapy is poised to become the world’s most expensive drug.

13. Justice Department Holds Accountable Officers Who Violate Constitutional Rights

Attorney General Merrick Garland made it clear that the Justice Department will take action against law enforcement officers who violate constitutional rights and betray the public trust. Two former Mississippi officers, members of a self-proclaimed “Goon Squad,” received prison sentences for their role in torturing and abusing two Black men. Four other officers involved in the case are expected to be sentenced later this week.

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