Sydney Sweeney’s grandmothers scored unlikely cameos in her new horror film

Sydney Sweeney’s grandmothers scored unlikely cameos in her new horror film - Arts and Culture - News

Sydney Sweeney’s Grandmothers Witness the Beauty and Horror of Italy through Her Film “Immaculate”

Sydney Sweeney, the talented actress from the hit series “Euphoria,” managed to grant her grandmothers an extraordinary experience by inviting them to Italy for the shooting of her latest R-rated horror film, “Immaculate.”

In a heartfelt interview on the “Today Show” on March 15, Sweeney shared her joy of involving her grandmothers in her film project. The movie, which takes place at a secluded convent nestled within the breathtaking Italian countryside, presented Sweeney with an opportunity to bring her beloved family members overseas.

“I flew them to Italy and they got to come visit me on set,” Sweeney expressed, her voice brimming with excitement. Her grandmothers’ roles in the film went beyond being mere spectators; they became extras dressed as nuns.

This surprise trip represented a dream come true for Sweeney’s grandmothers, who had never ventured beyond the borders of their home country. In a February episode of “The Tonight Show,” Sweeney revealed the reason behind this astonishing gesture: “My Grandy’s dream was to go to Italy. She’d never been to Europe before, so I surprised them.”

“Immaculate,” which is set for a theatrical release on March 22, follows Sydney Sweeney’s character, Cecilia, a devout nun who embarks on an unforgettable journey within the confines of this remote Italian convent. As she delves deeper into her new environment, Cecilia is confronted with unspeakable horrors that threaten to shatter the tranquility of her new home.

“It’s a challenging character, it’s an interesting story,” Sweeney stated during the interview, looking forward to audiences’ reactions to her portrayal and the film’s intriguing ending.

“Immaculate” boasts an impressive cast, including Simona Tabasco, Álvaro Morte, and Benedetta Porcaroli, under the direction of Michael Mohan. The film’s potential to elicit a “mixed reaction” from viewers was acknowledged by Sweeney: “I like that. I like when movies or endings create a discussion, a debate. I think that it’s going to be a wild ride for some people!”

So, get ready for an unforgettable cinematic experience as Sydney Sweeney takes you on a rollercoaster ride of beauty and horror through the picturesque landscapes of Italy with her gripping new film, “Immaculate.”