The grandmother who wants to lead Israelis back to a Gaza without Palestinians

The grandmother who wants to lead Israelis back to a Gaza without Palestinians - Politics - News

The Fervent Dream of Daniella Weiss and the Zionist Settler Movement: Reestablishing Israeli Settlements in Gaza

The call went out on several WhatsApp groups the day before an event, an opportunity to meet Daniella Weiss, a pivotal figure in the Zionist settler movement, for an informational session on the possible reestablishment of Israeli settlements in Gaza following a potential war.

Setting the Scene:
As evening approached, the host welcomed around twenty guests into her living room nestled within the Karnai Shomron settlement in the West Bank. The anticipation was palpable as Daniella Weiss, a 78-year-old stalwart of the settler movement, prepared to share her vision.

A Deeply Convicted Audience:
Weiss’ audience was a committed group with profound yearnings for Gush Katif, even though some were too young to recall its existence. This bloc of 21 Israeli settlements had been forcibly evacuated by the Israel Defense Forces in 2005 as part of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.

Weiss’ Unwavering Belief:
“Register, register,” Weiss urged with unwavering conviction in her eyes, expressing her firm belief that this would come to fruition during her lifetime. Despite the legal, practical, and international repercussions of such a land grab from Palestinians, it was an idea that resonated deeply with her audience.

The Role of Nachala:
Nachala, meaning “inheritance,” is one of over a dozen organizations advocating for re-establishing settlements in Gaza. With 500 families already signed up through this organization, they were actively seeking support from the US, as a representative was being sent to Florida for fundraising efforts.

A Vision of Post-War Gaza:
Projected on the wall during Weiss’ presentation was her vision of post-war Gaza, a map showcasing six nucleus groups vying for settlements spanning the entire length and width of the strip. Unfortunately, there was no provision made on this map for the two million Palestinians currently residing in Gaza whose lives had been disrupted and devastated by the ongoing conflict.

Weiss’ Controversial Views:
During a News Finder interview at her West Bank settlement home, Weiss was unapologetic regarding her wishes for Gaza. “No Arab,” she stated, referring to the over two million Palestinians living there, “will stay there. We Jews will be in Gaza.”

The Ethical Implications:
Critics have labeled these views as ethnic cleansing, but Weiss defended her stance, claiming that Palestinians intended to annihilate Israel. She expressed a renewed determination for Gaza following the October 7 attacks, which have shifted public opinion towards her previously extreme ideas.

Support from Israeli Politicians:
Minister Amihai Eliyahu openly expressed his support for Weiss’ vision during a conference in Jerusalem, even when confronted with opposition. His views on the matter were met with enthusiasm by other right-wing politicians such as Bezalel Smotrich and Itamar Ben-Gvir, who also attended the event.

Netanyahu’s Stance:
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed reestablishing Gaza settlements as an unrealistic goal but has not ruled it out entirely, leaving room for his far-right coalition members to push the issue further.

Opposing Views:
Despite the growing support for this initiative among Israeli politicians, many Israelis, particularly those in opposition to Netanyahu’s government, are adamantly opposed to the idea of returning to Gaza. Thousands have taken to the streets in weekly anti-government protests to voice their concerns, demonstrating against Netanyahu’s coalition and advocating for peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

As the debate rages on, Daniella Weiss and her supporters’ fervent dream of reestablishing Israeli settlements in Gaza remains a contentious and polarizing issue, with significant implications for the future of the region.