Trump raises over $20 million in February with nearly $42 million in cash on hand, far behind Biden and Democrats

Trump raises over $20 million in February with nearly $42 million in cash on hand, far behind Biden and Democrats - Politics - News

Trump’s February Fundraising Haul: A Significant Increase but Still Trails Behind Biden

Former President Donald Trump’s campaign and joint fundraising committee collectively raised an impressive $20.3 million in February, as reported by a Trump campaign official. With this figure, they entered March with a substantial combined cash reserve of $41.9 million.

Despite these numbers representing an improvement from previous months, they are significantly lower than the $53 million that President Joe Biden and the Democrats announced raising in February. Moreover, Biden’s team disclosed an impressive $155 million in available cash combined with affiliated committees.

In January, the Trump campaign reported bringing in $8.8 million on its own, while jointly, they managed to secure slightly under $14 million. The campaign had been anticipating a fundraising surge as it became increasingly evident that Trump would be the presumptive Republican nominee.

Fox News was the first to report Trump’s February fundraising numbers. Over the past few weeks, Trump has been actively courting donors to bolster his campaign finances following a noticeable lag in cash on hand compared to Biden.

A high-profile fundraiser scheduled for next month in Palm Beach, Florida, is attracting several of the Republican Party’s wealthiest contributors. This event signifies a potential turnaround in Trump’s fundraising efforts.

The campaign is less worried about Biden’s fundraising edge than they were at the end of January. They are optimistic that Trump’s standing as the presumptive nominee will contribute to a continued increase in fundraising in the coming weeks and months.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports on Trump’s campaign funding and spending are due by the end of Wednesday, while his joint fundraising committee is expected to file its FEC report next month.

Additionally, the Republican National Committee (RNC) reported holding around $11.3 million in available cash in its bank accounts at the end of February. As the presumptive nominee, Trump can now access the RNC’s resources to bolster his campaign for the general election against Biden.

Trump recently initiated a takeover of the RNC, with endorsed candidates Michael Whatley and Lara Trump, Trump’s daughter-in-law, assuming the roles of chair and co-chair, respectively.

Trump’s campaign has displayed a steady improvement in fundraising numbers as he gears up for the general election, though it is evident that Biden currently holds a significant cash advantage.