Catch up on the day’s news: Trump’s assets in jeopardy, Apple lawsuit, March Madness

Catch up on the day’s news: Trump’s assets in jeopardy, Apple lawsuit, March Madness - Business and Finance - News

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March Madness continues in the NCAA Tournament with an action-packed schedule in men’s college basketball. Teams such as North Carolina, Arizona, and Michigan State secured victories today. In a surprise upset, Duquesne triumphed over BYU in the early rounds on the women’s side.

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Trump’s Assets: New York AG Targets Golf Course and Estate

The New York Attorney General’s office has taken a significant step in its legal performance against former President Donald Trump by filing judgments in Westchester County. This is the first indication that the state intends to seize his golf course and private estate situated north of Manhattan. If successful, losing these properties would have a devastating impact on Trump.

Apple Lawsuit: Antitrust Action Alleges Monopolization

The US Justice Department, along with over a dozen states, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple for allegedly monopolizing the smartphone market. The attorney general outlined the details of the case in a video presentation.

Medical Breakthrough: Successful Transplant of Genetically Modified Pig Kidney

In a groundbreaking achievement, doctors have reportedly performed the world’s first transplant of a genetically modified pig kidney into a living human. The successful procedure marks a significant milestone in organ transplantation research.

Smoking Study: Debunking the Weight Loss Myth

Many smokers believe that their habit helps with weight loss, but recent research has debunked this myth. Instead, it was found that smoking increases dangerous belly fat.

Idaho Manhunt: Escaped Inmate and Accomplice Captured

Authorities apprehended an escaped inmate and his accomplice following a shooting that left three corrections officers injured.

Disobedient Dog: Buster’s Swimming Pool Obsession

Buster the Dog Swimming
Buster just can’t get enough of the swimming pool.

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